Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Does eyeliner last on your water line? Or does it always disappear? What works?

Temptalia's AnswerSome eyeliners wear better than others; I have the best luck with creamy, slightly matte pencils over anything shimmery. MAC’s Chromagraphic Pencils do well on my water line in particular! But the length of wear definitely depends on just how watery my eyes are on a given day!

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70 thoughts on “Does eyeliner last on your water line?

  1. Rosie Posie

    Absolutely never and not! Sad face. :(

  2. Cora Zane

    Sadly, no. It lasts maybe five minutes then loses color. My eyes are too easily irritated and watery.

  3. Aida

    Out of all the pencils I’ve tried over the years, the Physicians’ Formula eyeliners last perfectly in my water line until I’m ready to remove them. They have fantastic staying power, great pigmentation (love the blacks in particular) and they’re so cheap.

  4. Veronica

    I can’t even get them to stay on my lower lash line for few hours without smudging. The waterline is just plain out of the question. 😛

    (I think my sister stole all of the waterline lasting powers. She’s been wearing it for years, and I’ve yet to ever see hers smudge!)

  5. Never, they either disappear into thin air or migrate to my lower lid. I’ve had the best luck using Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner set with black powder eyeshadow so far, but it’s too much work for my liking. (And I don’t look THAT great with my waterlines lined, boo for small eyes >: )

  6. Kelly

    Just my Sephora eyeliner I love it.

  7. Yin

    NOTHING stays on my waterline. :(

  8. 18thCenturyFox

    No.matter.what. No eyeliner will stay on my waterline. Additionally it closes up my eye, regardless of technique. But yeah- they alllll wash away..

  9. Nic

    MAC fluidline lasts very well on me – it’ll mostly stay put until I remove it (and it’s great for when I want to line just the upper waterline since it doesn’t transfer to my lower).

    The one chromagraphic pencil I have (NC15/NW20) usually stays on for a very long time too. Feline kohl power lasts reasonably well for me also, but it depends on how watery my eyes are that day – sometimes I need to touch it up, sometimes I don’t.

    Regular MAC eye kohls don’t stay on my waterline at all. Neither do Urban Decay 24/7 pencils (with the exception of Yeyo, which lasts very well for me).

  10. JQ

    I don’t usually line my water line, but I did use a Pearlglide liner from MAC the other day and it stayed perfectly for me. Kinda made me want to do it more often! Except that it irritated my eyes a bit :(

  11. JH

    They usually don’t, but I’ve recently found a very, very good one. The Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliners are both fantastic and cheap. They don’t budge!

  12. Saga

    I haven’t found a liner that would last on my water line… :( Dior’s waterproof eyeliner has been the best so far, lasting around 2 hours.

  13. sabrina

    NO. Period.

  14. Mary Ann

    Urban Decay 24/7 and Tarina Tarantino are GREAT,

  15. Vicky

    No, it always dissapear or it runs on my lower lid, I am so curious to read other peoples reccomendations because it really gets on my nerves.

  16. Anne

    I have a very watery… waterline, so anything a bit creamy fades within a couple of hours. I’ve had the best luck so far with Chanel Le Stylo eyepencils- they’re good to very good, but not excellent. I’m still pretty happy with them, even more so as I don’t mind the harder texture at all, but I see why that might be a problem for some.

  17. artemis

    no!!! and i hate it because i am obsessed with that look! i have to reapply it every 50 mins…

  18. t_zwiggy

    Nope. My eyes get watery very easily especially in the winter when the temperatures creeps way below zero and there’s cold wind. It always disappears completely from the inner and outer corners. When I stay inside it can last a few hours, but it really depends on the liner. UD 24/7 liners don’t even stick to my waterline, it’s too wet/moist and the liner is too waxy. I’ve had best luck with bareMinerals Round the Clock, Stila Smudge Stick and Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier.

  19. Shea Simanek

    Using eyeshadow as liner on my waterline seems to stay better than any pencil I have ever used. Though Tarte’s shadow sticks also stay stuck pretty well.

  20. Zainab

    Nothing stays pristine, but Urban Decay Zero and Rimmel Scandaleyes black hold up pretty well. I love the look of black eyeliner on people- men, women, old, young, it makes everyone look good.

  21. LK

    I love UD pencils but they don’t last on my water line at all :( I agree, MAC’s Chromagraphic Pencils are really powerful, I use nc 15 (?), I must try other colors now :)

  22. kellilee

    I must have the wettest eyes ever, because I can’t get any eyeliner to stay on my waterline for more than a few minutes. I’ve tried setting it with eyeshadows and that doesn’t help. I’ve finally just given up on it.

  23. Nope, just about never! I only have that problem with my lower waterline though. My upper waterline doesn’t tend to cause trouble. I’m on the hunt for an eyeliner that will finally last, so I’m going to follow the replies to this post like a bloodhound!

  24. Nope! Not at all. It’s either completely gone, or very close to completely gone in an hour. D; I’ve been trying to find a matte black eyeliner that stays, but to no avail. D;

  25. I apply MAC’s fluidline cream liner with an angled brush and it works well. Or, if I’m in a hurry I’ll use L’Oreal HIP Chrome Pencil Eyeliner in Black Shock. Works for me.

  26. Rina

    Urban Decay’s Perversion usually lasts longer than anything else, but I’ve started to just use Maybelline’s gel eyeliner and set it with Urban Decay’s Blackout.

  27. Anna

    Eyeliners hardly stay on my eye (tried UD 24/7 and fluidline. Doesn’t work). Needless to say I gave up putting on my waterline… :(

  28. Aria

    I don’t think anything can stay on the waterline for a super long amount of time. That being said, the Stila Smudgestick in Stingray stays better than any other pencil I’ve tried. Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencils are good too, though it depends on the color. Zero stays really well, but some of the shimmery ones refuse to even show up let alone stay on.

  29. Jenni

    Yes! Nars Longer Than Life stay all day. Sephora Jumbo Waterproof pencils last a long time too. So do the Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes pencils.

  30. Carey

    I actually just figured out that MAC pearl glides work on my water line…nothing else ever has. It lasted 12 hrs at work, and even through a nap on a nightshift break! I love it, it really makes my eyes pop :)

  31. Jo

    I thought I was an anomaly. It always ends up on the outer corners of my eyes and gel liner on top smudges down and joins it there :( Normally it wears down to the lower lash line if I’m careful and doesn’t look too messy

  32. marion

    Mally and Bare Mineral eyeliners last all day. Yes,even in the waterline.Love, love, love :)

  33. Shay

    The best luck I’ve had is using a liner with a tacky consistency [even cheap pencils like Jordana] set with powder. I have to set with powder or else it goes away within the first half hour.

  34. beka

    Trish McEvoy’s gel eyeliner pencil in black stays the best for me. It stays really black for most of the day. The only problem is that i wear contacts and the two don’t go well together. If you don’t wear contacts, I highly recommend this for the waterline. There are only three colors of this pencil though. The black is fantastic, the aubergine doesn’t really show up on my waterline, and the blue (arabian nights) is gorgeous. it stays on my waterline for a few hours, but not as well as the black. Needless to say, I’m still looking for something that will stay put and not bug my contacts. I’ve tried UD 24/7 (gathers in outer corners), maybelline, dior, sephora waterproof kohl, bare minerals, Nars larger than life (barely shows up/doesn’t last) and guerlain loose kohl in blue(fades nicely to the lower lash line, doesn’t smudge on the lid, so i might try the black just to see if it sticks a little better). has anyone had any luck with the armani waterproof pencil?

    • hawaii girl

      I have contacts and use Wet and Wild Mega Eyes Creme eyeliner in black, the one in the little pot with the brush. It last forever, I’ve even had it last 24 hours and it never bothers my eyes or my contacts. And its so cheap, about $3!!

  35. Anne

    All Rimmel waterproof liners stay the longest on me! So cheap! I used to use Lancome Le stylo but I realize it’s not really worth the extra price!

  36. Heather

    Nope. I have a very hard time wearing eyeliner on my waterline or lower lid. I end up looking like a zombie. It looks great on other people, but is definitely not a look I can pull off!

  37. Amy

    UD 24/7 works great for me- especially when topped off with an powder eyeshadow. I’ve also had pretty good luck with Physicians Formula (I have the nude trio- great deep black).

  38. Stacey

    No, and with contacts…not a good thing.

  39. Tyler

    Depends on the formula. The Chanel and nars (larger than life) waterproof liners do. They all wear off faster on the outer corner though.

  40. Not really. The only thing that has lasted was when a Laura Mercier makeup artist used the Tightliner cake liner on my eyes, it last for a few hours, when I usually only get maybe one since my eyes are so watery from allergies.

  41. With my watery eyes: Never! :(

  42. Kendra

    Stila eye kajal in onyx is my favorite to use on the waterline…I liked UD’s perversion also, but it smeared all over my contacts :/

  43. Great post! I have a lot of trouble keeping eyeliner in the waterline for my eyes. Maybe they are too watery?

  44. Sarah

    Milani Liquif’eye works best for me as far as pencils go. UD 24/7s don’t last. MAC smolder just makes a mess. I prefer gels on my waterline–I have two by L’Oreal (a HIP and an Infalliable) and they both work well, especially on my top waterline.

  45. Tinose

    The list of those that disappear after a few hours is shorter than the list of those that last all day for me.

    I have dry eyes to the point of it being a minor medical issue, though, so that’s both why it does and why I’m not supposed to do it. Alas!

  46. rena

    I line my lower waterline with MAC Fluidline and top it with Guerlain powder khol. This last a few hours and I would just reapply with the Guerlain powder. A bit messy but it works.

  47. An

    I used to think that my eyes were too often watery. But lately, I’ve been wearing Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner in Nude on my waterline and it has lasted decently well. And my eyes didn’t seem that watery.

    I don’t have many eyeliners for my waterline, but I like this one a lot. It’s creamy and matte and easy to apply. It fades towards the end of the day, but I can still see touches of it.

  48. Kristen

    Nope. I have not found anything that lasts longer then two hours. The best thing I’ve found is Stila Sting Ray. My mother, however, can put anything on her waterline and she still looks like Capt. Jack Sparrow the next day! Nothing comes OFF of her LOL.

  49. 18thCenturyFox

    I don’t get too squeamish about many things, and it’s probably because my eyes are SO sensitive but the idea of putting gel/ pencil liner and then powder on top of the waterline is making me nauseous. Maybe it’s because I’ve had eye infections before that I feel so vulnerable, but I’m doing the mental equivalent of a guy crossing his legs when he sees another guy getting kicked in the groin. Yoinks! Plus I think about providing more fodder for eyelash mites. Sorry for turning my neurosis lose :(

    • Kelly B.

      Ditto…except I’ve never even heard of eyelash mites, thanks :O I’ve damn near blinded myself putting pencil on waterline and don’t understand how powder doesn’t get tiny particles in the eye. Cake or gel liner just sounds painful and if you’re lucky enough to have it last…is it brutal to remove? Another area I’m clueless.

  50. Quinctia

    Kohl powder is the only thing that works for me!

  51. Liz

    None stay on that long, but I’ve had better luck with some of the Urban Decay 24/7 liners. It does help if I run a q-tip along the waterline right before applying. Sometimes I’ve tried setting with a powder shadow over it, but the little shadow bits get stuck in my eye.

  52. Susan Nevling

    My UD pencils stay if my eyes aren’t watery from allergies. I have so many of those, that I really haven’t tried anything else. The person who said she did not do her waterline with contacts is correct. I wear glasses tho.

  53. Machostage

    Urban Decay’s, yes!

  54. linda

    no no no and it’s my biggest gripe with my make up.

  55. xamyx

    Back in the 80s, we would use those short Maybelline pencils with the red casing, and melt the tip with a lighter. Unfortunately, we learned that wasn’t the safest method, but it stayed on until we took it off. Now I just use L’Oreal pencils, any of them, and they work for me. Lancôme also had a powder pencil (I’m not sure if it still exists), and that worked pretty well. UD 24/7 pencils are just useless for me…

    • Jessica

      Yes the red Maybelline eyeliner. I was gonna mention those. I stopped using them also because I was concerned about their safety. I haven’t found one that will last since, but there sounds like some really cool ones to try on here.

  56. Pris

    Japanese liquid eyeliners have exceptional staying power on my waterline and my eyes do tear easily. Try K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo lasting eyeliner or Sana Power Style liquid eyeliner. They lasts till I am ready to remove my makeup, esp. Sana power style that could even last through a swim session test.

  57. Nope, it lasts about a half hour. It always fades from my outside corner inward immediately…I never thought I had watery eyes but apparently my water line is! I used to never mind, but now I got the Rimmel nude inner rim liner and want to wear it :( love that look, wish it worked

  58. Leenie

    No the only way I get my eyeliner to stay for a long period of time is, I have to use a black eyeshadow over my black eyeliner if I didn’t do this my eyeliner would only last an hour or two.

  59. Laurel

    Too faced pencils and the maybelline master drama last the longest for me!

  60. Kim

    i use all of th Milani Liquif’eye metallic eye liner pencils and have no problems. It is kind of scary because I tested them and i did not wash under my eye area and it lasted well over three days. There was some smudging but after I wiped that off it looked like I had applied new eyeliner.

  61. I really like Make up For Ever’s Aqua Eyes, they last all day in my water line!

  62. London

    I have VERY watery eyes….all year long. I’ve finally found one that works all day despite my watery eyes. Prestige Waterproof Eye Pencil is the best I’ve tried so far. It’s cheap and can be found at just about any drug store. I would’ve never guessed that a drug store brand could last longer than the designer brands. Especially Urban Decay.

  63. Jessica

    I’ve had good luck with Sephora’s waterproof cream eyeliner (the one in the pot) and the jumbo waterproof pencil in Taupe. Tarte’s Amazonian clay eyeliner was great too. Another eyeliner I’ve had luck with lately is Revlon waterproof pencil in black. I haven’t tried it on my water line though…

  64. Marissa D.

    a few last impressively (although all eventually leave some smudginess below), mainly Revlon Colorstay, Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner, and Marcelle waterproof eyeliner (Canadian brand).

  65. Angelika

    Yes my eyeliner stays on my waterline all day! I am very lucky and I am thankful because my best friend has really sensitive eyes and her waterline will not hold any eyeliner. It completes my look and I NEVER leave the house without some eyeliner. I have really big eyes and long lashes so I think liner on my waterline compliments my eyes because I always put on 10 pounds of mascara. I use a gel liner though because pencil usually smears.

  66. TwirlyGirly

    None of them do, and for years I thought the fault lay in the liners themselves, so I spent a lot of money buying up every liner I could find, in the hope of one day finding a liner that would stay on my waterline for more than 30 minutes.

    Then one day while at my opthamologist (yearly eye exam for contacts), I asked why my contact lenses always got all cloudy and had to be replaced whenever I cried. She said that was quite unusual – that most people find their tears cleanse their contacts. She told me I must have “oily” tears, and the cloudiness on my contacts was probably caused by the oily residue deposited on them when I cried.

    I also have to change my contacts more frequently, because even if I haven’t been crying, they develop that cloudy film after about a week or so of wear.

    SO…if you’re one of those folks who can’t seem to find ANY liner that will stay put on your waterline, you may have the “oily” tears issue as well. It makes sense when you think about it – “waterproof” liners are made to dissolve when they come in contact with makeup removers that are oil-based. Non-waterproof liners dissolve with water-based removers. So, if your tears are “oily,” neither waterproof OR non-waterproof liners are going to stay on your waterline.