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The hype definitely makes me take a second look at the product but I usually end up getting it, I’m a sucker! Unless it totally sucks haha

Absolutely! If its super hyped up I feel like I NEED to have it, just to say its mine. Too bad I’m super broke, and MACs To The Beach is out soon 🙁

The hype definately pulls me in! But I’m never one to break the bank just to say I own the WHOLE collection. If I know I will never wear something, I won’t buy it. But because of the hype, I might splurge on everything in my comfort zone that I wouldn’t normally get. =]

After I got NARS Orgasm Blush (don’t get me wrong I love it but don’t know why its sooooo amazing) – I’m very cautious. So no I don’t tend to get sucked in!

I like to try things beforehand and question if I’ll actually use it!

It tells me what to look at, but I usually wait for swatches. If it’s far enough from anything else I have or a perfect version of something I have been looking for, I’ll buy it for sure! I don’t just buy things sight unseen, though…

I’ll check it out… But with make-up I always de-pot, de-tube and de-stick so much of it that packaging isn’t a concern at all (I back-to-mac all of my LE/Special packaging – the MAC I’m near will take it).

Hype gets my attention, but it has to be hype about how amazing a product is, not how cute it looks. I’d much rather have a line-up of new Reflects Glitters (how about black or emerald green or an actual true blue?) than a Seahorse in a compact…

Poor imprissoned seahorse 🙁 lol

It makes me wanna see what the hypes about but they usually end up disappointing, once in a while though I can agree with some stuff 🙂

Depends on the brand for me. It is it brand I dislike or don’t really care for, it won’t phase me. But if it is a brand I like such as Chanel then I’ll have to check it out! 🙂

I’m pretty good at resisting that kind of thing. I’m very strict with my makeup budget so I can’t afford to buy things that don’t work 100% for me. Although hype might make me look long and hard at a product (e.g. Nars Sheer Glow) I’ll only buy it if I’m convinced its a must have for me (which Sheer Glow isn’t).

Marine Life has already sold out online here in the UK and my local store only has a couple left – they only arrived in store yesterday so that means they sold out in 1 day.

Me, I just don’t get it. I have several coral blushes already and the packaging and overspray just don’t appeal to me. Each to their own though.

i do get sucked in but i do a bit of research on the ingredients, whether it is tested on animals etc. my bug bear is when sales assistants try and sell me stuff that i know isnt as good as they say and they don’t want to hear no for an answer

The hype will absolutely get me in the store, but if I don’t like it, I won’t buy it, simple as that.

It used too….Really bad…But after constantly buying products, spending tons of money on things that the world claims to love and I always hated or simply thought was just okay if that…I got over it quickly…..Hype can make you go broke and make you buy things that you probably already have something similar if not almost exact in your collection. I say look for yourself, try on for yourself and don’t get caught up in the “Must Haves” Because after all it is just makeup…are there really any “Must Haves” or are they just “Nice to Haves” I still get tempted over the hype….But I don’t rush out and buy anymore ….I think over my purchases more carefully these days.

50/50. Some MAC ad campaigns really grab me and I end up buying A LOT of items in the collection, but others, I’m just meh…

Other collections that usually grab me are Shiseido and MUFE.

I’m getting better though at resisting!

I get totally sucked into hype. I buy colors & products I know I will never use but must have cause everyone else says they’re amazing. lol, its pretty sad

I know what I will and will not use. If a product (or line of products) is worth all the buzz, I’ll surely check it out. Look at how popular MAC’s Hello Kitty collection STILL is. People resell products from the line for $30-$50. A LE Mineralize Skinfinish will easily sell for $40, if it’s new. I’ll admit, MAC is my crack. I shop from All Cosmetics Wholesale all the time for LE MAC stuff. As for NARS Orgasm, I think it’s great and all, but not enough people know how much better Deep Throat is! I hate saying that… makes me feel like I’m saying something very wrong… lol

Yes — especially the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette. I am so sad I spent so much money on it. The colors have waaaay to much fallout and I rarely use it. I am trying not to get caught up in the hype of new releases and limited edition.

Guilty as charged, lol! Although I have to add I haven’t bought anything (because of the hype) that I didn’t like myself, Ripe Peach, Marine Life, Stereo Rose, etc. I just tend to try and buy them as soon as possible, so I don’t miss out because of the hype. 😉

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