Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Easy Makeup: Soft & Sweet for Spring

I wanted to wear Stylesetter, so I figured a softer eye would be best, because Stylesetter is pretty bright on its own. I don’t know if I’ve done a combination with these kinds of colors before, but I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out.

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Eden primer potion as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Nylon eyeshadow on the inner half of the eyelid. Next, apply Bright Sunshine eyeshadow on the outer half of the eyelid and lightly blend with the inner corner. Darken the outer crease with Expensive Pink eyeshadow with the 226, gently brushing it into the lower crease. Add depth to the crease by lightly applying Satin Taupe eyeshadow into the outer, lower crease with the 219. To finish the eyeshadow look, sweep Femme-fi eyeshadow as a highlighter on the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying Bourbon eyeliner on the lower lash line. Finish by sweeping lashes with Plushlash mascara.

For cheeks, apply Coral Riviera blush to the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116. Highlight cheekbones by applying Rose Diamond skinshimmer with the 165 onto the tops of cheeks.

For lips, apply Stylesetter lipstain marker for a brightened pink stain.

Check out more photos!

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111 thoughts on “Easy Makeup: Soft & Sweet for Spring

  1. Roxanne

    Oh pretty! Satin Taupe sort of got lost in the look, I feel, but none the less, such a sweet and cupcakey look. (Still not raving over those lip”stains”, though!)

  2. Natalie

    Whoa love this!! Love the eyes.. I am not sure about the lips though.. I am not sold to lipstain yet lol

  3. Preeti

    Very pretty :)

  4. Paige

    Very beautiful. I am so in love with hot pink lips right now. I plan to do this look for work, Monday morning. :) Awesome job.

    And also, I am interested in lip stains too. You reviewed that the new mac ones missed the mark, and you’ve never been able to find really good ones. Do you have any nearly perfect recommendations, though? What are the best lip stains you’ve tried?

    Thanks for, well, EVERYTHING! Awesome site.

  5. Great makeup for spring! I love it Christine, the color combination is so soft :)

  6. I really like this look! It’s a perfect everyday look for spring- very fresh.

  7. This is such a beautiful look! You’ve got the name of this look spot on.. Soft & sweet indeed! :)

  8. Maddie

    gorgeous look on you!

  9. Mariana

    Christine, is there a lipstick or lipgloss from MAC similar to the Stylesetter lipstain?

  10. Anna

    gorgeous! i didn’t think i liked stylesetter but now i’ve seen this look i think i just might go and get it when it becomes available here!

  11. i’m not really one to gravitate towards natural beauty looks but this is VERY pretty! i love the pop of yellow that’s in the eyes, i think it keeps it from looking too “neutral.” it’s very flattering on you and for what it’s worth – i INSTANTLY thought of spring :) great job!

  12. This is such a gorgeous look, Christine! I love how the eyes are neutral, but still very interesting and pretty, and I love the lip/cheek combo too! (Though, I totally see what you mean about those lip markers here… you could totally do way better with another lipstick or gloss.)

  13. Frances

    Christine, you look so pretty! I’m always really surprised at the detail you put into nude eye makeup. Sometimes in the close-ups it just looks like one colour, but in the full-face shots you can really see the beautiful combination of tones. So pretty and beautifully blended. And I really like the brown liner.

    Not sold on the lip stains, though. The marker tip looks exactly like that of a whiteboard marker. How do they feel on the lips? I can just imagine the scratchy tip sending shivers down my spine *shudder*

    Also, I love the way the shadow combination makes your eye colour look.

    • Thanks a lot, Frances! :) Bourbon is definitely one of my favorite brown liners!

      The tip isn’t scratchy per se, but it’s not super smooth, either. It did irritate my lips a bit and caused them to tingle for about 15-20 minutes post-application, though.

  14. Joanne

    Love this soft look! I will be trying it out when I go to class tomorrow. :)

  15. Katherine

    One of my favorite looks on you!!!
    Love the lips, they look so juicy lol i have to get me that lip stain:)

  16. Christine you look absolutely radiant and gorgeous…like all the beauty is coming from within and u have got nothing on the face! LOVE IT SISTAH!!!!

  17. Azucar

    Stylesetter is really pretty on you. Too bad it’s not an amazing product.

  18. Jennifer

    The eyemakeup is gorgeous! It’s so soft and pretty :) It gives me another reason to buy Nylon lol.

  19. Andrea

    Gorgeous eyes!!! I really need to dig out my Coral Riviera :)

    Although the shade of the lipstain is nice, I’m not loving it!

  20. Such pretty spring look! Especially love the eyes! :)

  21. Morgan

    Is bright sunshine a permanent shade, if not is there a permanent dupe?
    Thanks Christine! by the way, this is gorgeous!

  22. rashmi

    hey gorgeous looking soooo beautiful n flawless

    i need to have the dior skin shimmers (highlighter)
    m waiting for some sale at sephora hahaha
    but do u think it will look nice on my nc35 skin ???
    and does this sunshine e/s can be subst. with goldmine???

    • Thank you so much, Rashmi!

      Think the next sale won’t be until November, but let’s cross our fingers and hope for an earlier one!

      Goldmine will look a lil’ different, but it will work well!

  23. Diana

    gorgeous look! and i’m liking the lip stain, probably not after an hour though

    • Thanks, Diana!

      If you don’t eat/drink, the lip stain looks fine. It doesn’t start wearing off on its own until four or so hours – but it’s gradual from that point on. But if you eat/drink, forget it!

  24. The stain looks awesome on you! I love how it brightens up the look perfectly:)

  25. This is such a gorgeous look I want to try it so bad!!!

  26. Evelyn

    I looove your eyes Christine! They look like Cheetah print :) Mine are the color of poo. :(

  27. Rosa

    Christine, Do you thin Satin Taupe would complement women of color i.e. NW 45 complexion. I was thinking about order this eye shadow. I see alot Youtube videos on this particular eyeshadow.

  28. Steph B

    I love seeing all the bright, colorful looks you put together, in part because I don’t have the courage to do that sort of look and it just isn’t appropriate for my work. This is a great eye with more detail than I’d normally try but I think I could absolutely pull it off. I don’t have all of these colors but I’m off to play with what I do have. Thanks!

  29. Karen

    Love this look so much!

  30. Sarah T

    Love the eyes! 😀

  31. CeeBee

    My everyday work makeup look is pretty similar to this – golds, pinks, taupes and a smidge of brown. Maybe with a bit of Stila Kitten if I’m tired and want a bit of extra sparkle!

    Loving the bright pink lip, but not so much the matte, stain finish. My go to bright pink is Estee Lauder Signature lippie in Rich Berry – slightly plummy fuchsia with gold shimmer and a really nice satin finish. Smells yum too!

    You look so fresh and pretty – perfect for spring! (sigh… it’s autumn here. But I’m digging my deep purples and greens this season!)

    • Thank you, CeeBee! It was a surprisingly nice and light look that wasn’t boring at the same time.

      It is sometimes mind-boggling how different parts of the world are in different seasons than me! Like I totally get it from an intellectual stance, but it’s still crazy. But then again, I’m fascinating by freeway architecture, LOL.

      • CeeBee

        Ha! We don’t really have freeways but I was driven through Spaghetti Junction on my way out of Auckland recently and I was too busy trying to see what level of road went where that I totally forgot to tell my fiance what lane he needed to be in… And there is this really awesome bit of road just before the new Northern Toll tunnel that is held up by 4 bright red giant angled poles – it looks almost like a piece of art!

        I am such a geek!

        • That’s me! I’m like, “WOW!” In San Francisco, there is a huge interchange where three or four freeways kind of meet… so there are these huge ramps crossing over each other. Totally puts me in awe every time!

  32. daphne

    It reminds me of this look, Christine! But this new one is rosier and I like it better. I’m impressed with your use of Bright Sunshine; it usually doesn’t come out so soft on me but rather is more electric. I like this lip color paired with the rest of the look, but yeah, I don’t feel a pull to get the markers. I’m not huge into lipstains anyway though. I felt that the MAC See-Thru Lipcolors had the same problem…worn away by eating and drinking (I have Secret Crush from Rose Romance). Love the cheeks, by the way. I keep almost buying one of the Skinshimmers, but I just can’t quite bring myself to drop $44 on one product that is so subtle. Maybe the next Sephora F&F though.

  33. Erica

    Your cheeks totally make this look! They are such a beautiful gorgeous coral glow; are the Dior products you used still available for purchase?
    It really is a beautiful spring look!
    (I have to say, after reading your review and seeing the swatches, I will be skipping the lipstain markers….but thank you for wearing them with a look – – that alone is so much better than just hand swatches!)

  34. You look gorgeous, Christine!

  35. Lisa

    this looks is so sweet and makes me want to get stylesetter lipstain marker.

  36. Chelsea

    I love this look! I’m going to try it out for work tomorrow.

  37. Dani S

    I am in love with the the eye makeup. Would it be possible to do this look on video?

  38. Shannon

    PRETTY!!!!! :)

  39. Hyzenthlay

    I totally love this! It’s kinda like a spring version of my other favorite look you’ve done, Golden Berry :) I find myself looking forward to the days that I am wearing a cranberry or yellow color because I know I get to do the Golden Berry look!

  40. Luisafer

    lovely!!! totally love this, kind of natural, but not quite… sweet look

  41. love the gold colour, so spring =)

  42. Love the gold pop, it’s so spring!

  43. I LOVE this look! Is there a dupe for bright sunshine from MAC or any other brand?

  44. Hilana

    I actually like the lipstain very much. No. I love it! I am a big fan of stains on the lips and I sometimes put some gloss over it and get a very nice effect.
    Nice job, Christine. You look fresh and young and gorgeous.
    Lovely. :)

  45. I love this look! I wonder whether I’d be able to pull off that yellow with my blue eyes? Would love to see a video or something on this look, it’s amazing!

    And I kinda like the lipstain actually, might go to check that one out once it’s released here!

    Thank you for the amazing look ^^

  46. lizzy liz

    Can you do the step by step tutorials again I really liked them since I’m pretty much starting in makeup

  47. Maya

    I was watching makeup tutorials on youtube, and I found you! You are very talented, and I love seeing all your looks. Great work!

  48. Cindy

    somehow you look more asian 😀

  49. Moni

    This is such a delicately sweet, girly look! I love it!

  50. DarkGlamour17

    aw so soft and feminine <3

  51. olena

    OMG You look sooo adorable! This look really suits you!