Friday, January 16th, 2009

According to WWD, Dolce & Gabbana are really set on launching their makeup line. The line will range in price from $20 nail lacquers, $28 mascaras, $30 lipsticks, $36 eyeshadow duos, and up to $59 for foundation. The line also will have bronzers, blushes, eye/lip pencils, and lip gloss.

There will be a 110 stockkeeping units, and lipsticks with a scent are back–with a trademark rose scent. The mascara is said to have a peppery note (whattt?). As far as the packaging goes, it’s weighted glossy gold housed in velvet pouches (sounds like Guerlain). Even for those with the budgets to test out this new beauty line, distribution will only be in three places for the brand’s initial launch: La Rinascente Milan Flagship at the end of January, then Selfridges [of London] and Saks Fifth Avenue in March. As far as I read, Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC (Fifth Avenue) and Beverly Hills would see this in the spring. Saks intends to saturate other stores later this fall with D&G.

Excerpts from the article:

“We see makeup as another thing for women, like a dress. We worked on the makeup line like we work on a clothing collection — you can change makeup like you can change your clothes, depending on your mood,” Gabbana added.

[Pat] McGrath developed three looks that epitomize the line: “Lustful Lips,” inspired by a silver screen siren with dark ruby colored lips and nails; “Provocative Eyes,” a smoky eye and pale lip, and “Sensually Natural,” a pared-back look of neutral hues.

Are you dying to check out Dolce & Gabbana’s makeup line? See it as just overpriced makeup? What are your feelings on D&G’s attempt to get into beauty?

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30 thoughts on “Dolce & Gabbana – The Makeup Line – Spring 2009

  1. Alla

    I tried to express what i think about it, but i just can’t.
    Too damn suprised.

  2. I cant wait to see this in Selfridges! I’ll definately be picking up a lipstick. Dolce and Gabbana is one of my favourite desingers, I hope their make up line is as amazing as their clothing and accessories!

  3. Lola

    LOVE the ad, but i think i would only buy a lipstick as a gimmick. I don’t think this will be a go to brand unless they bring out something cult like YSLs Touche Eclat.

  4. Ruth

    I hope we eventually get this in Canada.

  5. CedriCeCCentriC

    So, if Scarlett Johansson is now the face of the D&G makeup line does it mean she terminated her contract with L’Oreal?

  6. mmm, looks very Guerlain – Lauder like… not at all innovative and definitely worth all the anticipation…. Tom Ford makeup for Lauder was more attractive than this. I’m actually expecting more from Tom Ford’s line

    • Yeah, the promo photos didn’t really get me excited. I hope it’s more Guerlain-inspired than Lauder–Lauder seems almost vintage in its gold, not quite as classic as Guerlain.

  7. Shefali

    I’m definitely going to the Beverly Hills Saks to check this out. I’m totally intrigued! The red gloss in that picture looks gorgeous!

  8. cloudburst

    Looks interesting but makeup lines by clothing designers have been hit & miss. I have to say I’m not loving the promo pictures…SJ is a great actress but the photo seems a bit cheesy.

  9. Way too overpriced. Sorry but $60 for a foundation that more than likely will be tiny, no thanks and how much for a lipstick? Even for designer, that’s kind of pushing it seeing as how there are so many people who go through foundation really fast.

    MAC is the best for foundation, stick to that instead of throwing away more than double the cost of a Studio Fix Liquid for $26. Dior sounds quite a lot better than this actually.

    • There are a few higher end brands (I suppose they’re called luxury brands) like Cle de Peau, Chantecaille, etc. that are priced like that or higher, so I think D&G are aiming for that level of luxury makeup. But I’m guessing!

      • True, but it’d be wiser to aim at more affordable rather than expensive luxury. No one will be able to afford it. I’d be more interested if it was dropped to at least like $45.

        Anyone know if this is going to get it’s own store chain or counters at a department store?

        • D&G as clothing isn’t affordable to the majority of us, so I can see why they wouldn’t want to make their beauty range affordable to the majority. It would actually reflect badly on their brand and luxury image, you know?

  10. Kate

    where could someone in the US order from la rinascente? is there a website or anything?

  11. ilakdala

    It is almost impossible for me to get excited about obscenely priced makeup in regular times, let alone the economic climate where people are struggling all over the country. I don’t mean to be a downer, but this line couldn’t be unveiled at a worse time. ‘Course, I couldn’t afford it any time, so I should stop complaining :) The ad is gorgeous though!

  12. When I think Dolce & Gabanna I think edgy, someone like Victoria Beckham or Rihanna (This one reminds me of a Versace or something). The packaging does look like Guerlain to me and the price of the products are just too high.

  13. Robin

    New to this site, so this is my first post here. Yes, it’s expensive, but not the most expensive, and some other designers, notably Armani, have blazed that trail already. I agree with Brenda when she says it reminds her of Versace and looks like Guerlain. You never can tell with some designer brands. Armani is a big hit, but Calvin Klein has tried three times now and muffed it every time to bring out a blockbuster makeup line.

  14. Clélia

    As the artistic director for this line is Pat McGrath, even if I don’t like the ad and packaging, I’m very intrigued. Can’t wait to try them…