Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

What is your favorite way to wear pastel colors? Eyes, lips, cheeks, nails, or where?
Temptalia's AnswerEyes or cheeks!

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45 thoughts on “What is your favorite way to wear pastel colors?

  1. The only thing I have that is pastel are my blushes from Nars!,

  2. Definitely on the eyes or cheeks, but I’ll wear them anywhere.
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  3. I like pastel pink blushes and pastel pink or purple nail colors.
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  4. Miss J

    Nails. That’s about the only place I can pull off a pastel shade.

  5. In my hair! (if it counts aha)

  6. Madelyn

    I love using pastels as a highlight for my eyes. I wear lots of jewel tone smoky eyes, and a pastel in there is a great way to make them pop. :>

  7. zainab

    If I had to I’d wear a pastel eyeshadow on the lid in an otherwise dark and smokey look. Maybe as lipstick if it wasn’t ‘too pastel’ (something closer to MAC Please Me than MAC St Germain).

    I just tend not to be a fan of pastels, I prefer either bolder or more neutral colours. Not really sure why.

  8. Eyeshadows, mostly. I love pastel nail colours, but a lot of them look terrible on me, sadly!
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  9. xamyx

    On the eyelid, and occasionally nails. I have to be ver careful with what shades I wear on the eyes, because although I’m very light, I have dark hair & eyes, and my bone structure is very prominent, so pastels can seem out of place. Most of the pastel shadows I wear are pink or purple, and shimmery or duochrome, and always paired with a deeper shade. As for nails, duochrome and glitter, since I’ve never found a creme that isn’t streaky, and I refuse to spend alot of money on polish.

    I wear “lighter” shades of blush & lipstick, but I wouldn’t classify them as pastels, rather soft neutrals.

  10. I guess on nails, as long as there’s a bit of shimmer or sparkle. I have the purple Illamasqua speckled polish and that’s pastel, too, I guess.

    I’m more of a jewel tone or metallic person, for any method of wearing color (makeup, clothes, accessories).

  11. PA

    Nails! They look kinda weird on my face….

  12. On me, eyes. I’m not too big on pastels elsewhere because it’s hard not to get them to look chalky, which isn’t a look I favor on me.

  13. On toes … I do love bright reds but find pastels work equally great :)

  14. I love wearing pastels colors on my eyes, but, it cant be too dramatic. I would use a darker shade to complement it. I also love wearing pastel colors such as peach, orange and pink on my lips. Love it on my nails as well.

  15. Laura_Lou

    I tend to only really wear pastel shades on my nails. I don’t really wear colours on my eyes except neutral shades or really dark colours for smokey eyes. Pastel eyes shades make me look strange. I suppose because I’m really pale the majority of my blush shades would be classed as pastel though.

  16. I like them if they are a sheerer metallic finish used as a wash on lid. They also look great on nails.

  17. My deep dark golden-undertone skin can’t do pastels but if I could have worn pastels, I would have definitely worn them on my nails.

  18. Veronica

    Usually on the cheeks or lips. I’m very fair and cool-toned, so light pinks and lilac tones are wearable as lip shades. Strong pastels like MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2 can be a bit tricky because of the lack of contrast with my skin tone, but I find using a darker lip pencil to fill in and contour makes it wearable. :)

  19. Hands down on my nails! I don’t really think I could pull pastels off anywhere else except maybe on the lid but I don’t want to buy any pastel shadows to find out lol
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  20. Chelsea

    On my nails, and depending on the shade, on my cheeks. A lot of pastels tend to wash me out though.

  21. On my eyes as a sheer wash with a soft pearly neutral such as MAC Shroom (a favorite of mine) on the browbone.

    Sometimes I will do pastel blush as well.

  22. Carrie

    Eyes. I wish they worked on my nails, but they just don’t flatter me there!

  23. keG

    nails and eyes

  24. A. Mar

    Cheeks and nails!

  25. Nails and cheeks, but I will wear the occasional pastel eye shadow. I used to hate pastel nail polishes, but more recently I have been loving them.

  26. Nail colors…probably the only way I could wear pastels :)
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  27. Nikki

    I only reach for pastels in nail polish.

  28. Probably on my cheeks and on my nails, especially in the spring! (sorry can’t help it :P)

  29. Usually the inner corner of the lid. I can’t work pastels on lips, and I find most pastel blushes look powdery/ not flattering on me. And I just don’t use nail polish… I like the idea of it, but I just don’t have the time for that.

  30. Bel

    On the inner corners of my eyes.

  31. Jessi

    nails and lips, although it’s harder to pull them off on the lips!

    eyes are my least favorite spot for pastels.

  32. Katherine

    I can only wear pastel’s on my nails. Even then I have to carefully select a pastel shade.

  33. Denise

    Being olive skinned, some pastels make me look like I’ve been lying in a mortuary for several days so I guess I might (depending on the shade) wear them on my cheeks and nails. That said I do have some lovely pink lipsticks that I’ll wear in summer. I tend to stay away from pastel eyeshadows tho’.

  34. Eyes and nails. Though I prefer to pair them with darker shades when wearing them on my eyes.

  35. Samantha

    Eyeshadow and pigments.

  36. Eyes, lips, cheeks, nails… I love me some pastels :)

  37. I like pastel nails. I also like pastel eyeshadow as a highlight on my browbone. I like metallic pastels on the upper lash line (really nice) and pastels as a subtle pop of color in the tear duct. I’m trying to get out my neutral eyeshadow rut!

  38. doroffee

    Definitely on my eyes, more rarely on my nails, never anywhere else :). I’m not too much of a pastel lover, either, if I wanna be honest. I sometimes like pulling off a candy look on my eyes. I usually prefer greyed-muted tones when it comes to light colors.

  39. Nails! Anywhere else and the color either looks ashy, doesn’t show up, or washes me out :( But on nails I love light pastel pinks and blues!
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