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It doesn’t change what I purchase, but it can change WHEN I purchase.
I’ll often stock up on my Estee Lauder moisturizer at xmas time when I can get some free gifts with it.

Exactly! I have a few regular products from many brands along with new products I’m interested in. I often wait to buy them until there’s a GWP.

I’ve found a few great products that I never would have thought to try in GWPs.

Yes and no, if it’s a nice gift and I already wanted or needed something from the brand then yes but if I don’t need or want anything or the gift is something I won’t use then it won’t push me into buying.

I am an absolute sucker for GWPs, so they absolutely do work on me. I do find myself buying more than I would otherwise, just to meet the minimum limit and get the free gift. I used to go insane with buying stuff just to get them, but now that my makeup and skincare collection has grown to “I’m not gonna be able to use all of this!” I am much pickier. Now it’s like, I’m running low on a Clinique moisturizer, so I might as well buy it from a vendor with a GWP instead of one that doesn’t.

My husband is absolutely baffled at the concept of GWPs: “Don’t they lose massive amounts of money giving away stuff for free?” But I do buy more, and I give money to that vendor, and I occasionally get a sample that’s so great that I return for a full size. Plus, I develop positive associations with that brand. =)

I’ve actually never made a GWP purchase before since I’ve never really paid attention to them xP from what I remember of them, they’re always in cheaper packaging, look like they have less quality, and oftentimes include products I don’t even use or like.

However, if I were to ever, I would only if I wanted to actually purchase something from that brand! So I guess a GWP offer doesn’t push me to purchase 🙂

I would not say they push me to purchase, but I do tend to wait to repurchase my favorite products from brands I know do good GWPs often, like Clinique and Estee Lauder. I absolute LOVE the bags, and I have found new favorite products in the samples from time to time, so its a win-win for me.

depends on what it is really. If it’s a cosmetic item/minis/delux samples: probably not. If it’s a super crazy amazing deal (5 free full size lipsticks with any purchase) I’ll probably go for it. With bags I see if I can use the bag, and if I like it. Paul & Joe have the nicest gwps.

Oh, one more thing, unless it’s a bag and I can clearly see that the quality is good, I really don’t care about GWPs from drugstore/cheap brands. Whatever extra make up you’d get is usually cheap enough to warrant an impulse purchase.

Yes.Yes.Yes. I love GWP especially Estee Lauder and Clarins. When I need one of their products, I go for the GWP. I dont get all of the GWP, only when I see something I like in the bag. And the rest, what I dont like, I immediately give it away….especially the Estee lipsticks…because those frosty pinks dont go with my skin tone.

i’m always tempted too because it does seem like very god deal, but i tell myself that i’m never going to use all the products. Lancome always does this and the only i end up using is the makeup remover, which is quite amazing. honestly, i don’t even think the freebie products compare, it might just be my imagination, but my mini lancome palettes that came free have very poor pigmentation.

I think I would be tempted if there was a product I really wanted to begin with from the brand, or there’s something in the GWP that I really wanted. in reality, I’ve never really bought anything for the GWP, simply because usually, it involves spending more money than you actually need to for the products you want. For example, I’ve noticed that for certain companies, they might have a “GWP when you spend over $35” promotion, but there’s no way you can pick products and spend around $35. You always have to go way over.

For me, it really will push me into buying, especially if I’m on the edge already. The Neiman Marcus/ Saks GWP for Guerlain was awesome. I picked it up since I was buying a bunch of items anyway. And it was during NM’s beauty event so I got another GWP ontop of all that (bagillions of minis!!). I’ve been trying the little minis for all the face and makeup stuff but not the hair stuff. I got a box of Sephora GWP samples a couple months back but haven’t touched a ton of it. But it had a sample of Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I was super impressed! That stuff is nearly waterproof! I can’t get it off! So yes, the samples (if there are enough of them that are good) will put me over the purchasing ledge, so to speak.

It did when I was first starting out in makeup, now not so much. Off topic: Christine…what foundation are you waring in the “I say” photo? It looks great!

I have fond high school memories of Clinique GWP week when my friends and I would skip classes and drive to every Clinique counter within 50 miles (each counter would have a different GWP). We’d go out to lunch along the way and at the end of the day sit down with our many GWPs and swap products back and forth (I usually ended up with ALL of the moisturizers because I was the only one who liked it! LOL)

So I will buy into the GWP now and then… Mostly because it reminds me of those times. GWPs put me in a goofy mood.

Yes and No. I don’t end up purchasing more than I would just to get the GWP but I save my major purchases in order to get the GWP that I want. However, I only usually buy Estee Lauder GWP at holiday times. I purchase the perfumes that my Mother and Daughter like from them (I don’t wear EL perfumes) and then I get the holiday GWP 🙂

Maybe I will end up buing more just to get the gwp if this gift is something I really want or something I would buy anyways.

I love GWP. I prefer the ones that have a variety of brands like Nordstrom or Beauty.com. Whenever I see one of these I always buy enough stuff to get the gift. I dont use alot of Lancome or Clinique but if I ever do want something from those lines I would not buy it unless it had a GWP because they’re always having a GWP at one of the stores.

I love GWPs and use them when I travel. I usually buy essential things (like skincare items) during promotion time.

I will sometimes buy more than I’d planned just to qualify for the gift but it’s always something I either need or have been wanting to try and would buy anyway. Clarins is having their GWP next week (with the one here, you just need to purchase any 2 products, one of which is skin care) and I’m buying I lipstick I might have waited to buy but would have bought anyway, just so I can qualify for the gift.

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