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All the time, LOL! Actually, it’s more a matter of prioritizing; there are definitely days when putting on makeup is simply pointless. If I have a ton of household work to do, then I’ll just start doing the things that need to get done, and if I finish early enough, I’ll take a quick shower and put a bit of makeup on. However, if I have errands to run outside of home, I’ll typically do at least a minimal look.

I’m definitely with you on this one. The days where I’m involved in an activity where I know I’ll need to bath as soon as I finish, I simply can’t be bothered with makeup although I always, always wear moisturizer and sunscreen.

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Today no makeup for me except under eye concealer. It was the choice between makeup and 10 minutes more sleep and this morning I needed the sleep. I try not to do that too often though!

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Most definitely. On days when I am feeling low, I wish I didn’t have to put on make up and face the world. When I do feel ill, but just have to go on the road, I just put on foundation, setting powder, and some lip balm.

Yes, definitely – when I have to get up at 6am to do an early shift at work, it’s still dark outside and I’m feeling tired, I just think ‘Oh, I’ll give it a miss today’ and leave it at that.

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Only when I’ve been so sick that I couldn’t even get out of bed. Putting on makeup (even just a bit of concealer, gloss and blush) is as much a part of my routine as brushing my teeth and washing my face. Having said that, I don’t wear anything at all when I go to hot yoga – just moisturizer with sunscreen (because I never leave the house without sunscreen!)

yep. Actually, yesterday was that day for me. My alarm didnt go off, my car wouldnt start, its colder than a freezer/it was snowing AND I was 45 minutes late to work. So I just made the decision that I was going barefaced

I go with just brows, concealer and mascara a lot, but there are days where I am under the weather, preoccupied with running a business, etc.. and I just can’t be bothered. Yeah, and winter I’m staring you in the face right now with the temp hovering around – 20 C this morning and so hell yes I go without makeup a lot more in winter months, but not moisturizer 😀

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Absolutely! As much as I love make-up, there are days when I just can’t be bothered, whether it’s just because I’m lazy, feeling crummy, or if my eyes/skin are angry at me. Although, since I wear no make-up most days, I make a point of wearing make-up when I go out to see friends, even though I never feel I NEED make-up to be seen in public.

Well, when I’m sick and when I don’t have anywhere to go…but it happens when I have to go somewhere too(so I do put it on).

Yes. I work from home and there are days where it is just too tempting to shower and put on whatever clothes and just go from there… I was turning into a slob! And worse, I would go out of the house like that!

So I have been making an effort to dress nice (jeans and a pretty shirt are still comfy!) and putting on makeup… Thing is I just can’t do a minimal face, as soon as I start putting it on, I get carried away and end up with a full face, primer foundation, 3-4 eye shadows, liner, brows, mascara, blush and lipstick! I do look good though!

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I get up at 5:30 AM every day so it’s always a toss-up as to whether I’m putting on makeup or not. I feel like I would wear it more if I had a vanity or someplace where I could SIT and do my makeup, but right now I have to stand at my bathroom mirror and that doesn’t always sound like fun first thing in the morning. I also never wore makeup much as a teenager so I never really feel like I NEED to put makeup on.

Whenever I don’t wear anything I’m a little sad though because I love wearing lipstick! Lipstick makes everything better.

Profile photo of Diane

Most days, to be honest. It’s one extra, time-consuming step in my very time-limited day.

I always wear makeup if I feel I’m going to be in a situation where people will judge based on my appearance (work, social events), but unless I’m going out to a special event, I never wear it on weekends, and have no problem going to a restaurant or shopping while bare-faced (except for moisturizer, I’ll never skip that step). If I have days off during the week, I’ll go bare-faced then, too.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I have enough self-confidence to go without, and my spouse loves me whether I’m wearing it or not. I’ll admit – I do look a lot better/prettier when I wear makeup, but it’s not going to make or break my sense of self-worth if I don’t.

As much as I love applying it and trying different looks, it’s a relief on the days where I don’t have to take the time to put it on. It’s freeing when you can just get up, shower and go.

I’m going on 30+ years of days like that! Although I’ve been putting in more of an effort, I still default to “I don’t feel like taking the time to put it on” and “I don’t feel like having to take it all off”. If I have to choose in the morning between putting on makeup or drinking a cup of tea, tea always wins.

See Diane’s comment – that’s me, too! 🙂

Frequently. Normally, I don’t do any sort of eye makeup since my ocular allergies are horrendous. Sometimes, I don’t do any makeup either because I’m sick or my skin isn’t agreeing with me (excessive flakiness, especially during this time of year). Mostly, it’s because I’m tired since I was up late studying the night before. I end up thinking, “I’m at school to learn, not to look pretty!”

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