Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Don’t Let Summer Age You!

Watching the ladies over at Only in a Woman’s World always gets me thinking about the things we go through to look and feel better about ourselves. After spending the weekend on a lake, it reminded me at how we sometimes set ourselves back unknowingly. Even though summer is the time to head outdoors, spend some time in the sun, and enjoy yourself… it’s no excuse to let your beauty routine fall by the way side!

Here are five tips to look young and beautiful this summer…

Reapply your sunscreen–often! Sunscreen is an area you shouldn’t skimp on. Waterproof sunscreen is better than water-resistant; the two are not the same, believe it or not! The FDA requires waterproof sunscreens to continue to work for 80 minutes after being in contact with water. Water-resistant sunscreens only need to last 40 minutes. If you’re lounging around in the pool/ocean/lake/your favorite body of water — make sure you remember to pack the sunscreen in your bag. You should also be sure to apply sunscreen approximately a half hour before you plan on heading into the sun to give it enough time to absorb into your skin.

Wear sunglasses! Prevent unnecessary fine lines and wrinkling around your eyes by wearing tinted glasses. These help prevent you from squinting because of the sun’s bright rays. (This is also applicable to those of us who loathe to wear glasses despite declining vision.)

Drink lots of fluids–particularly water! Don’t let you body get dehydrated or suffer from heat exhaustion. Be sure to keep the water free-flowing whenever you’re outside for prolonged periods of time. If you’re hiking, pack at least one bottle of water with you, if not more, depending on the length of your hike. (If you’re bringing a pooch, don’t forget water for him, too!)

Get two more tips

Protect your feet! Make sure you don’t forget to take care of your feet. Walking barefoot and more sandal-wearing can wreak havoc on the footsies, so it’s a good idea to invest in a relaxing foot scrub and cream to keep them in top condition.

But most of all? Remember to RELAX on your vacation! Stressful lives can speed up the aging process. When you go on vacation, take time for yourself, let your worries slip away, and really enjoy yourself without demands. If you aren’t “going” on vacation this summer, take a weekend (or two or eight) to pamper yourself at home, as if you were!

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8 thoughts on “Don’t Let Summer Age You!

  1. Sunscreen is a must ! You’ll be happy when your 40 or 50 that you used it. Not only for skin cancer protection, but your skin won’t look like leather. Everyone grows old so let’s try to look good!

  2. Great tips Christine! This info is really useful – it’s so necessary to emphasize the need for sunscreen (in Winter too!), the sun is so strong these days! I can’t wait for summer…

  3. Kimmy V

    and dont forget to put sunny screen on the neck!

  4. D

    I know this wont apply to everyone but alot of people go hiking especially in the summer.Or even just walks through the trees if you live in an area with lots of trees.Whatever the case may be.Anyways the trouble is ticks! My sister got a tick on her and she now has Lyme Disease.And bless her she suffers alot.I dont think people realize how bad Lyme disease is.But now anytime im out for a hike or something i give my body a quick look after and shake my hair out and run my fingers through it and check for ticks.It doesnt take a long time but its worth it.And alot of people dont think to do this.But its so worth the little time it takes to check yourself quickly after.Well thats just my little extra tip lol Your tips were really good Christine.The tip i need to start doing more is relaxing! lol

    • Thank you so much for sharing, D! This is always a good thing to do – check for ticks whenever you’re going through an area that might have them. I’m always extra careful to check my dog, too!