Friday, November 29th, 2013

Choose or Lose

What excites you more: a high-end product at a good discount or a high quality drugstore product?

  • High-end product at a good discount! (68%, 2,714 Votes)
  • Drugstore beauty find that's amazing! (31%, 1,244 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,974

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35 thoughts on “What excites you more: a high-end product at a good discount or a high quality drugstore product?

  1. High end at a pretty good discount, that’s for sure. High quality drugstore isn’t THAT hard to come by. A REALLY good discount with a high end product is, usually.
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  2. A high end product with a good discount! I rarely use drugstore products and when I do they tend to be the ones I think are the best. So when i find a high end product for cheaper than usual I’m over the moon!!! :)

  3. C

    I really couldn’t decide. Both have their charm ><

  4. High end product as well, I just can’t help it I always reach out more for my high end product. There is something so luxurious about it.
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  5. Liz

    I clicked the wrong thing. I meant to say a high quality drugstore product excites me more. DS products go on sale very often. Also when I need to repurchase, it might be easier to find (assuming we’re talking about a permanent product, not LE).

  6. I think drug store for me as if you find a HG there you know you will have something easily accessible. (look at you drug store foundations).

    But mid level brands like Tarte, MUFE and UD if on sale excites be. 😉
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  7. It was hard to choose at first, but I realized that I have a lot of DS finds that are affordable but great quality, so that means that it’s easier to get them than high-end products.

  8. Jackie

    No question – high-quality drugstore products. If I get a great deal on a high-end product, I’ll probably only get that deal once. When the product runs out, I’ll have to pay full price to replace it, or (more likely) go on the hunt for a new product– that I may or may not like– to take its place. If I find a great drugstore product, I know I’ll be able to buy it again when it runs out.

    • I agree with this.

      I’m very picky so finding a product (at any price range) that meets all my standards isn’t easy to find at all. Once I find such an HG product that also happens to be available at the drugstore, I get super excited bc I think of all the money I save.

    • Ana

      As someone who buys way to much makeup I totally agree with you

  9. I voted for a good drugstore beauty find, because the discount on the high end product will probably be just a one time thing, and finding a HG drugstore product not :-)

  10. Tanya

    High end at a discount for sure. A 40$ naked palette is more exciting than revlon colorstay foundation.

  11. That’s a tough one! Drugstore brands are getting pretty good these days but I suppose I’d take the high end at a discount. Like Rikki said a good discount on high end products is really hard to come by. Plus I love how it feels to have a shiny new high end product in my hands lol
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  12. tantan

    A drug store find that’s amazing….Yesterday, when I was picking up some last minute supplies for thanksgiving I came across NYC sweet splash gloss sticks. I bought three and tried them this morning. They’re great, I absolutely love them. They are non sticky, moisturizing and twist up – no sharpening!!! I glad I found these because I’ve been eyeing chubby sticks that are $$, these however are excellent and cost a dollar.

  13. Astrogherkin

    Good quality drugstore product. The only time I’ve ever bought high end products was when there was a 40% off sale at Sephora, and even then, the prices were ridiculous. I just don’t enjoy high end products because I feel like you’re supposed to feel like it’s valuable just because you spent so much money on it. It just makes me feel like I’ve been ripped off. A good quality reasonably priced drugstore product makes me feel good, and I really appreciate the quality *because* they’re being reasonable with how much they charge. To be honest though, I find most drugstore products too expensive as well, because I am from a country where 10 pounds is a lot of money (even if youtubers say “it’s so cheap!”) – and I feel weird when I spend even that much on one item of makeup.

    • Astrogherkin

      Just to add – I can’t really afford high-end brands, even at a discount (excepting that time I bought the NARS), so I have to try to find quality drugstore makeup; it’s not a choice for me. There is a lot of stuff in the drugstore that matches or exceeds the quality of high end makeup nowadays. I feel Sleek is better than NARS, for example. So there is no need for me to go after high-end makeup ever again. 😀

  14. I am always happy to find good quality drugstore products but the funny thing is that while I buy them, I don’t often use them – I seem to default to my more expensive products 99% of the time. I don’t know why or what it it is. I do like having great drugstore stuff but a lot of it ends up in my gym ,makeup bag or in my school bag, etc. for touch ups or redoing my face quickly after I’ve been at the gym or yoga so that if I lose something, it isn’t heartbreaking.

  15. No doubt, high end products with good discounts. Wasn’t hard to decide at all!
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  16. zainab

    A good drugstore find is great, but a discount on a high end thing always gives you that feeling that you’ve ‘won’, or even ‘beaten the system’.

    • Marie

      I voted drug store, but I really agree with this.

    • Actually, given the huge profits and markups on high end cosmetics, even at a discount, we’re not beating the system and the cosmetic companies are still make a ton of money on each and every one of our purchases!

      • Astrogherkin

        Fully agreed. They want to make you think that way, that you’ve “won” something, but you’re playing right into their psychological marketing strategy. I think we should shop for things based on whether it’s really worth it, and personally I don’t believe any makeup is worth that much or even half-price of most high end brands.

  17. Definitely high end for a discount. I love shopping with my friend who works at Barneys New York, where he gets 35-45% off depending on the season (usually deeper discounts for the holidays). I always splurge on Hourglass and NARS when I’m with him!

  18. KaseyCannuck

    My first response was “BOTH!” But since I have to decide, I’ll go with high-end at a discount. The drugstore products will always be there and there are always going to be some real gems to be found there. A high-end purchase is a luxury for me, and getting a discount is a definite score! As long as the discount isn’t to get rid of a poor quality dud taking up shelf space, that is!

  19. Marie

    Drugstore, because I can continue to get it at that price.

  20. Amazing drugstore find! I’d be happy with the easier access and lower price of it compared to high-end products.

    Even if I buy a discounted high-end item, it’ll still be expensive and from the high-end items I’ve purchased on sale, they haven’t WOWed me yet. :\

  21. Even though I own way more high end products than drugstore. I voted for an amazing drugstore product because amazing is best at any price!

  22. Quinctia

    Definitely a good deal on a high end cosmetic–if it’s a color cosmetic! I don’t finish off a lot of those, so if I can get something good for cheap, it’s super awesome.

  23. Ade

    Defnitely the latter!
    Most of my beauty products are high-end products, because my skin are so “demanding”. If I can find high quality drugsore product I’d be so happy!
    A good discount means occasionally, but the price of drugstore products are low all year round (if not lower). Repurchase are easier with drugstore product.

  24. Lydia

    I prefer a good drugstore product that works really well. After I left MAC and no longer got that wonderful discount, I had to explore the makeup world of drugstore brands, and I have to say, Revlon, Neutrogena and Maybelline were the only ones with a foundation colours to match my olive complexion, and I really enjoy Revon’s lip products and L’Oreal’s new lipgloss stains. And Maybelline’s gel black eyeliner is darker and more long lasting than MAC’s Blacktrack!!

  25. Alison

    I honestly don’t care, so long as the product is the perfect formula and shade for me. That’s the only thing I consider to be good value, regardless of the individual price point!

  26. Jamie K

    My first instinct is the high end item at a discount – but that’s only if it’s an item I haven’t tried but have been wanting to, or if it’s a high end product I’ve tried and I love. If it’s something I’ve tried and didn’t love or have no interest in trying, I’d get just as excited about a drugstore find that’s amazing!

  27. Ana

    Finding a drugstore product that works better or just as good as a high end product is an amazing thing because you save money in the long run by not having to buy the expensive product over and one :) My favorite thing to buy at drugstores is mascara

  28. it depends on the brand, if I love the high end brand then I would prefer that but I do love lots of drugstore make up as well. I am actually more excited for my friends that can’t really afford high end make up when I find drugstore products that are great because I love being able to share products with them that they can afford as well