Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Finalist for the 2010 Blogging Scholarship

Hey everyone! Before we get back to MAC Tartan Tale coverage (edited 11/4:  I’m mildly amused that this STILL holds true, even a week later), I wanted to take a moment to ask for your support. A couple of weeks ago, I submitted an essay (no more than 300 words–do you KNOW how hard it was to stay within that word count?!) towards the 2010 Blogging Scholarship, which recognizes students who blog. The first place winner will receive a $10,000 scholarship to help pay for school. I would love it if you would consider voting for me as I am one of ten finalists (I am Christine Mielke!). It would be incredible to show the Power of Temptalia! :)  Voting ends November 5th at noon PST!

Excerpt from my essay…

Blogging is vital to me, because it has given tangible meaning to my heart and soul. Through blogging, I have learned my passion lies in beauty by providing firsthand experiences to help others. Blogging is my method of self-expression, but it has brought me together with likeminded individuals and allowed us to build a community based on that passion. I have been given opportunities to interact with my readers, both on and offline, and there is nothing more rewarding than being able to help someone—even if it is recommending a lipstick. That lipstick recommendation just might inspire confidence in a self-conscious teenager!

You can vote for me here! :)  Voting closes tomorrow (Friday) at noon PST.

Thank you!

Though I said it earlier in my last Tartan Tale review video, I really do feel like a winner no matter the outcome of the scholarship. I have the support of so many amazing readers and viewers, and I will still have it tomorrow and the next day.  You are why I blog, you are why I strive to do better each day.  It’s cliche, corny, and cheesy, undoubtedly, but it’s how I feel.  I’m a sap, and you’ve all really made the week for me, because I know you’re here with me.  Thank you!!  Every time I think about how much support you have all shown me, I get teary eyed and if I’m not careful, I’ll start sobbing!

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523 thoughts on “Finalist for the 2010 Blogging Scholarship

  1. Anja

    Voted! You so totally deserve it. I hope you win.

  2. Mirna

    Just voted! I Know how expensive education cost is,;I’m still paying for mine. I appreciate and admire your dedication to this blog and I truly enjoy reading your reviews.
    Wish you the best on your career.
    Good Luck!

  3. Leenie

    Hey Christine I just voted for you, I hope you win I truly believe that you of all people should win this scholarship you give so much of yourself to Temptalia and to us your readers and I don’t take that for granted GOOD LUCK!

  4. Claudia

    Just voted Christine. Best of luck you deserve it :)

  5. ra

    Voted! How many times can we vote? how does it work? meanwhile I’m passing it around to everyone! Hope you win

  6. Tiffany

    someone just doubled your votes :/

  7. Love your blog girl… you so deserve this! YOu have my vote! 😉

  8. Nunuiviet

    Hi there, I just voted for you !

  9. Svetlana

    I just voted for you and I really hope you win ! Good luck!

  10. Karrie

    I voted for you!
    I enjoy reading your blog and I hope you win.

  11. laur

    voted. i absolutely adore your blog and hope you win!!

  12. monika-luiza

    voted for you! good luck!

  13. You are so amazing and I really hope, you’ll get the scholarship! Your blog is one of the best sites on the internet nowadays and you are putting so much effort and love into your “baby”. And even if this blog is about make up (and not politics or some other socially prestigious matter) you seem so intelligent and well educated that I believe the scholarship would be absolutely perfect for you.
    Keep on doing your amazing thing!
    Naturally, I voted for you!

  14. peiwen

    voted :) good luck!!

  15. JessicaM

    I told everyone on my facebook to vote for you. I follow your blog everyday for 2 years now and I know you deserve the prize :) Best of luck Christine! :>

  16. Ula

    Just voted for you. :) Good luck!

  17. B

    voted for you! you deserve to win, christine! good luck! :)

  18. Voted! It’s awesome how all of us can give u something in return for all the help you did for us :)) and I love what you wrote in your entry ^^ so true :)) thanks a lot, Christine!

  19. Erika =]

    Christine Mielke

  20. ioanna

    i just voted good luck sweetie!

  21. Letícia

    Hi Christine! I know you’ll win!! Congratulations!! Your blog is fantastico, wonderful, gorgeous, unmissable, i have no more adjectives to describe you job!
    Good luck, kisses from Brazil!

  22. Nessa

    me and my friends voted for you! we <3 you Christine..:)

  23. Giannina

    Voted, good luck Christine!

  24. shuz4ever

    Just voted:) Christine, u sooooooo deserve to win this scholarship. Happy to do my bit…best of luck.

  25. Phoebe

    I just voted! I want you to win! Vote Vote Vote for Christine!

  26. Lorraine

    Voted for you! I hope people aren’t accidentally quickly clicking on the Christie girl…. I hope you win!!

  27. Mina

    Voted for you Christine! You deserve it with all the help and effort you exert on this blog!!!

  28. Gudrun


    I really love your blog. Today a weird coincidence happened with my boyfriend. He is a really big fan of this blog of a biology professor. He told me that the professor was asking people to vote for a science blog in a competition and that ever since the votes for the science blog have skyrocket (my bf wants the science blog to win over the religious ones). About 5 minutes after he told me this I went online to get my daily temptalia fix and found out that your blog was also in the competition. My bf and I had a heated debate about if this is fair or not (and all this in far away Austria). Anyway I voted for you from my iphone (bf’s computer has the same ip-address as mine). I still hope that you can win!


  29. Erika

    I just voted for you. Can you make another post emphasizing your last name, there’s another christine and she has a lot of votes maybe people are just stopping on her name since she is the second on the list. Good Luck:)

  30. gabriella

    voted! you deserve it

  31. Demi

    I voted for you!
    I’ve been following your blog for a while now, it’s my favorite!
    I truly think that you deserve to win this.

  32. Brenda

    You’ve got my vote… you deserve it!

  33. Tiffany

    Do you care if I put it up as my status on facebook, and ask people to vote for my friend, Christine? :)

  34. j

    congrats, christine! I love your website and I voted for you!!!

  35. Imogen

    I just voted for you, I hope you win, you really deserve it. You work so hard and I’d love you to know how much all your work is appreciated by so many people. Go Christine! xx

  36. Can we just vote once?

  37. Céline

    Hi Christine! already voted for you yesterday but how disapointed I was today seeing that you are not first anymore! So I know that you are not this kind of blogger and stuff but please why don’t you tell about the scholarship on youtube? Is it forbidden? You could win with the number of subscriber and viewers you have.(sorry if I sound offensive lol) bye have a nice day

  38. lovelyD

    Wow, I hope you win Christina! You work hard, you deserve it.

  39. You have my vote. Good luck.

  40. I voted for you! I hope you win, Christine!

  41. Love Peace and Mac


  42. Mahera

    anytime christine! i really hope you win; but chrsitie wilcox is your main competitor; i think your 2nd after her

  43. LaiLee

    You should tell your friends who are bloggers as well to post it on their website and repost it again on yours, looks like you fell behind

  44. Ton

    I just voted for you. I hope you win because you truly deserve it. Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated.

  45. D

    I think people are getting confusing you for Christie Wilcox! They skim, quickly see Christie and confuse it for Christine! PEOPLE! It’s Christine Mielke, NOT Christie Wilcox. I say this because she has 61% of the vote, and everyone kept saying you had 60ish percent of the vote. I voted for you!

    • Hey D!

      I did have it at one point, but others have come up :) Every finalist has something to offer though, and I wish everyone the best of luck.

      • Jody

        You rock Christine! Class act. I admire this so much. It’s too bad that with success comes jealousy and cattiness (I mean not from other bloggers, necessarily. I’m referring to blog and youtube commenters.)
        I feel STRONGLY that women should help raise and hold up other women, not knock them down. That is what you do and are doing. Thank you.

        • Thanks again, Jody! :) I completely agree with you – it pains me to see the women on women crime that goes on, because women have fought for equality and power and yet we aren’t able to support each other when one does achieve some measure of success.

  46. Tade

    I voted for you! You might want to make a Youtube video about it. To let more people know. Love your reviews!

  47. MoNyCKa

    I voted for you… Hope you win!!!!

  48. Voted ! You totally deserve it. Hope you win !

  49. Carolanne

    How exciting! =] I just voted for you! I REALLY HOPE YOU WIN!!!!! Keep us posted!

  50. LovelyD

    Wow, that other science blogger is mean. She wrote an article and then commented in her comment section how her blog is so much better than yours. Some people have no class.

  51. Karrie

    I voted for you, but I think I can only vote once.

  52. Kat

    I voted! I really, really, really hope you win!

  53. Ashley

    Voted! I just started reading your vlog not too long ago, and I am impressed with everything you do and the effort you put into it. Hope you win!

  54. Cheri

    I voted for you! :) GOOD LUCK!!