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First, how much time I have. If I’m running late, I reach for the products that are the quickest and easiest to apply!
Second, instinct. What does today “feel” like?
Third, who am I trying to impress today? Lol!

I choose foundation or BB cream based on the weather, how much coverage I need, and how much coverage I want. Then I usually pick either a lip color or an eye color combo and keep the other fairly neutral. Lastly I pick a blush, bronzer and possibly highlight to coordinate with the eye or lip color that’s the focus for that day.

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It depends, first of all, on the occasion. I go to class more often than not without makeup. If I’m going to a work event, which usually has various department heads of my university and other professors, I’ll definitely wear makeup, but I’ll keep it more professional. If I’m going on a special date, I’ll wear less on my lips and more on the eyes, because I don’t think my bf appreciates eating my lip products, lol! If I’m in a hurry and going for class I’ll just do a dusting of powder, fill in the brows, mascara, and a tinted lip balm, or something sheer like NARS Damage (it’s such a lovely grape color). If I’m spending the majority of my day outside I’ll minimize makeup because I feel out of place wearing a lot outdoors. If I’m going out in the evening then the eye looks are a little more dramatic, and I’ll add eyeliner and a more opaque lip color. I also make a point to rotate my makeup so I get use of everything. Sure, there’s stuff that I still end up favoring much more than the rest, but at least I’m not solely using the same handful of products every single day.

Season and calendar drive what I wear and the make-up to complete the look. I try to put together most of the cosmetics I’ll use for a full month together so that as I rush from work to event, I can find everything in one place.

It’s not always possible to know everything up front, but at least I’m 90% set. My Halloween makeup has been organized for the last three weeks. But I also had two weddings and three dance events this month.

I have a makeup bag of ‘basics’ (my foundation, the primer I always use, eyelash curler, etc) and then I figure out the colors I want to use based on my clothing (not matchy matchy, of course!), whether I’m going to work or not, the time I have available, etc.

For everyday I have my trusty little makeup bag, filled with my two favourite foundations, concealers, powders, mascaras and neutral blushes and eyeshadows. Then I have my special drawers with products for bad skin days (foundations and concealers with full coverage), very hot days (matte and matifying products, waterproof mascaras) and days that scream for color (bolder eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushes), and I’ll choose accordingly.

I tend to look at what I’m wearing first. If it’s white or black, I like to do neutral makeup and a red lip. With other colors, I want to make sure the makeup colors I’m wearing and the color of the clothes don’t clash. Other than that, anything goes. I’ve got one makeup bag that has the basics I use on a regular basis in it, and two others that have quite a few items I tend to reach for over and over again.

Profile photo of Augusta

I almost always have my looks planned ahead, so I never rush in putting myself together and grabbing the exact products that work. However, every time I get new stuff try, spontaneity is the key 🙂

Sometimes it depends on what I’m wearing/plan to wear, or if I’m inspired by a theme or character or image – other times I just go in with a vague idea and start grabbing things.

Five days a week I use the limited stash in my gym bag, although there are still plenty of colour choices, and every couple of weeks or so I change some t

Things up, especially if I notice some colours aren’t getting any use anymore. Weekends are my time to “play” with my bolder and brighter colours.

My cat apologizes for stepping on my IPad, by the way 😉

Profile photo of Nicole Isabella

Normally, it depends on my feeling. Do I just want basic evening out my skin and mascara because I have to work and I don’t want to wear make up? Or do I have a specific craving (do I want to contour, or use a specific lipstick) that needs satisfying? I tend to build around the look from there.

I like coordinating the eye shadow colors with the colors of my outfit. Then it all depends on the time I have. If I do not have any time at all, I always go for cream eye shadows.
Also, I have now a number of palettes and quite a great choice of colors, so I decide which ones I will use at the beginning of the week and try to stick to it (as far as possible): so I try to use all my palettes.

Profile photo of Kate

If I end up rushing, it can be random, which usually means that I just end up relying on old favourites (neutral eyes and plum or berry lips, mostly). I try to track what I wear, especially with lipsticks, so that I can see if there are specific ones, or colour groups that I’m neglecting and then I try to plan around that. Of course, I’m always eager to use the newest things, but I feel like if I’m going to have a large makeup collection, I need to make sure that I wear everything that I have, or else I should get rid of it.

Profile photo of Kelly

For me it depends on what type of look I’m going for and my color scheme. If I want a matte look (which I rarely do) I use mineral powder foundation and softer colors. If I want a more dewy look, then I use liquid/cream products and tend to use bolder colors.

I’m 40 something, and as I get older and my skin gets drier, I use powder products less and less.

For me, I have an everyday basic kit that I keep in one of those plastic pencil boxes. It has my foundation, concealer, eyebrow pencil and powder, lip balm, eyelash curler, eyeliners and mascara. That way, if I’m running late, I can just grab the box and go. On the occasion that I’m going out, I’ll pick out my outfit first. From there, I decide the makeup look I’m going for, and lay that out beside the outfit as well. This is the time that I like to try the latest makeup trends, so I’ll go into my large stash where I put the fun stuff and choose my look from there. I hate leaving friends waiting for me because I’m running late from searching for the vampy lipstick I wanted to wear for fall.

It depends on how much makeup I want to wear that day. If I’m tired, I may just wear a little bit of eye shadow. But sometimes I’m in the mood to do a nicer eye makeup look. And I kind of go from there.

I am not systematic AT ALL. Especially since my collection is so big now, I often times just peruse my makeup bags and see what appeals to me for the day. I mean, do try to pick so that I either have a focus on my lips or eyes for the day. And often, I choose what I am wearing AFTER I have chosen my makeup, so that’s how I deal with that part. I do have special products that are too dramatic for any day look, even for me, for instance dark eyeshadows that are also really glittery, so I take into consideration what my day will consist of or if I’m going out at night. And then, there are certain products that I always want to use, but I try to “shop” my collection to vary up my looks and use up all my various products!

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