Friday, May 4th, 2012

Choose or Lose

Does MAC come out with too many collections?

  • Yes, I'm over it! I can't keep up! (50%, 2,637 Votes)
  • Sometimes I think they could slow down... (24%, 1,242 Votes)
  • Yes, but I don't care! (17%, 876 Votes)
  • No way! I love having something new all the time! (9%, 491 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 17 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,263

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144 thoughts on “Does MAC come out with too many collections?

  1. Liz Notestine-Miller

    Not everything is low quality. But even other brands have thier duds. I am a rabid MAC fan, but yeah sometimes its too much. But mostly cause you end up wanting it all lol

  2. Smashley Smash

    Yeah… I definitely hate to say it, but the too many collections thing is definitely true, it actually pushes me away from MAC more and more. So many collections, and eventually it’s just not exciting anymore… it becomes routine. The last collection I was super excited about was Cherry Culture (I believe it was called), I like the Holiday collections, but they also seem the same every year. Lately I have been picking up my essentials from MAC and staying far away from the collections.

  3. Sirin Sint

    Yes! Too many to keep up. I don’t even care to remember the name of the collection anymore.

  4. Stephanie Lee

    Waaaay to many. Maybe they should put more effort into the quality and not soo much marketing & cutsie packaging every 5 minutes :-)

  5. Cris Ramirez

    Not at all we want more!!!!!

  6. Christina Allen

    I think so. I think their quality has started to really take a nosedive because if it, too. The quantity of items available has gotten super low, too. Normally, I would say this would be classic demand vs supply, but MAC has nothing to gain from resellers so I’m not sure on this one.

  7. Christina Allen

    Also, half of the items lately seem to be repromotes.

  8. Kyra Hagler

    Yes! Give my wallet a chance to breathe from the last collection before putting out the next one!

  9. Zuzana Laufik

    Most makeup ‘beginners’ start of with MAC once they start aiming little higher than drugstore (most YouTubers glorify MAC) ..and once the novelty wears off they eventually mature into better quality brands. MAC makes most of its money on Limited Edition (limited quantity) Collections because these collections satisfy the hunger/thrill/obsessions of MAC addicts…who in my opinion get over it within a year or two (speaking from experience).

  10. Brenda Moran


  11. Kellie Cameron

    Yes. And it is so bloody irritating that you always see “sold out” taped all over everything when it has JUST come out! Perhaps more depth of stock and less volume of collections?

  12. GlamorPuss

    Too many collections, limited editions and not enough quality!  I think the main issue is quality or lack thereof.  If MAC wants to keep its brand going, I think they have to keep the products associated with good quality and consistency.  Too many of their new items get reviewed negatively and too many are limited edition so there’s no opportunity to build brand loyalty!

  13. Ione Farias

    In my opinion, one collection per season is enough…

  14. Ellie S

    Yes! I can’t keep up w them anymore! And the most annoying part is, when I do like something its sold out super quick. Instead of putting out a billion products, focus on having enough of the good ones. Give the consumer a chance to actually buy them.

  15. I agree with what a lot of people have been saying. It’s really annoying, the way MAC do their LE business. I dread liking promo images of something from their collection, because I know the reviews will probably be average to terrible. They coast on their previous reputation for being professional quality make up and compound it with an overload of hype.
    They clearly cannot handle the quantity they make, so they should bring out fewer collections with more stock and better quality. And stop promoting the same LE item within six months of its last release. JFC.

  16. Veronica

    I don’t generally mind the sheer number of collections, but I do get bothered by the way they handle quantities for their LE releases.  A good LE product should be available for a couple weeks, not sold out within a day or so.  It doesn’t put me into a frenzy to get the product – it just turns me off from the brand as a whole.

  17. Mona Ti

    Yes, I’m bored with them.

  18. Channing Mohaupt

    Wayyyyyyy to freakin many !!

  19. AlexandraAimee

    It’s not entirely that they come out with too many collections– my main issue is that the ones they do come out with often feel rushed and lacking. The quality across the brand is atrocious. I haven’t bought a single MAC product in half a decade because when I was loyal to the brand it was always such a gamble to purchase. Maybe the product would be good, maybe it would be terrible, a lot of times I could have found something just as good at the drug store. I wish they would slow down with all the special collections, and instead focus on putting out fewer products of higher quality. 

  20. Suppasa Aimsaard

    I can’t save my money because of their lipsticks. The new nice colour has been launched every single month and i always cannot resist.

  21. Rosie

    They’re way over doing it!!!! They’ve been exchanging quality for quantity not sure if its “paying off ” for them of course. But I’ve noticed most items in the “collections” don’t perform very well, or well a few from the collection might but other’s blah! Especially the quads those super suck!!!!

  22. The problem of them coming out with too many collections at once is that we can’t get everything we want (unless you’re really rich!). And to make matters worse they release mostly LE stuff =/
    I wish they’d slow down a little so we can try to keep up and get everything we want.

  23. yes, way too many collection! it’s hard to keep up, why not be like the other brands and release collections based on seasons? spend time to produce really LE worth items, rather than bombarding us all sorts of mediocre ones.

  24. Marilyn Hope

    YES, they do!!!!!

  25. Yes, but it doesn’t make a difference to me, I barely buy MAC.