Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Dolce & Gabbana The Romantic Collection for Fall 2009

Inspired by Surrealism, the Dolce & Gabbana A/W 09 runway collection echoes both revolutionary sensibility and rebellious spirit. Just as the Surrealists eschewed the conventional to embrace the unpredictable and explore the unimaginable, Dolce & Gabbana break the rules both on the runway and with a new collection of Make Up for fall, tracing the fine line between dreams and reality to create an innovative glamour that teases and provokes. “We worship the surrealists; they pushed the limits-and proved that anything is possible,” says Stefano Gabbana, “With the Romantic Collection, the idea is to break away from the expected to transform beauty, creating a look that is about ultimate fantasy.”

“And the ultimate luxury,” adds Domenico Dolce, “After all, the ultimate luxury is to dream and, for the Dolce & Gabbana woman, the dream should always be a reality.”

The Romantic Collection showcases tone against tone contrast via a rich new range of pinks-from delicate to vibrant to shocking – with a fresh shimmer to lend natural luminosity. Lustrous new shades share a balance of the sensual and the subversive to embody Dolce & Gabbana signature glamour.

A key “Romantic” Look

Legendary make-up artist Pat McGrath collaborates closely with Dolce & Gabbana to create the beauty look with select Make Up classics paired with brilliant new shades. Explicit and ethereal pinks are imbued with light; deep neutrals are refined and distinctive.

The look lends an air of romance and a sense of intimacy with lucid washes of pure colour and sensuality. A truly feminine aura that’s both suggestive and assertive; the look is exuberant with weightless layering of tone against tone pinks, that coalesce in a seamless elegance that is at once fresh and cool.

Moist, voluptuous lips beckon and seduce – soft-sculpted and defined with Soft, a new shade of the classic lipstick and the lipliner. The same hue adds sophistication to nails, through the new Soft shade of the nail lacquer. Eyes are delicate, yet smoldering with the eyeshadow duo in Rose, enhanced with the mascara in Black. Cheeks appear lightly flushed with the blush in new Delight.

The Romantic Collection is intimate yet ephemeral with a glaze of pinks dissolving into a rush of strong femininity “The Rose palette brings the collection to a new level; Dolce & Gabbana wanted to take risks with colour, texture, mood – and at the same time capture the essence of each element,” says Pat McGrath. “While the focus is on the eyes – very sexy, very daring – the soft voluptuous lips add an intensity that’s erotic. The rose look is very romantic, almost ethereal – yet very sophisticated.”

Smooth Eye Colour Quad ($59.00)

  • Dazzling 160

Smooth Eye Colour Duo ($36.00)

  • Rose 90 (New)

Volumized Lashes Mascara ($28.00)

  • Black 1

Crayon Intense ($29.00)

  • Platinum 6 (New)


  • Soft 65 Classic Cream Lipstick (New) ($30.00)
  • Naked 60 Shine Lipstick ($30.00)
  • Drama 90 Shine Lipstick ($30.00)

Precision Lipliner ($29.00)

  • Soft 6 (New)

Luminous Cheek Colour ($44.00)

  • Delight 35 (New)

Intense Nail Lacquer ($20.00)

  • Soft 205 (New)
  • Pink 100

Availability: On-counter September 2009 at select Saks Fifth Avenue stores and saks.com.

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29 thoughts on “Dolce & Gabbana The Romantic Collection for Fall 2009

  1. BrownEyes

    very pretty…2 bad my wallet isn’t large enough for them :)

  2. Dee

    The quad is gorgeous. It seems more summer than fall to me though.

  3. jen

    must have that quad

  4. There’s already SOOO many things that I want that this will have to go on hold…nothing looks to interesting for the price either..

  5. Alannah

    Love the polish!

  6. Very interesting color choices for fall. I like the fact that they’re bright.

  7. this is one crazy eye shadow quad! WOW! that’s a daring combination for sure. I want to touch it! but my eyes are on the blush and the safer duo.:)

  8. Ali

    Ooh I am lovin’ these colors!

  9. Wendelien

    Eyecandy!! Love it, especially the second blush

  10. The colors of the quad looks really bright!

  11. If that eye shadow quad was actually affordable, I’d actually buy it.

  12. aradhana

    what’s the peachy compact? is that a blush or a powder? looks nice anyway…i like the packaging of everything too…

  13. Barbie

    I like the quad and blushes but too bad it cost more than i can afford right now for make up.

  14. Macaddict

    Dolce & Gabbanna wanted to “take risks with color” but I sadly don’t see that. The e/s quad is nice and the colors are playful and I can see myself buying it, but as for the rest of this collection, it’s quite boring to me frankly. I’ll pass. Besides, there are already so many other interesting Fall 2009 collections! :p

  15. Bananarchy

    Not typically a fan but that first quad really gets your attention doesn’t it?

  16. JerryDazzlepants

    You’d think that for the price D&G charge, they wouldnt try to pawn off those horrible sponge tipped applicators

  17. Katie

    Good God that quad is gorgeous! I don’t know if I would want to spend $59 on it but it is tempting.

  18. Andrea

    That quad is sooooo pretty!!!!!

  19. Michelle

    Some of the items are really pretty, but too pricey for me. I could never justify spending $44 for blush!

  20. Zoila

    :( I want the quad! That’s the brightest prettiest bubblegum pink I’ve ever seen, and I want it! Someone call the wah-bulance for me… LOL

  21. Helena

    That first quad looks rather…summery, no? o_O

  22. alana

    omg, that quad, i think i just fell in love

  23. maclove1

    wow i want it allllllll :)

  24. Karen

    are the items in this collection limited edition? can we still get them now?