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Nope. And the day I stopped worrying at my current job was when the VP saw my holographic teal nailpolish, thought it was awesome and told me as such. lol.

No! Actually I’m lucky to work at a corner of happy&healthy where they allow tattoos, piercings, colored hair and pretty much anything else. I’m not gonna go wearing my teal lipstick ofc, but I feel secure that I can wear any makeup I want, it’s very nice. I like working for them.

I have been lucky to where I haven’t been in trouble with my makeup. My first job I was only 18 and didn’t really wear any back than. When I worked at Macy’s I started to get into it more and than when I got into Cosmetics than I could do whatever I wanted! 🙂 I did a brief stint at the bank and just kept it neutral and now at my new job I can kind of do what I want again, it’s pretty cool!

My best friend used to work at Victoria Secret, pretty early when she started working there her boss told her that they have a certain “image” to maintain and that she would need to start wearing more makeup to meet their image requirements

I worked at VS too and that’s true. They want you to wear sexy sultry eye looks on a daily basis and cover all imperfections.

Not trouble per se, but I have been “spoken to” about it. I worked at a natural makeup counter and I do wear quite neutral makeup. My counter manager told me that I needed to wear more makeup. xD

No, but I’ve always been fortunate enough to possess the good sense not to buck the dress-code. There are so many things to potentially get in trouble for that aren’t as much in my control, so it never made sense to me to go against policy when I had a choice. There have been times my nails were considered too long, or an inappropriate color, and once it was brought to my attention once, I rectified it in time for my next shift (waitressing, and each restaurant had its own policies, and they weren’t always included in the written dress-code).

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I’m a waitress too and I’m in absolute agreement with not bucking the dress-code at work.

Nevertheless, I have gotten into trouble for wearing makeup even if the trouble doesn’t come from coworkers or my boss. Mostly from customers. I’ve noticed I get hit on when I’m wearing some basic makeup without glasses. I don’t even wear anything that draws attention like fake lashes, strong lip, or heavy eyeliner.

It gets absolutely awkward when a family I know personally is sitting just a few feet away and I get a loud & rude pick-up line from the table I’m waiting on. Putting on thick frames and donning on no-makeup-makeup has helped forestall such events. I honestly don’t know how more heavily-made-up servers deal with this at other restaurants–especially places where there is a predominantly female wait staff.

I went to a really strict boarding school and got in a lot of trouble for extravagant eye makeup – it was around the time I purchased NARS Tropic and I LOVED it. The deputy headmaster came into the classroom I was having my English lesson in one afternoon and I remember hiding my face behind my hair and he looked directly at me and said my name. By this point, everyone was staring at me and staring at him to see how he’d react, and he said my name again so I had to look at him… busted. He told me to go wash it off and I told him ”no”. It was pretty unheard of to reject a teacher’s orders in boarding school but I had very rigid beliefs about self expression that authority figures passed off as teenage angst. The story’s still a favourite amongst my friends, haha.

Blegh! Sounds awful and that headmaster sounds like a jerk tbh. :/ I feel like anywhere and anyone that strictly controls what women do with their bodies (no matter the age, no matter if it’s wearing more or less make up/clothing/ect) is inherently misogynistic. It’s all about having the choice to do what you want.

But kudos to you for sticking up for your beliefs in the face of an authority figure! Bad ass! 🙂

No, but it’s because I always wear work appropriate makeup. However, I’d love to wear more fun, bright things to work. I wish it were acceptable in the workplace (same with piercings and tattoos).

I’ve never worked at a place that had specific rules regarding makeup, but I’ve always kept it pretty neutral, emphasizing my eyes while keeping the rest of my face rather plain. It’s only been in the past year or so that I’ve added a bit more colour by using bold eyeliner and changing up the crease colour.

luckily I’ve never worked with anyone obnoxious enough to have a problem with what I do with my body or appearance, but I do have 2 jobs that both have different sort of dress codes… during the week I’m sales staff, and I do like to try out some crazy eyeshadow looks occasionally, and then on weekends I work as a chef. I can’t wear nail polish for that (for obvious reasons, can’t have the colour flaking off into food!) and it’s often quite hot in the kitchen so makeup tends to just melt off my face – so I wear minimal product, not bcause anyone asked me to, just because it’s kinda uncomfortable to wear a full face of makeup when you’re slaving over a grill or tandoor oven

I once worked at a high class salon as a receptionist . I was only there for about a week because I “didn’t wear enough makeup”. If I had wore any more makeup I would have looked trasby. So I had to resign or get fired. So naturally I resigned. It was ridiculous! The other thing that was a stupid requirement was that if you work there you have to have your hair done there. And for it being a “high class” salon, I wouldnt let them touch my hair. None of the hairdressers or colorists weren’t anything special.

I already had plenty of makeup on. I always got compliments on my makeup the way that I did it back then. If I had put anymore on I would have looked terrible.

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I work in customer service so they actually encourage us to wear brighter lipsticks! The only trouble we’ll get into is for wearing nudes and beiges.

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Not necessarily “trouble” and not “at work” (I still go to uni), either, but just recently I had gotten around 2 or 3 anonymous comments on my Ask.FM account saying I look too made-up for school. None of them are saying I look bad (on the contrary, they actually said I looked great), but their main “issue” is how “there won’t be anything ‘special’ about my face anymore on special occasions because the default image of my face to other people would be my made-up face that I wear to school.”

I simply laughed them off and even said thanks to the comment complimenting how well I did my makeup. Crazy how some people really can’t keep their noses to themselves, really. I didn’t know there were hidden guidelines to freedom of expression. :O 😀

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I work on a make up aisle so I have a pretty free run, especially at Christmas. I’ll wear false lashes and glitter in as example looks for customers. Otherwise I work at home and my degree was in fashion so anything went there!

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Hi all! I experienced the contrary thing: if I went to work without makeup it would be a trouble.
Once I went to work without makeup a lot of people – are all males! – asked me if I was ill or if there were anytihing wrong. For this people make-up means to see colour on the eyes…they don’t notice all the rest :\

I’m a teacher, teaching 6-7 year old children. Some of them have been very truthful about my make up. For example, I was trying out a navy cream eyeshadow and the children asked had someone hit me, as I had ” black eyes.” I recently wore a teal cream shadow and for some reason put it on in my bedroom with very subdued lighting. That was one time I wish someone had told me that I looked like a clown. That afternoon I saw myself in the bathroom mirror and I looked as if I was one of my pupils experimenting with mum’s eyeshadow!

I had previously worked in a visible desk where a professional look which includes makeup is required. Since the clothing is for corporate obviously the makeup never includes glitter. That said, bold colors are usually fine for lips but not for eyes. Unfortunately, in my current position there are a number of people including my direct supervisor who are very involved with their churches and they make a great effort to get employees not to wear makeup and colored nail polish. I’ll never understand why these people don’t realize that we are not at church and cosmetics are part of a woman’s professional appearance even if they only wear a moderate amount..

No. I can’t imagine being in trouble over make up. I think you’d need to show some pretty poor judgment to get into trouble in the workplace about makeup. Fragrance, sure (I don’t know about the US but in Canada, it’s becoming more and more common that fragrance and scented products like some hairsprays, body washes, deodorants, etc. are banned).

Nope, and thank god! I just started a new job and I am still testing the waters a bit, seeing how far I can go with color and whatnot. So far no one has said anything. If they ever make a problem of it though, I might have to reconsider and find something else. Make-up is SO important to me, and my make-up looks express who I am. My make-up style is part of who I am. So you can take it or leave it, but it’s all or nothing 🙂

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