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Absolutely! Makeup is definitely not a necessity, rather a luxury, which is true of a lot of hobbies, forms of entertainment, etc. Most people have something that takes up time/money, whether it’s something like makeup or painting, knitting, cars, gaming, and so forth. It just has to be in moderation, and for me, that usually means not buying more than one can afford to buy. It means donating or giving away products I don’t keep.

— Christine

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I honestly do not feel guilty. I was the teen that was not allowed to wear makeup and I didnt get my feet wet until I was 22 so every piece I get is special and has meaning to me. Plus like you said, everyone has a hobby, this happens to be mine. Because seriously, there’s no greater gift to give the world than beauty right!?

Hey Christine!
I used to, but now I don’t. I mean people used to make fun of me for it because they’d always ask how much I spend on makeup alone (which really isn’t that much), and why I like it so much and if I need* it to feel pretty. I’ve come to realize that it’s just something that I truly love, and quite frankly I don’t owe anyone an explanation, you know? Some people love cooking, some love to paint, some love sports…I (and many others out there) just happen to love makeup πŸ™‚

I definitely do if I know I’ve bought way too much at one time. Or if I know I’ve bought something that is the exact same color as something else I have. Luckily I think I’ve controlled my obsessive makeup buying. Especially putting the price of some things into perspective.

Yes, absolutely. I feel more guilty than usual lately, simply because I have been making a lot of expensive skincare purchases. For me, makeup and luxury skincares are things that I want, not need, and perhaps I’ve spent much more than I should on them, considering I’m living on student loans and my parents’ generosity.

But I’m trying to curb the urge to spend on makeup and skincare — and to only do so selectively.

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Nope! My husband has his beer brewing and I have my make up collection. I’m not buying make up instead of groceries, over drafting our account, or hoarding products I don’t/won’t use, so I have nothing to feel guilty about.
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To me, it’s kind of a love/hate thing. I do and don’t feel guilty for my makeup addiction. I don’t own as much makeup as some people I’m sure, but I still feel bad sometimes when I think about how much unused makeup I have. I mean it does still get used, but I hardly ever reach for it as much unless I acknowledge that I haven’t been using it. At the same time though, my mom never wanted me to be involved with makeup much growing up because she herself doesn’t like it nor wear it. I guess she thinks of it as a waste of money. In my eyes it’s a passion though and you can’t ignore the things that you love just because others don’t share your love for them.

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I do feel guilty. I got into makeup because I had NO friends, and I just bought a lot. Then I got a job at Pandora and I started collecting that too. I need to be saving, but my fiancΓ© is so far away and I get sad sometimes that shopping for makeup or Pandora makes me feel better. I honestly shouldn’t collect just to collect/buy when I am sad. I have so much makeup that I don’t even use! But I keep buying. Ugh.

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Hi Kelsey! I share your retail therapy. I used to collect jewelry as well as makeup and so have more than I’ll ever wear or remember yet I spend, and I think I excuse it because I convince myself it will ease the sadness, but it’s temporary. We need to look within & become strong, Independant of circumstances, and feel gracious for, as well as use, what we already have. Rediscovering things is just like having shiny new toys! I’m sending an empathetic hug to you. This is something I’ve also been struggling with and am genuinely trying to be aware of those times when my spending would not be from need, and calm down in healthy ways. I’m sure many are like us. May we all be granted peace and strength to endure with grace & natural beauty. <3 xo πŸ™‚

I feel you too, i am in a long distance marrigae and whenever i am depressed about the whole situation i find happiness and comfort in buying new pretty things <3

Sometimes I feel like I have too many hobbies and interests and maybe sometimes buying as much makeup as I do causes me to have to make sacrifices in other hobbies that I probably shouldn’t.

I don’t feel bad about loving makeup! It’s just annoying when other people try and make me feel bad about it. I don’t sit around and rag on what other people enjoy, shit. The only time I ever feel bad is when I have to toss an almost unused product, or like when I threw away a pair of MAC lashes because glue got all over them before the first use. Basically, I only feel bad when something goes to waste.

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Not really! Ever since my injury, make-up is the most plausible way for me to still get creative, which for me is as necessary as breathing, I’m afraid! So I’m going to continue loving make-up unapologetically. Hey, as long as I’m not being irresponsible about it, right? πŸ˜‰

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No, I don’t feel guilty at all! The prices here mean that you really treasure every piece you have, for one thing πŸ˜‰ (well, at least for someone in my budget range!). As you and others mention, almost everyone has some frivolity or nonessential hobby that they indulge in, perhaps even collecting something. I do try to actually finish products though (it’s such a good feeling!) and if there’s something I don’t want or really can’t use (even after attempts to make it work), I will give it away or maybe sell it.
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Yes, and I feel abnormal. No one I know IRL has this much makeup. I do have equally absorbing interests like books and gaming, but I keep the makeup interest to myself except for online friends and a few family members.

I often wish I could find something else to do with the colors since I only have one face. I heard Karl Lagerfeld colors his designs with Shu Uemura shadows. That would be fun!

Sometimes. It depends what percentage of our leisure money that I spend, and whether or not a situation arises where we don’t have enough money to [fill in the blank]. Then I’m like, aw, if I hadn’t bought that one product!

My husband is cool though, and anyway, he has his video games (well actually, so do I but not quite as much as he does) and I have my makeup.

Oh definitely! I think the worst symptom is my value system has been slightly skewed. For example, the other day I bought this bottle of Caudalie dry oil for 23 euros. I was like “oh wow, at this price it’s practically free!” Well no it isn’t. Some people would never pay more than 10 for a skincare product. Or when I see a luxury lip product going for 30+ euros, the alarm in my head is no longer going off.

With that said, I never ever push anyone to spend big on skincare/makeup. People should pay what they think they should on this type of stuff. As long as they’re not getting into debt, it’s all fine by me!

You raise some good points, Sunny. There is an abundance of beautiful and efficacious products to be found at all kinds of price points. There is never any need for anyone to overspend, go into debt, cut back on other needs, etc. to support their beauty product “addiction”. No one should ever feel guilty about buying something that is supposed to make them feel beautiful. That’s counter-intuitive and counter-productive. We should be able to buy what we can afford with our discretionary income and not have to worry about what other people may think πŸ™‚

Before, I did because I purchased anything that I thought was pretty even if it was out of my budget. And for a little bit I did get myself into debt. But I’m trying to be more responsible now, I don’t buy everything that catches my attention, and I always consider whether I will get a lot of use out of a purchase. I think if people have money to burn and they choose to do so for makeup that is fine, but I am not one of those people and there are a lot of necessities I really should be spending more on. So yes, it makes me guilty when I go overboard.

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