Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

By Edith (Edie) Bryan, 27, United Kingdom, Nail Care Expert

Edie hails from the beautiful country that is Wales, in the UK. She’s an esthetician and has been trained in all aspects of beauty, from waxing to skincare, but she specializes in nails. She discovered her talent for nails at 17 and worked as a junior technician. In 2005, she started her own business running a nail salon in her home town. She found creating beautiful nails was the perfect way to combine her natural creativity and her obsession with fashion and beauty into one. Check out her blog Touch Beauty and follow her on Twitter!

Easy Halloween Nails Tutorial

Halloween is almost upon us, and there is no better excuse to wear something fun and fancy on your nails. I can usually be found wearing a nude, deep burgundy, or bright red polish, and I don’t often choose anything else. Between those three essential shades, I find my nail polish will compliment any outfit, but for Halloween, I like to go a little bit crazy with my nails!

I thought I would share a very simple design to try on your nails that can easily be tweaked to fit your own tastes. I painted my natural nails because I am giving my nails a break from enhancements for a while, so I was ‘length limited ‘ in creating an elaborate or detailed design.  This design is particularly suited to those of you with nails that have some free edge that you want to enhance and emphasize. The V-shaped tip creates the illusion of longer nail beds, so it is a handy little trick to remember.

The polish I used was a very bright orange (Boots 17 Orange Soda), but you could use anything similar; I thought that a bold, almost glowing, pumpkin-like shade would fit the bill perfectly.  I could also imagine a red polish working well with the black V-shaped tip, though!  To start, I applied one layer of base coat, and then I painted each nail individually with Boots 17 Orange Soda.  I followed this with a sprinkle of orange, superfine craft glitter. For the black tips, I used black acrylic paint, although black nail polish would work just as well.

The super cute nail decals were applied using tweezers.  The whole nail look was topped off with two coats of top coat (I like CND Super Shiny). It is really important to seal the decals in with two coats of top coat or else you will find they chip off very quickly.  There are endless design possibilities using these cute Halloween decals (available here). They are quick to apply and easy to remove, so they are ideal for anyone who isn’t doesn’t have the steady hand to create freehand designs. Have fun creating your own Halloween designs!

How are you decking your nails out this Halloween?

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15 thoughts on “Easy Halloween Nails Tutorial

  1. Orange Soda is so gorgeous. Now I am going to look out for a shade like Orange Soda in New Delhi markets. :)

  2. I love it! Last year I did jack o lanterns, I don’t know about this year yet…maybe I’ll do this : )

  3. Liz

    I’m usually really not a fan of nail-designs but this one’s cute as hell! I really like that you did it on your natural nails that have a realistic length as well, good job :)

    • I’m so glad you like that it’s on natural nails! There are some incredible designs you can do on long, false nails, but not everyone wants the length (or the expense!), so I thought I would share one that anyone can do – on enhancements or natural nails! x

  4. Ana G.

    Super cute!!

  5. The nails look great! Cool for halloween night! I like the colors! Kiara from a Chic Life.

  6. I’m not as artistic as some of you! 😛 I’m wearing China Glaze It’s Alive for a few days this week and then I’ll put some black crackle over it when it starts to chip. For Halloween I’m going to wear orange (probably China Glaze Cross Iron) with black crackle over it.

  7. Gina

    Since you’re on of the new nail care experts, I figured I’d ask: any tips/good products for someone with peel-y nails? Christine has said before that she doesn’t have an answer, since she has naturally beautiful nails. I’d LOVE to give this cute nail art a shot, but my nails have been so terrible lately, I haven’t worn polish in about a month!

    • There are countless treatments available for peeling nails, unfortunately they don’t work for everyone, and without seeing the nails it’s hard to say which products would be right. The best advice I can give is – cut back any length and file GENTLY in one direction only (no see-sawing!). Apply a good quality cuticle oil every night, use a nail strengthener (Jessica do good targeted treatments), and only ever use acetone free polish remover to avoid drying out the nails. It will take about 6 weeks for total nail transformation though, so keep at it! Hope that helps :-)

  8. Jessica

    Super cute! Makes me want to do something similar with a yellow base for a Batman-inspired mani 😀 Don’t know exactly what I’m wearing for Halloween yet though. I don’t even have a costume yet @__@

  9. This is great! Very Nice!

  10. Amy

    If only I had pretty nails. :(

  11. Kelly

    I just posted in another thread here on Temptalia, but I was a giraffe for a party on the 22nd and it was so much fun! I got really into it and painted both my nails & toes with white polish, then spotted them with a toothpick in brown. Before the brown dried completely I (accidentally discovered this but its cool) ran a layer of clear polish over it and it dragged some of the brown over the white, and ended up looking really realistic. I love Halloween =]

  12. Natalie

    This year I’m doing a leopard print to tie into my leopard costume!