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Profile photo of Melinda

No!! I’ve tried so very hard! My sisters, and best friend are tomboys, and my mom likes wearing makeup, but she doesn’t like shopping for it. I wish I could though!

No, my friends love my skill and ask me to do their makeup, but that’s the extent of it. My sister treats my hobbies and me as a person like a novelty, so although she’s into makeup she thinks how seriously I take it is a big joke. It’s kind of hard to convert someone because it’s a lot easy to just look at a picture and think ”I wish I could do that” then close the tab and forget about it, LOL.

I get this a lot. I’m not a makeup artist, but I have a whole lot of makeup for my personal use. More than any one person really NEEDS, and i have a ton of drugstore but also a ton of high end products. I get grief about it from so many people just because it’s a hobby that I enjoy.

No, but I’ve never tried. The closest I’ve come is convincing a few friends that having more than 3 lip products & a few eyeshadow trios/quads *is* necessary, LOL!

What I find a bit amusing, though, is within my circle, I own the most makeup, and do the most elaborate looks, yet I’m the only one who can leave home completely bare-faced!

Profile photo of Taylor

My sister has gotten into makeup A LOT more than she has previously, but I don’t think she really is a buff quite yet. But seeing her get excited about a Sephora is good progress for me!

No. They all think I’m nuts and pat me cautiously on the head like I could start frothing at the mouth at any given moment. My friends and family compliment me on how put together I am and how nicely I “do” my face, but most of them prefer to admire from a safe distance. For fear it might be catching, you know ;-).

Profile photo of Jane

I’m getting my step mom into it… I gave her a big box of nail polish and beauty stuff for her birthday this year, and she has fun playing with it when my dad’s out (he’s one of those ‘women shouldn’t use makeup/you’re beautiful just the way you are’ types, which is lovely, but it tends to harsh your squee when you want to play dress-up)

Funny that this came up as a question….I have recently converted my aunt (only 10 years older than me) into a broader view of beauty products. I feel like a proud mama bear. She never wore foundation, and would ONLY use L’oreal products (nothing wrong with L’oreal, I love some of their products) and would only apply her shadows with her finger. I have opened her up to higher end (as well as good quality drug-store), the use of brushes, blending, the use of multiple colors on the eye, and lots more. She’s still much more picky than me, but there’s been a lot of awesome progress in the last couple months. I haven’t gotten her to wear blush yet, but slowly but surely. ๐Ÿ™‚

No, not really. They do ask me to do their makeup and hair when we’re going out, and I have managed to convert my sister into using brushes for her eye makeup instead of those dreadful applicators that come with palettes, but that’s about it. Most of my friends still shake their heads when I’m spending hours at Sephora comparing lipglosses or the ingredients of moisturizer.

A very good friend of mine was a simple beautygirl, without hunting down LEs. Now sheยดs totally into beauty stuff, just like me.

I’m not sure if I “converted” someone, but I have “contributed” to someone’s beauty hobby. My daughter and I have been giving my son’s girlfriend makeup and beauty gift cards for holidays and birthdays. She seems to appreciate these gifts and recently gushed that she had picked up Naked 3 after seeing me open it up on Christmas. She’s lovely and at 23 really doesn’t need makeup, but it’s a good way for the three of us to bond. My son, of course worries about the $$ spent. Oh, well!

Profile photo of Christine

I haven’t other than my ten year old who is a beauty bluff in training she is quite familiar with MAC and urban decay and lots of other brands we play with makeup together and she is quite into nails which I never do on myself ( I work in metal fab so there’s no sense for me to do nails) but I allow her to wear a bit of makeup she truely enjoys it; it gives her confidence which she has issues with nothing over the top of course but it makes her happy and she really enjoys the act of putting on a bit of sparkly eyeshadow or a pink gloss on her lips it makes me happy to see her have that ๐Ÿ™‚ she will be a pro by the time she is a teen and I think that it’s something we will be able to bond over ๐Ÿ™‚ my sister turned me to a beauty buff when I was 25 I was late in the game but now I’m a collector and I love my palettes and such and enjoy playing with them with my little one ๐Ÿ™‚

Profile photo of Erika

Oh, and I’ve gotten my mom to add a bunch of new things to her daily makeup routine, but I don’t think that’s considered as “converting” because she has loved makeup from the beginning. I got it from her, actually, but I’m pretty sure her situation isn’t as grave as mineโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ™„

Profile photo of Maddie

Yup! My friends/acquaintences tend to ask me beauty/makeup advice, and I turned my cousin into a makeup monster! She never used to wear any makeup, and she has never truly needed it, but it’s FUN! She went from chapstick to a collection of lipstick that (almost) rivals mine, from mineral powder foundation to REAL foundation (hehe), from “I-don’t-understand-the-point-of blush” to owning a few and she’s slowly but surely catching up to my almost 350 bottles of nail polish!

Profile photo of fancie

One of my best friends lol. I was such a late bloomer to the makeup game because literally no one around me wore makeup. It wasn’t until I was going on 22 (and sick of looking 12) that I decided to teach myself how to apply makeup. You know that saying, “you never know who may be watching”? It’s so true lol. My bff and I were roommates at the time and she would silently watch me practice. Then she started watching YouTube vids and buying makeup with me lol. She’s still not as crazed as I am but she’s a cake face now and I LOVE it lol! Now if I can only convert my longtime bff to wear more than gloss lol
fancie Recently Posted: NARS Spring 2014 Collection

Yes….kind of. I’ve made my mom and sister more interested in makeup, but they’re not obsessed with it like I am. My mom didn’t know about BB/CC Creams until I told her about them, and now she’s been trying out different ones. My sister’s a little harder to convince. She’ll wear blush and lipstick now, but very minimally. Baby steps, but I’ll keep working on it! But they both think I’m nuts, for being so obsessed with makeup.

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