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A couple of my friends do, I think, maybe. I can usually talk one into going to Sephora or wherever with me, and I have a long-distance friend I send swatch pictures and haul pictures and things. But mostly my friends remain puzzled and almost…wary? Like “Don’t get too close to me I might catch it”?

They do in regards to it being something I’m into, but in terms of the actual “thing” being makeup and beauty, I don’t think they can relate. While they get that it’s a part of who I am, even my friends who wear it do so to a minimal/basic extent, where for me, it really is an integral part of my overall aesthetic, and I don’t feel completely dressed without it (I do go without it sometimes, though, so it’s not like I *need* to wear it-I just keep my clothes very simple if I don’t have time to apply a full look).

Interesting question! It’s funny b/c I used to NOT wear makeup in college and I just believed in being au natural. When I began to work more I started wearing more makeup and suddenly it became full on obsession. It wasn’t just about the eyes, the face, lips etc. It was just me wanting to look good and feel good (make myself appear more lively!) I visited an old college friend last summer and she was surprised that I’m so heavily into beauty related things. Her first reaction was shock and a bit of disgust? She asked me why am I interested in it, why do I need it etc. Then she told me she doesn’t wear makeup to work and that I don’t need it either but she said it in like a total turn off type of tone. Not a “you already look nice, no need for the makeup” type of tone. I was really sad but I still wear makeup. I used to be turned off by it, thought it was a nuisance but now I love it and I still love it despite what she says.

I’ve always worn makeup but just recently became more interested in trying more products. They don’t care either way. Some spend a lot on pc games and others go.out to eat all the time. I like to spend money on makeup and other things. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed, yet. 🙂

To an extent. They know I love make up but don’t understand why I need so much of it. However, thanks to this blog, many others, YouTube and a lot of freetime, I can recommend products to just about anyone.. my friends don’t seem to mind that lol

I am definitely alone in my obsession-I ooh and aah all by myself!-that is why I have immersed myself in the wonderful online beauty community !

No way, they refuse to go near a Sephora with me because I never leave! And they say “you don’t need that, don’t buy it, you already have so much!” And it’s funny because I actually have a tiny collection!

Aha, I don’t think my friends and family quite know it either. I am rather tomboyish in nature and when I wear make-up, I certainly am not shy with bold, bright colors. Sometimes rather dramatic. 😉

I think only my older sister truly understands because she has an even larger collection than me! Everyone else thinks it’s interesting that I’m so into makeup, but are a little taken aback when they glimpse enormity of my collection and knowledge of makeup brands, haha.

No I don’t think my friends get it. But that’s okay. I have a few things I’m a geek about 1. literature – that’s why I majored in english. 2. old movies from the 40’s especially film noir. 3. makeup. It’s just who I am and those that know me love me anyway. I accept others geekishness fully too.

No, most of them don’t in the slightest! Most of my friends and family are 2 eyeshadows, 1 foundation and ‘what on earth is highlighter?’ kinda people. I offered my sister 3 blushes that I don’t use the other week and she wondered why I had 3 in the first place! So they never really understand when I buy expensive make up and I’m pretty sure they think I’m crazy for having a stash the size of mine (though I’m sure my stash is tiny compared to some of the people’s on here!).

Friends: no. Famiily: yes (well, for the most part). My mom was always into makeup, so I grew up with it. I also have a cousin, who like me, is obsessed with collecting beauty products. But as far as friends go, my friends either don’t wear makeup or keep it fairly minimal.

That happend to me too. Although she wear foundation on a daily bases and simple looks where as I just fave fun on the weekend and events. She’s coming to me on advise for product and techniques now. lol

My best friend knows that every time we go shopping I will purchase makeup as opposed to clothes.She’s used to it by now.

No they don’t. At all. Like, most of them don’t even have basic knowledge. They use Mascara (usually whatever Mascara didn’t make their eyes water and it nice and cheap) and some powder, if they tend to get shiny. The only exception is going out. But frankly, their eyemakeup oftentimes is rather poorly done and as far as I know most have only one or two eyeshadows in their collection. That being said, I am a teenager (19) and so are my friends. And I think it’s pretty common amongst teenager to not know much about makeup and use very little.
Which is a good thing. It would be weird if every 13-14 year old girl would wear a full face makeup, right? That wouln’t seem right, some how. And I don’t see anything wrong in letting your skin breathe and showing your natural beauty. I just happen to love makeup and be obsessed. That does not mean everyone has to do the same.
So they don’t understand and they don’t have to. 🙂

Nope not at all. No one really gets it. They don’t understand why I need so much or why I pay so much for some. I think others get that it is something I really enjoy, but don’t totally understand why I spend 40-50 dollars on foundation, or need 100’s of shades of eyeshadow and lipstick.

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