Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

As some of you may know, during my recent trip to NYC, Eve Pearl (award-winning makeup artist!) made me over! I was truly impressed by the quality of her products, and I’m definitely going to be doing some in-depth reviews of some products I found particularly amazing. For now, though, I wanted to give you a quick guide to my recommendations from her line because she’s having an amazing sale going on right now (and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on it because of my slow-to-review-self!). There’s nothing I’ve tried that I didn’t like, so I don’t have a skip-it section.

You can get 20% off Eve Pearl products by using code EP22332309!


  • Salmon Concealer & Treatment ($35.00) — if you haven’t found your perfect concealer, try Eve’s. It’s using a different kind of color scheme (pink/peach) to hide your flaws compared to the more traditional concealers available.
  • HD Dual Foundation ($54.00) — if you have ever had issues evening out your skin, get this! If you’ve found that foundations tend to accentuate any dryness or dry patches on your face, get this. I was suffering from acne breakouts/post-breakouts as well as a couple of dry patches (from using anti-acne treatments heavily), and this covered SO well without being heavy or noticeable.
  • Priming Moisturizer ($28.00) — lightweight, emollient 2-in-1 moisturizer and primer product that *didn’t* break me out.
  • Tri-Fold Eyebrow Razor ($8.00) — travel friendly and ultra compact, this is a great product to have on hand to quickly groom brows (or any pesky facial hair… hey, some of us have it, shh!).
  • Baby Doll/Honey Bunny Lip Gloss Combo ($28.00) — double-ended gloss (and each section is removable for easy travel), but OMG, Honey Bunny is so pretty! It reminds me a lot of my famous Cle de Peau #2 Gloss. You know I gotta get any and all colors like it 😉 Her gloss is also mint-flavored, which I’ve never found in a gloss before.


  • Blush Trio ($36.00) — three different shades, each compact features 2 matte colors and an illuminating bronzer.
  • Eye Palette ($40.00) — four different palettes are available, each with six super smooth, pigmented colors.
  • Smudgeproof Liquid Eyeliner ($26.00) — this is similar to MAC’s Penultimate Liner, but I like the brush tip/pen tip way better on this one (it’s easier to use, and it gives you more control).
  • Kisses of Pearl Lip Gloss & Clutch Kit ($100.00) — hey, a deal? I can’t not bring it to your attention. All five of her lip glosses in a cute makeup clutch (which I have and love, very sleek!) for $20 a pop (instead of $28 each).

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72 thoughts on “Eve Pearl Offering 20% Off to Temptalia Readers!

  1. Emma

    thats awesome, i feel so special bein one of ur readers lol

  2. lisa

    Will have to check out the concealer, foundation and primer!

  3. sprut

    I’m seriously lusting after some of the kits but I gotta think about it because I was planning on going crazy with kitty couture and rose romance but now with this deal I don’t know what to do. :) It’s so hard to decide. How long is the 20% good for?

  4. lisa

    Christine could you please tell me what shade was used on you in concealer and in foundation please!

    • Medium for concealer and medium foundation. If you are NC30, I would say medium, though! I’ve only recently paled a bit.

      I think I am light foundation, and I’m waiting for the light one to arrive soon to double check.

  5. That’s great! But after seeing the Beautified video by Enkore with you & Eve Pearl I’ve ordered her salmon concealer and dual foundation straight away! I’ve already received it on monday and I live in The Netherlands….the concealer and foundation are both great! Thanks for the tip anyway, Christine! 😀

  6. Lina

    How long will the offer be valid? I could use a new concealer because I’m starting to resent the traditional pale/yellow shades. They don’t actually cover anything and it’s frustrating! The makeup also seems to be amazing! It’d be lovely to have two shades to play around. My skin is normal to dry anyway, so cream foundation would work just fine.

    Are you also using the sponges to apply or a brush?

  7. Christine! so many options for foundation… i’m considering getting a new foundation but it seems there are alot of popular options right now. There’s the HD MUFE foundation that seems ever so appealing, plus now Eve Pearl… i noticed in your makeup collection that you also have the HD MUFE, what do you think about both of them, which is better?

    And then there’s the issue of the primer… i love primers… your feedback is greatly appreciated! thank you (:

    • MUFE HD doesn’t do much for me. It’s not bad, but I wasn’t instantly wow-ed or blown away! I didn’t put it on and think, “WOW! I look so fab!” It felt and looked about the same as my usual Studio Fix Fluid, except I believe it’s a little more expensive.

      I like Eve’s a lot, actually. I find it covers better for my acne blemishes (and some post-acne hyper-pigmentation marks) and doesn’t accentuate any dry patches. I will still alternate between SFF and Eve Pearl’s, depending on my needs, but I’ve been wearing Eve Pearl’s foundation since NY. It has a slightly dewy finish, but it’s not super dewy (’cause I’m not usually a fan of the dewy finish–I always feel like it makes me look oily!).

      • next question lol, how do you feel about the MAC creme foundations as opposed to Eve Pearl? I’m about a NW35’ish what color foundation do you think i should get from Eve Pearl, and the same question for the Salmon concealer?

        Thank you so much for all the answers!!!

        • I think my issue with some of MAC’s pressed/cream foundations is that they tend to be more prone to breaking people out. Studio Tech is creamy, but it feels a lot heavier than I like in a foundation.

          I’d say medium would probably be the best bet for both! You get a lighter and a darker shade (based off of the Eve Pearl Method).

          But you may want to email them to ask :) They might be better able to advise you!

  8. gracieo

    I have wanted to try EP’s concealer forever. lol.. 20% off and a Birthday coming up, I think I can twist hubbys arm :o)
    Eve has great video tutorials on You Tube. She is amazing.

  9. Sasha

    This is awesome, Christine! Can’t wait to try Eve Pearl’s products.

  10. Ariana

    Just bought the concealer. Looking forward to using something new!

  11. Daria

    Yay so excited! thank you for recommending this for me a few days ago!! What would you personally recommend color wise for the foundation and concealer? (In MAC I’m NC 35, But in bare Escentials I’m light…Thanks Christine!

  12. Kayc

    Hey Christine,
    Just a quick question.. will the concealer work well in the undereye area? I have yet to find my HG concealer (one that actually conceals dark circles and at the same time does not crease). I have tried so many and they all seem to have the same formulation. If anything, what would you recommend?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Yes, this worked well for my undereye circles. To solve the creasing issue, try doing:

      1) Using a primer underneath, one that helps fill in lines in advance (so there’s less chance of settling)
      2) Set with loose powder (just like foundation)

  13. :( I was ready to check out until I saw the shipping costs to Hawaii..$25+ I really want to try that concealer but not with the shipping costs almost the cost of the item.

  14. Daria

    Would you recommend for oily and current broken out skin?

  15. Donna

    Thanks for the info,Christine! I am going to order the foundation and concealor? Do you think the face powder is a must have?

    • Awesome :)

      I like it, and I’m using the face powder, but I don’t think it’s OMG MUST HAVE! from the line. If you already have something to set it with, you could try that for now!

  16. GretaLuvsMAC

    I am sooo excited I just placed my order for the salmon concealor, foundation and the face primer!!!! Christine, I am an NW35 in MAC foundation do you think the “tan” in eve pearl concealor and foundation is the correct shade for me? I just guessed. With the discount it was like I was getting the primer for free!!! Thanks so much for posting the discount code and hopefully she will keep it going for awhile so I can get more stuff next payday:)

  17. mindy terasawa

    I feel kinda silly but where do i buy her stuff at. I’m tempted to try her product. Thanks

  18. Sally

    I’m thinking the HD Dual Foundation won’t be good for my oily skin because it’s a cream foundation, right?

    • As long as you prime and set, I don’t think you should have any issues. I get oilier towards the end of the day, and I don’t find that this foundation slips or settles at all!

  19. hi there,

    its my first time posting, i love this blog, seriously, u are a guru of makeup for me :)

    i really hope you can help me. i am a nc35 in MAC studio fix fluid, what colour shall i go for, medium or tan?

    also, how big are the foundations? they look soo small for the price!!! how long/ how many applications do you think i will get from this?

    i have dry/normal skin and have a lot, LOT of blemishes needing covered on my cheeks from pimple scarring.. so full coverage required.

    i really do eagerly await your reply..please help.


    • Hi Shez!

      I think Medium would be your best bet! The foundations are normal sized — like the compact is just as big (maybe a little bigger) than a MAC foundation compact. I think it should last you at least a couple months!

  20. Angie

    I’m interested in the foundation, concealor and primer as well! How do you find the foundation? I need coverage and the foundation has to be light and non-pore clogging :X

    Oh yes, I’m NC25 for studio fix fluid and NC30 for studio fix powder, which shade (light or medium) do you reckon I should get!

    • Angie

      And, which of the salmon concealor is recommended? I see two, one is in a compact packaging and another in jar. Is it just a difference in packaging?

    • Let’s say that my face has not loved me for months, and this foundation helps me conceal parts that are healing without further aggravating the areas! I haven’t broken out any more despite using this for the past week and then some :)

      I’d probably say medium, Angie, but I’m not 100% positive. Eve is really helpful and friendly, so if you have the time, you might want to email her and ask. :) For the concealer, you can totally get medium though!

  21. Can you show us some lip and hand swatches of the lipglosses? Thanks so much!!!

  22. Mira

    What shade of foundation and concealer would you recommend for an NC20?
    Thank you so much!

  23. Cat

    I’m getting married next year and I’m looking for a MUA to do my makeup and the makeup of my bridesmaids on the big day. How did you go about getting your makeover with Eve Pearl. You looked so beautiful.

  24. Delia Lupan

    I wanted to order some of Eve’s stuff, but OMG the shipping charges are more than the products (I live in Canada).

  25. Rosa

    Christine! Yes! <3 <3 Perfect, I wanted to try the salmon concealer, haha.

    So stupid question, probably, but do you know what the diff between:

    These two are? They seem to be the same concealer except one’s in a compact? How much more product is in the pricier one? (There’s no size listed of product :[ ).

  26. Erin

    Hi Christine!

    You are getting a lot of foundation questions, so I apologize since this one is another! If I use NC40 in studio fix, would you say I’d be “Tan” in the foundation?

  27. Asta

    Getting the lipgloss set. And grabbed some yummie tummies today too, thanks to you! My credit card is mad at you, Christine! :)

  28. Vera

    I just tried to use the code, and it didn’t work. Do you know if it is still valid? Thanks!

  29. sprut

    I tried to pick up a kit but it looks like the code is only valid for individual products and not kits. I don’t know if I’ll pick up some indv. products or not…I might just save some money for a bit so I can try a kit. We’ll see. Thx.

  30. Carly

    International shipping is expensive if you buy fragile products like the concealer with the mirror. Otherwise it’s reasonably priced for Europe.