Monday, February 14th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Do you wear really dramatic/colorful looks? If so, where?

Temptalia's AnswerPretty much anywhere as long as it’s not inappropriate (like a job interview, ha!), but generally just hanging out with friends or going out to eat!

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54 thoughts on “Do you wear really dramatic/colorful looks?

  1. Jess

    I do…I enjoy making my eyes dramatic, even if I am at home…

  2. ChristineD

    I used to be strickly neutrals (I have brown hair and eyes) and thought I wasnt supposed to wear anything bright but I ahve since learned I can get away with pretty much anything. I am starting to use colour alot more now, my favorites are any kind of teal which looks great with my eyes and hair.

  3. Peggy M

    When going out i always opt for a coloured smokey eye.
    My favorite youtube guru for colourful looks is Julieg17.
    Her bright turgoise look is one of my favorites!!!


  4. Rebecca

    I love to! :-) also for uni =)

  5. Marian

    I used to wear bright looks all the time, now that I’m older(28) I’ve been doing lots of neutrals =/

  6. That’s basically all I wear. I hardly ever do neutral looks and only own one or two shades to work with when I do, haha.

  7. xMissxAndristx

    Yes, almost always, unless it’s an inappropriate situation. Sadly, even tho I use primer and makeup remover daily, my lids are starting to look tea-stained from all the pigment. It is kind of funny tho, because you can see the only part of my upper lid that isn’t stained is where i apply highlight. Luckily i wear glasses tho, and it makes it less noticable (i think).

    • Jasmine

      Well, luckily it’s probably only your epidermis which has pigment on it, and that will replace itself in 2 to 4 weeks, so if you left it alone I’m sure it will return to normal. Also, it may not by the pigment, but the skin could be thickening there due to makeup application and removal (just a thought) or it could be melasma (which is generally caused by hormones and it’s not serious at all)

      Well, whatever it is, I hope it clears up by itself!

      • xMissxAndristx

        hey thanks! i googled it, but all i could find was stuff telling me to use makeup remover and use primer. i think it is just pigment, since the area where i apply highlight (my highlight brush is actually the least soft of my brushes) isn’t stained. i’ve been avoiding eyemakeup since i noticed (only been about 3 days)… but since i look at it so often, i don’t know if it’s changed at all.

        but for real, thank you!

        • Jasmine

          No problem! I guess you could try using a different primer or eye makeup remover (one at a time) and seeing if the pigment lightens.. Kinda like a science experiment :)
          And yeah, it would definitely be hard to see if the color has lightened.

  8. candice

    never, i love neutrals and i dont like looking very made up. i prefer enhancing my features more naturally. but i still enjoy watching others do dramatic/colorful looks!

  9. P

    Nvever really bold and colorful… Only neutral or regular smoky looks.

  10. Alexis

    I love color. That’s what I started with when I first started wearing makeup.

  11. Rosanna

    Yes! I think art school is little more forgiving than other post-secondary institutions. So I don’t mind wearing those to school. :)

  12. Dara

    If I’m bored at home I will play around with dramatic looks. I’m mostly at school though so I don’t wear too much. If I’m going out I will do a really smokey eye or bright eyeshadow.

  13. Kaylee

    Yes! I rock dramatic & brights just about everywhere 60% of the time (even to work – and I’m Certified Veterinary Technician. My boss & co-workers enjoy it! Which is nice, because it’s the only way I can show my style & personality even when I’m wearing boring scrubs).

    I switch it up a lot, but my two favorite color combos are:

    *MUFE iridescent acid green 171 & MUFE Iridescent Lagoon green 168 applied opaquely to the lid with a dark forest green to the outer v & into the crease with some of 168. And I like to apply MAC chrome yellow or MAC off the page (or both) lightly to blend out the crease. Usually I like a matte highlight, but I use MAC’s ricepaper.

    *MAC chrome yellow & electric eel w/ aquadisiac applied overtop in between to blend the aforementioned colors. (kuuipo on youtube has a great tutorial). Also like ricepaper as a highlight with this too for some reason. IT JUST WORKS!

  14. I love doing a bright lip but I hate having to reapply and monitor how it’s looking. I’ve just discovered bright lip stains with lip balm on top — I can now enjoy the bright colour without the upkeep! So far I like tokidoki’s (discontinued) Fantastico lip stains. I may try Josie Maran’s or Tarte’s.

    I’m also just getting into bright liquid eyeliners. Bought a brilliantly purple Sephora liquid eyeliner today (their newest formulation of their Long-Lasting Eye Liners, in “Fancy Violet”). I love a little pop of colour on my eyes, too! And it doesn’t seem to crease up on me, at least for a few hours — As long as I don’t rub my eyes. AND they’re reasonably priced! Christine, you ought to try then!

    Not big on smudgy or smokey looks. Asian eyes = creasing and raccoon eyes, even with UDPP.

  15. ak

    Yes. Because I can’t always be beholden to neutral/nude Nazism! LOL LOL I love smokey eyes too muuch to just keep it natural all the time. And people love when I wear either red, or raspberry colored lipstick too.

  16. I mostly wear colorful Looks in my free time or when I meet my family & friends.

  17. Yeah, I do, even though I’m a stay at home mum and often only go to the school and the supermarket. Who cares?! I love having fun with colour. πŸ˜€

  18. Katharine

    I don’t, but would love to experiment more. I am a little bit scared of colour, to be honest. I have been thinking of getting a cheap eyeshadow palette and trying a bunch of looks with that so I can experiment more and find out what colours and looks work for me before I splash out on more expensive and better quality products (I’m in Australia, so even ‘drug store’ cosmetics are expensive here.

  19. I love wearing colorful looks. i wear those whenever i want to. but if i have a special occasion i adapt my makeup (e.g. job interview as Christine already mentioned).

  20. Trish

    I wear dramatic/colorful looks all the time. It’s pretty much a trademark where I work (I’m an engineer and 99% of the female engineers don’t wear makeup) and folks seem to freak out when I wear neutral looks. LOL! They love seeing what look I’ll come up with next and are really tickled that I get my makeup to match my clothes.

    The only time I did neutral looks on a regular basis was for job interviews and that was painful.

  21. heidi

    Absolutely. I love colors so I just wear whatever I feel like that day regardless of what I’m doing. I’ve worn fake lashes to work, so yeah, I enjoy drama

  22. Svetlana

    Yes I do. Almost everyday, everywhere. Even when I’m only going shopping or to Uni. :-)

  23. San

    :( still too scared of colors to try new looks…jst starting makeup so strictly in neutrals territory :)

  24. Marcela

    yes, all the time and anywhere! i’m known for my intense eye makeup. i’ll even wear MAC Electric Eel-blue eyes to a job interview… but i guess that’s ok because i’m in a creative field.

  25. Yes, I do :)
    I’m lucky I can have wildly colorful hair and makeup at work and no one blinks.

  26. Roslyn

    Yes, I generally do in my leisure time. I wouldn’t put it on at 6:00am to go to school or anything, but if I’ve got the afternoon off, sure.

  27. Ani_BEE

    Not to work, but hangout and even events/vacation. ^_^ I do however through in some peach shadows like Urban Decay X. I just a nice flatering colour with auburn hair and blue/gold eye.

  28. Heck yes! I looooove the bright colors. More is better!! I understand why people dont though. I can love a natural look just the same. However I do prefer rainbow brite!

  29. AS

    For real life, I like bright colors worn only one at a time or subtly. So many of the “looks” posted on the internet are fun for the artistic and technical aspects, but worn on the street they can look silly or juvenile. Some of this is best left to costume parties and drag shows. Colors that normally signal illness (yellow=jaundice, bright green=infection, bright red/pink= inflammation) will read as less flattering. Colors that naturally appear in some combination on eyelids will be more flattering, such as browns, purples, blues.

  30. Nikelle

    Since I discovered MAC and primers, my daily makeup is usually bright and bold and beautiful. At least 3 eyeshadow colors and a highlight!

  31. squeezle

    Even though my makeup is more subdued for work, it’s almost NEVER neutral. I tend to go with rich blues, greens or purples to accentuate my brown eyes. Outside of the office, it gets even more colourful and intense!

  32. Nearly all my eye make up is bright and colourful, and then I have more natural looking cheeks and lips. I feel that while I’m still young enough to wear it, why not?

  33. CeeBee

    I love colour and I don’t have to necessarily wear neutrals to work but I wouldn’t say I go for dramatic looks.
    For eyes, I stick to maybe 3 tonal shades (plus base & highlighter) and maybe a coloured eyeliner and that’s about it.
    I like my makeup to look polished and sophisticated rather than bright and bold.
    Though a statement lip always rocks!

  34. Joanne

    Unfortunately, I work in a corporate office so dramatic/colorful looks are not appropriate. I mainly stick to neutrals. However, on the weekends, I like to switch it up and wear some color.

  35. AnGeLwInGz

    I always wear colorful eyes unless I’m at a job interview or a funeral or something like that. Neutrals have never really been my thing. My signature is UD 24/7 in Electric, I wear it almost every day with different color combos.

  36. Sara

    As a 30+ year old African American woman, who has just fell in love with makeup recently…I answer YES!! The problems I have are: 1.Finding shades that are pigmented enough to show up on my skin 2. How to wear/apply them without looking clownish or kiddish. 3. Knowing what to eye,lip, blush colors to wear with the bright colors.
    I am currently obsessed with purple & turquoise eyeshadow, and hot pink lips. I just recently wore a heavy, bright purple eye (for the 1st time) with neutral lips. I wanted to try the hot pink lips, but I thought that might be too much.

  37. monika-luiza

    dramatic yes! colorful- no, as i think most colorful look good on beauty-shoots only

  38. Ivy

    No, never. I’m not really an attention seeker.

  39. Shannon

    Yes! I wear neutrals to school though lol

  40. Meg

    almost all the time πŸ˜›

  41. Helen

    I admire them from afar. I don’t usually wear much eye makeup in my 9 to 5 life – no time to apply it, for one. I do wear bright and deep lipsticks, though, and with my dark brown hair and eyes and light skin, I think they’re becoming.

  42. Becca

    On weekends I don ‘t not do my makeup like some. I go crazy with experimenting!!! and If I like the look (and if I think I can get away with it for school) I’ll wear it during the week :)

  43. I tend to either do bright coloured eyes OR bold lips, unless I’m going out at night. I wear my most intense stuff to the opera, because that’s the place I can really get weird and creative. I’ve got a big pile of neutrals to balance anything bold and for business, though I’ll often wear a darker lipstick if I’m wearing my SERIOUS BUSINESS suits.

    Bold or neutral, purple shades are my sure-fire musts for my colouring. Smoky eye looks too gothy on me.

  44. YES! Nearly everyday! I tend to only wear neutrals in very professional situations. Neutrals definitely have their place, and I like them, but they don’t excite me :-)

  45. Dianna*

    Not very often. I’ll throw on a bright lipstick every now and then & I’ll usually do a smokey eye (possibly with a little glitter) when I go out but my colour palette is relatively neutral.

  46. Eeva

    I wear both colorful and neutrals. I don’t go super dark/dramatic, but hey, MAC Mutiny on the lid + some bluish violet in the crease is just another day in the uni. πŸ˜€ If I’m in rush, I do something relatively light and/or neutral, because it’s easier to blend the colors and make it look flattering. I also like neutral shades with some color, like muted olive green. I have pale skin but dark brown hair and eyes, so also brighter colors look grate eyemakeupwise. (Yup, it’s definitely a word.) When it comes to lips, I’m still searching for the perfect “statement” red and some other perfect shades…
    I sometimes play with make up too, when I’m at home. Then I usually have one violet and one green eye, just because it would be such a waste not to try two different things at once. πŸ˜€

  47. Natalie

    Yes, lots! I always get looks or comments, some good some not, but I love brightness. I especially love a bright, bold lip.

  48. Angelcat47

    More than I did when I was younger…and I’m 49!! Yesterday,I wore a neutral look and popped it with a bright aqua liner and it looked great!!

  49. Mariella

    Not too often. I’m pretty much a neutrals gal but I am branching out more. I’ll often do more colourful looks on days when I’m not working and am just going out with friends or, as “Jess” said, even when I’m at home. For work, though, I might add a bright or coloured shadow to a more neutral look to make it a bit more wearable for the workplace.