Friday, May 4th, 2012

Choose or Lose

Does MAC come out with too many collections?

  • Yes, I'm over it! I can't keep up! (50%, 2,637 Votes)
  • Sometimes I think they could slow down... (24%, 1,242 Votes)
  • Yes, but I don't care! (17%, 876 Votes)
  • No way! I love having something new all the time! (9%, 491 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 17 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,263

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144 thoughts on “Does MAC come out with too many collections?

  1. I appreciate it when new formulations come out from MAC (Mega Metal’s, Extra Dimension), but I feel like they could maybe only have 1 to 2 colour stories per season instead of per month.

  2. frenkuzumu

    I prefer collections with more thought put in. It’s obviously impossible at this pace. I can’t even remember the last time I got psyched over an upcoming collection. Quality over quantity, please!
    I also miss the collections with modified packaging. I’m not happy with having only the holiday and summer collections in special packaging, greatly reduces the originality!

    •  @frenkuzumu Hello Kitty and Venomous Villains was the last collection I went crazy over. mostly it’s been pick one item from a collection that is good out of a hand full of ok products in a collection.

  3. Jillian

    I would say “yes”, mostly because the quality just isn’t there. There are maybe 1 or 2 products that stand out in a collection (as of late, anyway), and that’s not good enough. That being said, I keep looking forward to their new collections in the hopes it will be a FANTASTIC collection, or to look for those 1-2 unique, high quality items. The “Added Goodness” fluidline in the Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection was one of those items for me.
    It’s interesting, because it seems as though MAC is adopting the same business model as certain clothing companies with “fast fashion” – e.g. Forever 21. Excedpt I guess in this case it’s “fast makeup.” The quality isn’t the BEST, but passable (if that, for some of the MAC products that have been coming out!), and they churn out new things VERY frequently to keep buyers interested. I’d be curious to see a trending analysis of sorts to see if their strategy is working. 
    Personally though, given that they’re considered a higher-end (maybe more like mid-range, actually) brand, I would rather they focus on quality and innovation, than pushing out 17 different collections a year.

    • I rather see just 17 then the 50 some odd one they put out each year. lol Now some of the collection are new product lunches but with 2 to 5 collection coming out each month it adds up.

      • Jillian

        Haha I realize now 17 is actually an underestimate of how many collections they put out! Here I was, thinking 17 would be “exaggerated” enough for emphasis! You’re absolutely right – 17 was WAY too low :)

    • Kafka

      @Jillian, I think you said it really well and I *loved* your Forever 21 comparison. When I see photos of the MAC collections (never mind going to their actual makeup counter!), I get the same feeling of being overwhelmed and wanting to get away that I do when I go into Forever 21.  I never realised it until now! And I totally agree with you on the quality. Yesterday, I went with a long list of items I wanted to check out, including the Morange and Chestnut collections that I’d actually planned on buying, but also several blushes. After 40 minutes, I walked away with nothing.  Nothing seemed great (on me) or of particularly good quality.  At one point in my life, I bought endless MAC lipsticks; now, nothing even tempted me because even when the occasional colour was pretty, the texture or feel wasn’t great. I felt so badly because every time the poor MA mentioned a product, I preferred it from another brand.  

      • Jillian

        @Kafka I do the exact same thing with MAC these days. I want to be excited about these MAC collections so badly, that I convince myself prior to visiting a store that I’m going to buy a particular item, then when I finally get there I realize how *not* special it is.
        I think there’s maybe one item in the Hey Sailor collection I’m looking forward to, and it’s the nude lipliner (because I have yet to find one that I like!). Not much else there that I’m really excited about.

        •  @Kafka Actually out of all the product descriptor for the summer collection none temp me. It a big change from 2 years ago where the Spring/Summer collection at less had something I wanted to buy from.

        • Kafka

           @Ani_BEE  I can totally see that! :) Have you not bought something from them in 2 years? For me, until the (disappointing) St. Germain a few weeks ago, it was about 7 years! Until Christine’s blog, I’d actually totally blocked out or ignored MAC. A lot of it has to do the issues discussed here but, for me, the packaging also doesn’t help with the “not exciting, nothing special” factor.  I prefer to buy fewer things, sometimes pay a tiny more but actually feel, “WOW. This is fun/hip/exciting/stylish or [__fill in the blank__]!”

        • Kafka

           @Jillian, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who actually goes in with the plan to buy something but just isn’t excited. As for a nude lipliner, if it’s any help and if you don’t get the MAC one, I recently got the Armani Smooth Silk lip liner in #2 which is really great. It’s a nude-ish colour that is similar to MAC’s Spice but warmer, deeper, a little more pinky-orange. I think it’s called Hazelnut. Really silky and buttery, glides on and is long-lasting. Unfortunately, it’s not cheap ($26 for 1.14 g/0.04 oz).To be honest, it’s a lot more than I’d normally spend on a lipliner but they last a long time, cheap liners feather on me, and I plan on using this one almost as a nude lipstick at times because the colour is just so pretty! 

        • Jillian

          @Kafka Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll definitely look into that one! :)

  4. I’m in the minority.  I like having new stuff all the time.  Perhaps I have makeup ADD?

  5.  I voted that it’s too many because the quality isn’t there, but it doesn’t actually bother me – it’s not like I’m obligated to buy the collections or anything.  I would prefer fewer, higher quality collections, and I would probably end up buying more if they did that – but it’s really no skin off my back, there’s plenty of other makeup to buy!

  6. Caitlin Mary

    I don’t really care.  I usually only buy from one or two items from like one or two collections.  I have only bought from the naturally collection and the iris apfel collection.  three lipsticks and two eyeshadows…. waiting on the sailor themed one though 😀

  7. PatrickMorgan1

    I think they need to come out with less collections, most of them are hit and miss. And the colours and formulas that stand out, they should be in the permanent line like MAC’s kissapble lip colour and even adding more shades in their paint pot line (like some from the Posh Paradise collection). Also they need to rework some formulation in their permanent line as well. and enhance the quality of their brushes. And I say this as a MAC fan.

  8. Joanna

    i said yes only because the quality control has greatly suffered. it’s hard for THEM to keep up when it’s all about churning out the next item. i think MAC is doing the brand a disservice when they are more focused on putting out 03487932874 mediocre and quite frankly CRAPPY items them half the amount that’s really stellar

  9. MissDeeCanada

    I think they come out with too many.  I find that the quality or colours are sometimes not the best with these collections!  I would rather see them focus on colours in their regular line and repromote them so that we can find new uses for some!
    I think that they need to take more time into the collections!

  10. elsa

    If their products were always a hit, I wouldn’t mind. but when you risk buy a crappy product…maybe its time to slow down and produce higher quality products. Quality over quantity!

  11. Amy EM

    For the last couple years, the bigger problem for me is that I can never get accurate info on when the collections will be available, so I miss anything I really want. I tried emailing MAC to see what I could do about it and got back a condescending email about how their special collections were “marketing tools”.

  12. Monticka

    Yes! And the products are TOO limited!

  13. JJang_JJudy

    I totally agree, I mean I do really love their products especially if they come up with new formulas or completely different shades but it doesn’t have the same meaning it did a few years ago. Every collection seemed so special and there was that anticipation looking forward to seeing new collections and buying them but since there’s pretty much two or three collections being released at the same time lapse, it seems too much for me. Too many collections at once or in a year really takes away from the whole “special” experience and I don’t feel attached to buying the products any more than I used to.

  14. Kate

    The nonstop parade of collections is why I’ve more or less stopped buying and following MAC.  There are a few key products in their permanent line that I’ll  continue to purchase, but I don’t look there for new products anymore because the collections come out so often that quality suffers and the permanent range is neglected.


    Too many collections, lower quality, and way too limited.
    I fell in love with one shade from the Naturally Collection called A Perfect day lipstick. When I walked in I bought the last one. two weeks later i decided I wanted to stock up and i couldn’t find it anywhere, not even on their website and I had to order it from Ebay. That’s ridiculous. The line wasn’t even out for that long and when they sell out they keep the displays up in the stores and the website. It’s confusing. Don’t advertise it if you don’t have it.

  16. k

    Yes. I wish they’d focus on bigger, high-quality collections that last longer. Sometimes they sell out of stuff really fast (one of the WW collection lipsticks comes to mind) and then it gets pulled before they restock enough. I appreciate the variety they do but I really, really wish they’d instead scale back to less larger collections and maybe a few smaller celeb/collab/specialty collections instead.
    They also have a problem with they come out with a new thing,I’m excited, but then I see nothing I wanna buy. Which is a shame because I WANT to give them my money but a lot of the time it’s just lacking in that extra wow factor.

  17. mpca66

    I think MAC collections are fun .. there’s something for everyone. You don’t have to buy it all :-)

  18. waaaaay too many collections…every other week seems to have a new one.  i like variety but my goodness, slow it down and make it more widely available

  19. Jen

    Sometimes I skip collections entirely if it’s too much. Usually, the mass collections only have a few star products, and the rest are duds. I would rather they have a stellar comprehensive collection; where every piece is of good quality and they all go together. Now that’s a collection I would really buy (granted I like the all the colours). 
    Oh, and they need to make their stars permanent: Lollipop Loving, Scarlet Ibis, Party Parrot, Watch Me Simmer, etc.

  20. At first, I thought that the constantly refreshed collections were fun, but it’s gotten out of hand. I can’t even remember what all the upcoming collections are and the end result is that I don’t really care. I also find that limited collections sell out faster and faster, whereas with a lot of other brands, you have the time to think about what you want to purchase. I don’t like to feel bullied into purchasing something the day it comes out just because I’m afraid it’ll be gone forever if I don’t.

    • lauramarie100

       @Kate MacDonald Amen to that. You feel like you can’t even consider it for a day because they get such limited stock and then don’t replenish that you’ve got to get it that moment. I hate hearing “If you like that color I’ve only got one left, so get it now if you’re thinking about it.” It makes me want to stay away from all of their limited edition items to save myself the frustration.

  21. breyerchic04

    There are honestly enough regular permanent items, that I very rarely find myself looking for something limited.  If a color that comes out catches my eye, I grab it if I can, and am slightly sad that I can’t, but I don’t worry that there are too many.
    I am considering a purchase or two from the Fashion Sets collection, because I love the lipstick, so getting the same color in a gloss seems like a great idea.  

  22. Brian

    I’d have to say yes.  I enjoy how active they are but I feel like there’s too much and not enough effort in the quality department.  I still use the product but it feels more like a gimmick and because of that, I let my interests float off to other brands.  I’m impressed thus far with the quality from Shop MAC, Reel Sexy and Extra Dimension but I’ve only picked up one or two from each collection at the most.  There hasn’t been anything in a good while that was an absolute game-changer for me to where I feel like I NEED to get something.  Not to mention it is absolutely irritating that my MAC counter in Macy’s only carries less than a handful of LE product at a time and very rarely gets any more restock. 

  23. Icequeen81

    Im not into collections cause if it runs out u wont have ur fav again. I think is better to stay into permanent collection. and more basic and easy to mix colors

  24. mneiai

    It’s really hard to keep caring when there’s so many collections to keep track of, it’s exhausting.  Plus, since they make it so LE, by the time I remember a collection is out and look for it, usually the only thing(s) I was interested in is sold out.  I tend to stick with brands that appreciate me enough to let me buy their stuff.

  25. xamyx

    I really don’t care about the amount of collections they put out, but I would prefer they put more quantity of each product out, and for a longer period of time, at least online. I don’t even bother stopping by the MAC counter anymore, because if I see something on display, it may be permanently sold out. I go to my local mall at least once a week, and I walk in through Macy’s, and the MAC counter is right there, but I’ve had way too many disappointments to bother even looking anymore. I’m not one to chase down an item, either; I can’t be loyal to a company that doesn’t care if the loyal customer is satisfied. There are way too many brands out there that are at a comparable price point & quality. I was first attracted to MAC because of the colors, but I have since discovered NARS & UD, and MUFE is now more accessable. I also don’t care about special packaging, either, since I depot almost everything. Their name also infers they are a makeup artist brand, so why do they have a separate PRO collection, that is of superior quality? Why not make everything of the same caliber and make available everywhere? That says to me they aren’t selling cosmetics, but rather decorations for a vanity. I have some empty pots to B2M, but after that, I’m pretty much done with the brand.

  26. I only own 2-3 MAC items because I can’t afford to buy regularly from them, but even if I did have the financial means I really don’t like their business strategy of releasing like a hundred limited edition items every year while ignoring their permanent line.  I can only imagine how annoying it must get for an enthusiast when a shade sells out within hours.  This also promotes disgusting amounts of reselling on eBay, which is just repulsive to me in so many ways.

    • xamyx

      @rockrollglam I could not agree more. Besides, MAC could really step up their profit if, instead of paying 3-5x the retail price from some random person on ebay, one could just go t a counter, pay the sticker price, and possibly be persuaded to spend that saved money on more items.

    • xamyx

      @rockrollglam I could not agree more. Besides, MAC could really step up their profit if, instead of paying 3-5x the retail price from some random person on ebay, one could just go to a counter, pay the sticker price, and possibly be persuaded to spend that saved money on more items.

    • Lilly

       @rockrollglam I totally agree. I am a collector and it just pisses me off that sometimes shades sell out in just a couple hours. Why is this happening?. Are we really that sure that so many people have come over a MAC counter in half an hour to two hours and a lipstick or an MSF is already sold out?. This happened today to a girl who lives in the same area as me. The Reel Sexy collection was released today, and in just ONE HOUR, the shade “Heroine” was already gone. For real?. It also happened to me with the repromote of “Lightscapade” with the MAC for Fall collection. It was sold in a couple of hours… Or even minutes!!. How can this happen?. What is the number of items that they release per shade with each collection?. This is getting way too excessive, and you just can’t say “get over it, it is just makeup” when it is obvious that sometimes there is something more going on in places which aren’t supposed to have such humongous queues aligned in front of the counter or store awaiting for attention to get their beloved item…Also, what happens on eBay with some resellers is absolutely disgusting, hell yes!!. I’ve seen people buy a whole collection I don’t know how many times (which means that others who have been waiting for this event have already been put out of the way to obtain what they wanted to afford) to put it online on eBay and sell the stuff for sometimes three times the actual amount of money they bought it for. I’ve seen the Iris Apfel lipsticks go on eBay for about $50 the shade “Scarlet Ibis” and up to $85 (85 bucks!!!!) the shade “Pink Pigeon”. For real???!!!

  27. monique

    i think they do put out a lot of collections, but whether it is “too much” varies. I mean, if you don’t like their greed, dont buy. If you are going to be upset that your favorite lip gloss is limited edition, get over it, it’s just makeup. 

  28. Sarah

    It’s all about quality not quantity, something I think MAC is forgetting.

  29. kirsten

    My problem is that MAC puts out the most boring, basic collections over and over. The most exicting one has been the Chen Man collection, but it’s only ~okay as far as far as their collections go. They put too much out, repeat the same boring colours and the quality is too poor.

  30. Alexis

    I think the only reason people have problems with MAC coming out with collections is because they’re not as high quality as they could be. If they were as good quality as expected by MAC people wouldn’t have a problem.

  31. Maureen

    Of course they do, but I don’t understand why everyone has such a bad attitude about it!  I don’t want EVERYTHING MAC makes, and I still wouldn’t if there were less collections.  This way, there are more options… and I think it keeps MORE people happy, because it’s less likely that everyone’s going for the same exact item in each collection.

  32. I believe they’re lowing their quality in the collections choosing quantity over quality; which it feels almost like a robbery to me as a customer. That’s Why I don’t buy anything from a collection anymore

  33. I can’t keep up!! all my money goes to MAC!! I’m a good customer, so anytime my favorite MAC store gets a new collection, I get a call from the store and they ask me what I want so they put it aside for me, and thanks to that, I’m broke all the time!!!! 

  34. Adabear

    I am far more interested in following the releases of brands that only release new collections a few times a year. They’re more likely to contain high-quality products I don’t have dupes of, and they usually stay in stock long enough that I can take my time considering the purchase. It’s impossible to do this with MAC. I only bother with their LE items when they’ve been produced and distributed widely enough that I can wait for swatches and/or my next paycheck. A lot of their collections feel rushed and poorly thought out, and there’s no reason to get excited anymore, even with a collection that sounds intriguing, because more likely than not they’ll put out something subpar or nearly impossible to obtain. They neglect their permanent range, probably so they can keep rereleasing the same LE products in future collections. Even worse, they seem less inclined to take risks with their products. You can rely on every collection to contain some minor variant on the same old colors they always put out. It says something when Estee Lauder has become more likely to release something dynamic and interesting than MAC, and hell, Estee Lauder (and NARS, and Dior, and Illamsaqua) are far more likely to get my business as a result, even if they are somewhat more expensive.

  35. luckyelfie

    I think it’s just clever marketing.  If it’s limited edition, with a bunch of artificial hype around it, people think they need to buy it now instead of waiting.  I have been hemming and hawing about buying Satin Taupe, which I know I’ll love.  In the meantime I am embarassed to tell you how many stupid LE purchases I’ve made that sit at the back of my drawer.  No more.

  36. AnGeLwInGz

    I wouldn’t mind them putting out so many collections if they were all good quality but it seems like at least half the stuff is poor quality. Or they’re just dupes or near-dupes of the same color over and over. You label something as limited edition of course it’s gonna bring in more sales.

  37. Mariella

    It’s overkill and in releasing so many products that really are substandard, they are weakening their image for those of us who have purchased enough makeup (MAC and other brands) and done enough research to know duds when we see them.  As a consumer, I feel they’re unfairly manipulating us and, believe me, I fall for it plenty even though I like to think I’m a somewhat careful purchaser. I’d like it a lot better if they came out with maybe 4 seasonal collections and something for Christmas.  The fact that they’ll launch 3 collections in a week and then 2 more and then 2 more again all in the same month – quality is failing and a lot of us are becoming frustrated with being tempted into buying more and more and more….

  38. marina

    i suppose in the states people get crazy with the collections,in europe they don’t sell out so fast so i have more time to decide if i want something or not :)

  39. Viviane Nascimento


  40. Kelly Baker Dangzalan

    Yes. Seems like so many are gratuitous. Would rather see fewer collections of higher quality.

  41. Riley Bennett

    Definitely! It’s hard to keep up!

  42. Nikole LaBelle


  43. Joy Rothke


  44. Lashon Knight

    Yes, especially when you’re broke.

  45. Kelly Brown

    Yup, but we love them anyways :-)

  46. Tarshapopstar Mzsugahshutitdown Overbey

    Thats how they make their money and keep customers coming back.

  47. Megha Vipul Mittra

    And also when u don’t have a MAC where you live…its sad

  48. Michelle Luoma

    Haha yeah, but I like it because they keep giving free shipping code for every collection/artist favorite feature which is like every other day or so. 😀

  49. Yolanni Alejandra Reid

    Yes!… Matter of fact Hell Yes!

  50. Alexis Kowing Snooks

    I think so. At times they seem to be more focused on quantity rather than quality.

  51. Frances Duman

    Yes yes and yes

  52. Emily Duren

    They need more!

  53. Erika Vazquez

    Yes, I prefer few collections with better quality

  54. Sam Barber

    Way too many.

  55. Jen Herr

    YES. It seems like they do about 8-10 a season.

  56. Friday is Forever Blog

    Yeaaahhhhhh definitely, but sailor one is lush!

  57. Marie Kathryne

    Yes, it’s an overkill

  58. Michelle Jolivette

    Yes! It’s One of the reasons I abandoned the brand

  59. Kasey Goodwin

    Yes especially when it seems like the colors have nothing to do with the theme.

  60. Elizabeth Gibson

    Yes waaaaay too many!

  61. Day Gr

    Yes. I think much collections contains similar colours and products. In my opinion maybe come out every three months one collection would be better and the products could be more specials.

  62. Tiffany Barnes

    Omg and if its not one a month its 3 like 4real I love yall but not that much

  63. Shelley Weyand

    Yes!!! The quality has gone down with all the releases. 4 a year is perfect with for me.

  64. Samantha Ede Branislav Blatnicki


  65. Antonella Anger Bua

    mac is over rated?YES!

  66. Violetta Barberis


  67. Gina Glandorf Contrucci

    Yes. Its ridiculous. There is no thought in the process except how can we keep churning out lower quality m/u but still make people settle for it?

  68. Valerie Upton

    Yes. I don’t think the quality is very good like it has been in the past. I rather they come out with fewer collections and concentrate on a higher quality of product as in years past.

  69. Santacruz Celeste

    Too many!!!! Either they want to keep ripping people off or there are infinite amount of colors on earth and they want to add all of them to their makeup!

  70. Stephanie Hargis


  71. Becky Mercer

    I used to work for them, it’s a lot to learn and remember. And plus you have to wear a look created by Mac for 2 weeks after a launch, you don’t have free range to do whatever makeup looks you want :/

  72. Kem Horton

    Yes yes yes

  73. Leslyn Kinley


  74. Jennifer Yvette Ortega

    Yes its soo expensive to keep up

  75. Diana Cecilia

    Yes, so much so where collex aren’t that special anymore. Too many similar colors, too many of the same repromotes. Its turning me off quite a bit :(

  76. Lory Dodoo

    its quite annoying, by the time I find out about the collection, they are on to the next one and forced to buy it because you are afraid you wont see it again because its not apart of their permanent collection.. That is why I am all for NARS and INGLOT- no pressure

  77. Ana-Lisa Becerra

    Hell yes! I agree with Leslyn above – seasonal collections are classy (and more than enough)-no need for one every 5 minutes. I also hate how they constantly discontinue colors that I like. I do like the brand and I do have a nice amount of their products, but they aren’t all that. I don’t even buy much from them anymore. I have some favorites, but there are so many brands out there that are just as good, and even better than MAC.

  78. Erica Galione

    WAY WAY too many!!

  79. Susana Ramirez-Maya

    Yes and thats how we are addicted to MAC !!!

  80. Carla Bradford

    Absolutely!!! And I’m tired of it

  81. Kari Ramos Sullivan


  82. Stacy E Ferguson

    Maybe they’d piss their customers off less if they had fewer collections and made enough units of each one that I could actually get what I was looking forward to before it even came out. The Iris Apfel collection, being a most recent example. It just annoys me and if I can find a similar color from another company now, I just buy it because I may not get the MAC color I want anyway.

  83. Jessica Torres-Rodrigue

    Yes and the collections are not as great as they once were.

  84. Divya Srinivasan


  85. Tara McLaughlin

    yes i can’t even keep up with them or afford something from all of them-they need to slow their roll

  86. Lisa Pu

    MAC is the pushy car salesman of the makeup world. Some products are really good deals. Fair. Others are “Lemons” that look great in picture but perform really poorly. It’s hard to have time to fairly evaluate a product when you’re being pushed in all directions to buy it. Really appreciate you Christine for taking so much time to review everything. MAC is so tacky…

  87. Chanel Janae

    Yes,but in a good way…Keeps customers excited and coming back for more! M.A.C is the best:) Not exspensive at all compared to other brands and if u think so maybe u shouldn’t even be wearing any high end brand and stick to cheap horrible quality walmart brands!

  88. Luci Mari

    yes and the quality shows sometimes too

  89. Deidra Johnson

    Yes and No. They’re mixing it up and keeping it interesting, definitely a great way to keep interest. I guess I need to learn that its not the end of the world if I don’t have everything.

  90. LaTonya D. Powell

    Hell YEAH, can’t keep up with them, and to top it off most of them are limited edition!! :€ arrrrgh!!

  91. Rebecca

    Kind of… I think they put out enough product wise, but too much collection wise. I would rather three larger collections a year than all these little ones. I also don’t like that they release multiple collections at the same time! I do think they need to look at their definition of ‘collection’… Releasing a new formula doesn’t need a whole collection to surround it.

  92. Adelita

    Oh God, YES!!!
    M·A·C should prolong the interval between each collection of their limited edition so they can concentrate to improve the quality of its product, such as creating a better quad of eyeshadow (be good or be gone, quads!) or more moisturizing lip products (please remember your customer that have extremely dry lips and sensitive like us).
    Beside, I can’t keep up if there are so many collections! Even a beauty junkies have other needs besides hoarding makeup, you know? 😀

  93. Miss J

    I have been over MAC for a LONG time. I mean, I still use the brand and have products I love and repurchase, and I check out collections on this blog and online. I just tend to get overwhelmed with the new collections and give up, though. I used to be able to go to MAC on Saturday after a collection launched and all the items would still be available. Now, it seems like they get so few products in that the collection, or the popular items, sell out in moments. Not even hours, MOMENTS. For example, WMS Lipstick only had a stock of 2, and sold out at 10:01am at my MAC. I’m over it. It’s not fun when I don’t get time to think or have to be paranoid about when to call or place an order. It’s silly. They release far too many and far too often with quality on many products diminished, or they just repromote or repeat past themes. I would rather see fewer/less frequent collections that are LE OR make certain items permanent or at least make items limited life. I’m tired of the we’ll send five of this items and if you don’t call in the first minute, you’re fucked, *insert evil, menacing laugh.*

    • Brenda

      I could not have written this sentiment better myself!  This is EXACTLY how I have felt about MAC for the last two years. 

    • Diana123

      Definitely agree. MAC has basically become a manufacturing puppet, who cares less about the quality of their products. They are only interested in the number of items they can sell to consumers. OVER IT! I mean, I have my staples (everyone does), but seriously if something sells like mad, why not just make it permanent instead of LE?

  94. I love the collections they bring out but my bank balance just can’t keep up with it all so it’s disappointing to see things I’d like so often, but cannot afford to splash out a couple of hundred pounds for every collection!

  95. madeange

    Too many collections, very short availability also. Obnoxious combination. Some of us love makeup and are on a limited budget, you know! I can’t always afford to slap down a couple benjamins right away. By the time I am actually ready to purchase some of the items they’re long gone. They should make more and better products per collection. They’re gonna sell anyway.

    • Mariella

       @madeange Well said, madeange! There is such a limited quantity on some items – and they know that will create a frenzy so folks will buy while they can get their hands on the item.  It may, in a way, be good business but I think it’s a crummy way to treat consumers.

      • madeange

        @Mariella @madeange Exactly! I wanted that stupid Extra Dimensions Highlighter in superb but it sold out so quick… I’m pretty sure there’s plenty of girls out there that want it too!

  96. Nikki

    YES, and I’m not even a frequent buyer of MAC products (I only purchase the tinted lipglasses and lipsticks).  As a matter of fact, the recent MAC Fashion Sets collection is the first time that I have ever purchased anything from a collection.  The only reason I purchased products in this collection was because I had been planning to but many of these permanent lipsticks to begin with, while secretly wishing that they came in lipglass form instead (because I prefer gloss to lipstick).  When I saw three of the colors on my wishlist as glossy goodness, I couldn’t pass that up! =)  The only thing that could have made this purchase better for me was if they had included Up the Amp in gloss form…IT WOULD HAVE BEEN MY DREAM COME TRUE!  Anyway, I usually avoid these collections like the plague because they are filled with limited edition items.  It has always been a rule of mine not to buy limited edition products because I hate the idea of falling in love with a product, only to use it all and sulk because I can’t purchase it again (and I refuse to buy back ups for fear of wasting hard earned money)! 

    • madeange

      @Nikki Too true. It sucks! You have to stock up like it’s the Apocalypse on lim.ed. products.

  97. Viva Glam' Couturebaby

    I don’t think so

  98. Isela Sanchez-Mohammed

    That’s a definitely yes.

  99. Darlene Rainey

    Yes! As a result, their quality has really begun to deteriorate! :-(