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Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows
Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows

Too Faced Bulletproof Brows ($30.00 for 0.07 oz.) is a cream-to-powder clay formula (it’s really supposed to be “a powder, gel, pencil, and setting wax all in one”) that’s “sweat-proof” and “water-resistant.” It’s available in two shades, Universal Taupe and Universal Brunette, and the latter is the shade featured in this post (I don’t have the other one, so I’m not sure how much lighter it is in comparison). It claims “24-hour Bulletproof Brows,” after you give the product a minute to set. Each shade comes with a dual-ended brush–an angled brush on one end, a spoolie on the other.

Universal Brunette is a medium-dark, neutral-to-warm brown with a matte finish. It had semi-opaque color coverage; it doesn’t really build to more than that, even if I waited a few minutes between layers. The consistency is lightly creamy, somewhat waxy, and medium-thick. I found application more challenging than I expected. The thicker, waxier consistency made it so the product got trapped and clumped in the angled brow brush (I used the included brush as well as two other angled brushes of varying thickness). I felt like a lot more product was caught in the bristles than was getting on my brows. Because it’s waxy, it has a tendency to cling to the brow hairs more than the skin beneath. If you have sparser brows, I think it’s easier and applies better, but if you have fuller brows, a lot of stuck to the brow hairs and left little behind on the skin. It doesn’t look even, smooth, or generally, defined or well-groomed.  There wasn’t much information or particulars regarding intensity of the color in the press release, so if this was designed to give really soft, natural looking color, then it is closer.  If you want more defined brows, it’s not buildable/pigmented enough.

It sets within thirty to forty seconds, and it is budge- and water-resistant after that. I would almost say water-proof, as it’s really not going anywhere when water hits it. You really have to rub quite vigorously (I did that against the back of my hand, not my brow bone!), and you’ll get a couple of flakes, but it doesn’t smear, bleed, or the like. My brows felt soft, not crunchy, but I could feel that there was some waxiness to them, which helped to keep them in place. It lasted through a shower and blow drying my hair, so of all the claims, I would definitely concur that it’s long-wearing, “bulletproof,” and should hold up to sweat and water.

As another note, if you have darker brown or black-brown (or black!) brows, this is too light. It seems fine up-close, but in the full face photo, you can see how it’s not a match (the color not being a match didn’t impact the rating).

The Glossover


Universal Brunette












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See more photos & swatches!

Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows
Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows

Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows
Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows

Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows
Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows

Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows
Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows

Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows
Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows

Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows
Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows

Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows
Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows

Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows

Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows
(wearing Jelly Bean on lips, The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette on eyes)

Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows
Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows

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42 thoughts on “Too Faced Universal Brunette Bulletproof Brows Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Wonderful, a brow product review! Your brows always look so amazing, but unfortunately, not with this product on IMO and I know part of that is just the colour is not a good match for you. It wouldn’t be a good match for me either with my dark ashy coloured brows. It’s not just the colour however, I’m not fond of the finish either. It looks like dried wax (which it probably

    • LOL, yup, it is very waxy. I feel like it doesn’t blend/smooth out quite enough, and it seems to get caught in the brow hairs themselves, so if you have short, fine hairs, it might be fine, but thicker brow hairs… it almost makes them appear darker and thicker? in a way.

  2. Maya

    I wonder how this compares to the tarte brow mousse, very similar concept. I love the tarte one!

  3. Hey Christine, thanks so much for the review! I was eyeing this one, but your review is a good sign that I should let go of my brow complex and stop wanting to try different stuff :) It doesn’t sound better than the brow pencils I have (Hourglass and Cle de Peau)! Too bad it’s so tricky to use, because the formula looks great on paper!

  4. I love to work with gel to fill in my brows. My eyebrows are the same color as yours though, so this one would also be too light for me.

    • I loved MAC’s Fluidline Brow Cremes! I wanted this to be kind of like that but better!

      • AbigailOD

        Exactly my thoughts! So sad this isn’t even at par with MAC’s Brow Gelcremes! I am getting so tempted to go through Gone but Not Forgotten to build a little stash of it, even when I haven’t even gone halfway! Is that a crime?! lol!

        Will you be looking into/reviewing Anastasia’s DipBrow Pomades? =)

  5. Morgan

    Christine! What makeup (shadows/liner wise) are you wearing in these photos? It looks beautiful!

  6. I love the fact that it’s not too pigmented, it gives a much more natural result!
    Judith Recently Posted: Skin care routine essentials

  7. Will you be reviewing Universal Taupe? I JUST spotted this on Sephora and am excited to try :)

  8. Cécile

    The staying power sounds great, but the colour is disappointing :( My hair and brows are almost black, and I find it so hard to find the right colour brow product. Browns are often too red, and true blacks are way too harsh… Can anyone recommend a product with no red tones in it and that really lasts?

    • You could try MAC fluidline! Dip Down maybe?

    • Pami

      I’ve been using a brow compact by Shiseido forever (my mom used it first – and still does), and it’s the best I’ve ever found. It’s a black, oval shaped plastic compact with a split pan containing a black and a dark brown. It also has a nice little application brush. There is not a hint of red in it.

      You can mix the black and brown or wear it as is. If you use it dry, the black is very soft – perfect for my very dark eyebrows. Sometimes I tap the brush into the brown, then the black. You can also use it wet (for extra staying power, and color depth), and use it as a liner.

      Though I don’t believe it’s listed as waterproof, it stays until you take it off.

      Like you, my hair is almost black and my eyebrows are dark. Most browns look way too light, and most have some red in them. A true soft black (or near black) looks the best on me. HTH (hope this helps!).

    • S

      I’m Asian & have almost black hair & brows. I use the Shu Uemura Hard Formula pencil in Stone Gray. It’s my hg brow product. But I also use Clinique Brow Shaper in Charcoaling & because my Shu pencil doesn’t fit in my makeup bag I use the Shiseido brow pencil in Natural Black. All 3 are gray/charcoal in color & look pretty natural on. Hope this helps.

    • Aleisha

      I have black brows and Tarte’s brow mousse in rich brown is great!

    • layla

      try ANASTASIA EBONY duo BROW POWDER…very smooth very pigmented powder…I use chestnut….the ebony was too dark for me ..its for black brows…..

  9. Beka

    I’m sure you have told us before, but what do you usually use on your brows?

  10. Sorry if this sounds critical, but I don’t particularly care for the look… It looks kinda.. Crusty in a way.

  11. Karen

    Ooo, I saw this on Sephora’s website a few weeks ago…then they took it off. Yeah, I’m not really digging how it looks. It does seem waxy, which doesn’t work well for me personally. It looks like it’s similar to Laura Mercier’s Brow Definer, which is very waxy so it doesn’t give me precise lines. My favorite brow products are Tarte’s Brow Mousse and MUFE’s Aqua Brows, which are both more like highly pigmented cream products and neither are waxy, imo. Thanks for the in-depth review!

  12. This seems quite stark for a brow product! I’m sure it will look horrendous on me!
    Lisha Recently Posted: Rimmel London Apocalips/Showoff Lip Lacquer ‘ Apocaliptic ‘ Review, Swatches & Pictures

  13. Alexis

    Sighs. I was really hoping this would be awesome… I guess I’ll stick to my MUFE Aqua Brow

  14. This definitely doesn’t give a natural looking brow.

  15. Meh, pass. Can’t imagine spending $30 on a brow product. MAC Omega eyeshadow works fine for me!
    Rikki Recently Posted: WINTER 2013-2014 FOUNDATION ROUTINE FOR DRY SKIN | closed captioned

  16. Pami

    The color is way too light and yellow for me, but the brush looks nice!

  17. If I could just have the brush, that would be great. lol. The color seems ‘off’ somehow…not very natural looking.

    • Dual ended brushes drive me nuts when trying to store them! :( How do your store yours?

      • Pami

        I have some wonderful Stila dual ended brushes that I use daily (#’s 15, 28, 30) and a couple of dual ended brow brushes that I keep in a small Stila brush case. You can also lay them flat in a drawer, divider, box or basket.

  18. Susan Dowman Nevling

    Every once in a while, I try a new brow product and usually dislike it. My brows are light and thin. Glad you saved me from that one. I always go back to Laura Mercier’s brow pencil in ash blonde. If necessary, I have a wax pencil (can’t remember brand) to use on top to avoid the thin Andy Rooney look!

  19. I like the concept but the texture and color range seem disappointing. Universal? This is super light!
    fancie Recently Posted: RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Haul

  20. In theory, this seems like a great product! I love the idea of it… a cream product that is super waterproof for the brows. Too bad it isn’t so lovely! Thanks for your review… I was wondering if this was a nice product. I’ll pass!

  21. Karin Ho

    2 grams of product for USD30! Too faced is too much!