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I use the ELF one that’s a dollar and it works brilliantly for me. Better than some of the more expensive ones I’ve used.

Hm. I’ve heard a lot of people say this but mine broke after two uses. Their studio line ones are nice. I haven’t tried any expensive ones because I don’t feel there’s any point.

The old ones were. Sadly, L’oreal bought them, and now the curler sells for $20, and it’s just nothing special. (I tried an old one from a friend, and the difference is big.) I actually prefer my Tarte curler that I picked up for $15 with a sample of mascara to the new Shu Uemuras. 🙁

lol! An eyelash curler is just an eyelash curler, doesnt matter if its high end or not they do all the same thing which makes me think why some people would spend so much on one? It puzzles me, the same thing goes for mascara.

I really don’t think it matters that much. I’ve tried all different lash curlers from cheapy to more expensive ones. In the end, my lashes always curl the exact same with each and every single one, so why would I spend more money on something that creates the exact same effect as something less expensive? I don’t have a problem with lash curlers pinching my eyes, unless I’m exceptionally stupid and get it too close. I can get all my lashes in any curler I’ve ever tried. And the curl is always the exact same curl. I’ve heard people say that cheap lash curlers create a 90 degree angle on lashes and more expensive ones give a nice curve/curl, but I’ve never had 90 degree lashes. :/

i love the $1 curler from ELF, but i HATE that they don’t sell replacement pads by themselves. yes, i know it’s just a $1 for a new curler & two new pads. but it’s a waste of a curler to throw it away. plus, i just had to buy a new one because the pad was old & the new curler doesn’t squeeze smooth…it’s all choppy like it needs oiled. so happy i hadn’t tossed my other yet!

I say yes as the shiseido curler is the only one with the right shape for my eye. Other curlers are too curved and wouldnt curl all my eyelashes or would pinch. Im latina with almond shaped eyes and stick straight lashes

Shu Uemura or go home.
I didn’t understand the difference either, until you get your hands on one that works for you. Basically, it doesn’t matter if it’s high end or low end, most of them just don’t work terribly well. Depending on your eye shape, the Shiseido one can be very good, but My eyes are not flat enough for the flatter shape of it. It all depends on the silicone used. I’ve tried very many, and Shu Uemura is the only one that works perfectly on me.

Your observation is absolutely right and I’m surprised more people haven’t mentioned it. It isn’t the cost that matters. It is the shape and type of pads. If the curler doesn’t fit your eye and have good pads, it doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive it is because it’s going to pinch and give an uneven or unnatural curl to the lashes.

I’m happier with my pricier one as well. Some do have a different shape and pads. I think everyone needs to find what works best for them.

If by quality you mean ability to last without breaking…price does play a part. The e.l.f. $1 curler has a great shape but the rubber pads are so soft that they tear/wear out easily.

If you mean ability to curl effectively, I think it’s more a combination of eye shape and craftsmanship…with a heavy lean toward eye shape. For example the e.l.f. curler fit me eyes really well but I found that I had to replace it every few months while I have a Revlon curler that has lasted years but does not fit my eye shape and therefore curls poorly.

As for what I personally use, I have a limited edition Sonia Kashuk curler that was $10 (but I picked it up on clearance for $4) that both works and is made well. If shu uemura was still readily available in the States I might have ventured to a store for test run, but I am incredibly happy with what I use now.

definitely. i picked up one from walmart and it pinched my eyelids so bad i could not use it. so, i bought a Shu Uemura and it works brillantly. i’ve had other cheap ones that i also couldn’t use. Shu Uemura is the first high end eyelash curler i’ve ever had but now i see why ppl are willing to spend the extra cash on them.

I adore my Shiseido curler and it’s my favourite, but I’m sure there are curlers out there that cost less but still work well.

In a way. E.L.F curler does not work for me at all. Sonia Kashuk has good curler, which is 15$. But I’d rather spend 4 more dollars and get Shiseido curler. Its the best I tried (exept of Shue Uemura of course, but it has been discontinued in US).
And Tarte curler (15$) always pinches me…

I don’t use them anymore because I don’t like the stress they put on my lashes. When I did, I owned both Shu Uemura and a $3 NYC pink glitter one. Always felt the NYC one was just as effective, gentler because of the cushion and had a half-decent lash comb attachment. Could not argue with that

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