Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Rohto Eye Drops ($6.99) come in three types, each designed to help with different eye problems. Cool helps to combat redness, while Arctic helps with eye strain, and ICE also helps to reduce redness. Now, you’re probably wondering what eye drops have to do with beauty, and for a lot of you, they probably don’t. But for myself and others unfortunate enough to suffer from sensitive eyes or year-round allergies… they just might be part of your beauty routine.

I keep bottles of eye drops around the house, stashed in my purse, by my computer–everywhere, you name it. I have incredibly sensitive eyes in the sense that my allergies will suddenly come on and my eyes will feel it first. Red eyes are not attractive, so I go for the Cool or ICE formula to help calm my eyes down so I can look less zombie-like. I also find that putting a few drops in my eyes helps to lubricate them and reduce their overall irritation. If I let my eyes go without drops, the urge to rub them gets pretty strong (and would totally ruin my makeup), while a quick drop or two saves my makeup!

Does anyone else suffer from this problem?

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33 thoughts on “Dry, Itchy Eyes Get Relief from Rohto!

  1. SnickerDoodle

    Oh, I have extremely sensitive eyes as well, and these are the BEST EYE DROPS EVER. They make your eyes feel so fresh and clean…I dated a guy in college who kept his in the fridge, which i thought was a really cool (pun intended) idea!

  2. kellie

    Yes, I suffer from this problem. I am a contact wearer, so my eyes are even worse. However, my eye doctor told me not to use redness relief drops. He said they actually dry your eyes out more and make them worse. He recommended systaine or this other kind that I can’t remember the name, but it’s in a green bottle.

    • Hi Kellie,

      I haven’t been told this by my eye doctor (though I haven’t been told “go for it” either), but I don’t know how I would be able to relieve my eyes otherwise, unfortunately! I’ll see if I can find Systaine.

  3. Trace

    I’m with you Christine, eyedrops are definitely a staple in my beauty routine! Aside from the apparent benefits of helping itchy allergies and irritation from contacts, I find that it completely brightens up your face and makes your eyes more pronounced when they contrast with the bright white!

    I have to try these “Cool” drops though, i usually just use Clear Eyes. I have several bottles lying around as well! Mainly because I always lose them and buy another one, and end up finding the first one. =/

    • Hi Trace,

      Clear Eyes doesn’t work as well for me, but before I had ROHTO, I pretty much used Opcon-A by Bausch & Lomb, because they do a good job of alleviating my itchy eyes ASAP. LOL, I lose mine, too, but I HAVE to have them on-hand at all times.

  4. I want to try these, I am a eyedrop junkie. I always stuff them away in my purse, car, any shelf or makeup bag. The tiniest pet hair, pollen, or piece of giltter can send my eyes into bloodshot orbit! I will rush out to get these ASAP.
    (this is a totally off the wall question, do you work for MAC? I am new to your blog so I don’t have all the details lol)

  5. Oh man. My stoner friends LOVE these.
    They really do feel awesome! Well, sometimes, sometimes they burn my eyes…

    But my optometrist sister says that eye drops aren’t very good for you, and yelled at my mom for having Visine.

    • LOL!! It seems like eye drops don’t seem to be good for you, though I’m curious to know why as well as learn about alternatives to solve the problem that eye drops solve. I don’t use mine too frequently – I don’t feel like my usage causes me to continue using!

  6. Amethyst

    Oh yeah – in a big way. In fact, I’m going to see my eye doc next week.

  7. lizzii

    these can’t be used while wearing contacts but they’re GREAT before putting contacts on and after a long day with them.

  8. JillyB

    I have really dry eyes and use preservative-free eye drops several times a day. Regular ones sting my eyes. But I’ve never gotten very good at putting them in, and a lot of it runs down my face so I hesitate to put them in when I have makeup on. Other than waterproof makeup, any suggestions from anyone?

    • whitnee

      no suggestion, but i have the same problem. i blink every single time, so i have to rely on what seeps in mid blink, lol, and that’s if i was even aiming well enough, and wipe 3 quarters of it off of my face. …having the glaucoma test is a NIGHTMARE!

    • Hi JillyB,

      I’m pretty good at it, but I don’t mind the feeling? I guess. My boyfriend is terrible at it and has me do them for me on the rare occasion that he uses it. Have you tried looking up or away from the drops when you put them in? Sometimes that can help.

  9. Jonrah

    Yes! I was introduced to these drops by my “stoner” friends as well, who swear by them. I use them due to my contacts and crazy allergies. They work faster and better than any other drops I’ve used. Plus, I like the cool little bottle they come in.

  10. anything to save the makeup! =)

  11. Stephanie

    OMG i have the most sensitive dry eyes ever. I like to wear contacts so my eye makeup shows better but every time i wear them my eyes are so sensitive. The next day i wake up with bloodshot eyes and gunky stuff in my eyes. My dr. told me not to wear my contacts for a while but even with glasses my eyes hurt and turn red!!! There’s no hope :(

  12. Danisa

    Especially after a long day wearing contacts, I love to use there drops. I don’t know if the sensation has to do with anything, but to me it seems like I can feel my eyes being replenished of its lost moisture.

  13. I think its me who is exceptional here llolz.I dint got a eye problem ever!Infact i wonder even eyes r sensitive???


  14. Kim

    By far THE best eye drops! I have like 3 bottles of them – 1 at home 1 at work 1 in purse. They leave your eyes feeling minty-fresh!

  15. Angi

    I too suffer from red, dry and itchy eyes at various times for various reasons. These are also my eye drops of choice. It’s not at all unusual for my eyes to be so dry that I can put a drop of this in them and the eyes are so dry they absorb every last bit with nothing to run down my cheek. I’m never without some. I like the same green top ones you do.

    • I’m totally amazed by how many people love and use these drops! :) It’s great to hear, too, because others can learn and see the positive response.

  16. Tatti

    I just got the ICE yesterday ( I , too, have to religiously apply eye drops before makeup due to allergies and a bit of dryness)
    They kinda burn at first but feel soo good afterwards! Besides, the little bottle is so fashionable lol