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Yes!!! For the love of humanity … I RARELY walk out the house bare faced. The only time I don’t wear make-up is when I have a facial or make-over scheduled.

I usually do, for the same reason as you: I feel like I’m almost looked down upon if I don’t wear anything. that being said, I try to keep it simple and plan around what I’m looking to buy. most common example is if I want to buy lip colors, I won’t wear one that day, so I don’t have to take it off to test out products.

Huh…I never realized that the reason why I never EVER get taken seriously at a beauty counter was maybe because I wasn’t wearing makeup. I always assumed it’s because I look pretty young and probably don’t dress like a woman my age should :PI usually only wear a little bit of liner on my upper lashline and some mascara and tinted balm. I want to be able to get matched for foundation easily so I never wear foundation. But I don’t ever try their mascara, lipstick/glosses, or other eye products because I’m scared of the bacteria on it.

I’ve had the EXACT same experience– talked down to because it seemed I had nothing on. Even though sometimes I DO have make up on– just a very natural look. 

I completely agree! I noticed the same thing happened to me when I don’t wear makeup and go into beauty stores – which is kind of ridiculous because if I am actually shopping for something, I want to be able to test it on bare skin…

People make judgements about you based on your appearance all the time.  While this may not be the most politically correct thing, it is entirely human and all of us are guilty of it.  I have always been taught to put my best foot forward.  This means I do not leave my property without being appropriately coiffed and dressed.  I’m very old fashioned in this respect and there are days due to illness where I really do not feel I have the energy, but I suck it up and make myself presentable.  I truly despair the day they invented sweats as something to wear other than at the gym.  I truly despair the day it became cool to have your pants hanging off your ass.  Yes, I am quite a snot about this.  I hate seeing people walking around looking like slobs, I really do.  I have absolutely nothing against casual wear, but casual can be every bit as chic as dressed up.  And now as my ex-husband used to say (perhaps this is why he is EX):  Don’t bother me with the facts, I’ve already made up my mind.  LoL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, that would be an emphatic yes, I would absolutely wear make-up to go shopping for make-up.  

Typically, no; when I go makeup shopping, I go with the idea I may be doing some clothes shopping, as well, and I don’t like to get makeup all over the clothes I may try on. Also, I usually dress way down (in things I can get in and out of quickly and easily), and I think it looks weird to wear a t-shirt and leggings with a full face of makeup. When I go shopping specifically for foundation, I also make sure to wear whatever sunscreen I’m using the most, so I can see how it reacts with the foundation. I actually find I’m taken *morre* seriously (in most cases) when I’m not wearing makeup, as the SA can see that I’m prepared to actually try products, and therefore not just playing around at the counter. Then there’s the fact that I frequent the same Sephora locations often enough that I’m recognized, and the gals there know I’m serious about shopping.

If I am only going out with the purpose to go makeup shopping then I might go bare faced if I KNOW I want to try on a foundation there without having to get samples then come back or go online to purchase. Sometimes I go in with a full face, but no blush, if I know I want to try on a certain blush. Otherwise, I’m usually wearing makeup. I don’t feel like I have to, though. I’m just usually wearing it already. I don’t really recall being looked at oddly or treated differently because of it…then again, most of the places I shop for makeup recognize me, so they know I’m bound to buy. :DIn my experience, bitchy sales people are just bitchy people in general. They always look at you weird and treat people like crap because they have that high school mean girl mentality. This is just my observation.

Yes.  I’m actually often mistaken for somebody who works at the counter or store when I’m browsing for makeup.  I do often wear all black and that’ll happen if you’re hanging around a MAC counter. 😉  Or perhaps my face looks “done.”

I do most of my makeup shopping online, so it really doesn’t matter 🙂 When I go shopping in person I’m always torn between wanting to wear makeup and look like I’m going to use the things I’m buying and not wanting to wear anything so they can use products on me. 

The only place that looks at me like I am dog poo is at Sephora whether I have makeup or no makeup on.  Given that I can buy makeup at Macys, Neimans, Saks, Bloomingdales, Nordstroms and Barneys in San Francisco, I no longer make my purchases at Sephora.  I have bought makeup from high end stores before Sephora even existed.  Sometimes I wear makeup and sometimes I dont wear makeup when I purchase an item.  More often than not, I dont wear makeup to buy makeup and never once do these high end store ever look at me poorly.  They all have invited me one way or another to try their product.  They dont treat me badly and let me choose what I want without making me feel weird.  And Urban Decay at both Macys where I get my stuff treat me well too.  Thank goodness, Macys will get their Urban Decay stuff I am told now before Sephora.   I have made two written notices to Sephora as how I was treated and in fact, I never made a complaint to any of these stores in the 30 years that I wore makeup….The sales people at Tom Ford Cosmetics said it best….you are the consumer….you choose what you like and so I do.  The bottom line.  It doesnt matter if I wear any make-up.  The sales people want to introduce their products.  Even on many occasions with my purchases, I get extra samples of makeup or fragrance…good sizes, not like the mini- pics Sephora hands out….and I dont need to even accumulate points…..and I dont even wear makeup.

Nope, I don’t put on that much make up in general though. Mostly because I don’t have the time, but the good thing about being bare faced is less make up to take off and easier application if I need to get matched or a new eyeshadow. 🙂

Oh you’re right , I don’t wear a lot of make up (even if I love it and own a hole Sephora in my bedroom)   ; when I want to buy something in a beauty  store I often see the sellers not looking at me as seriously as I deserve and I can see the security guy following me everywhere ( “she WILL steal something she’s trying too many things on her hand ..). I’m about 38 years old and I feel like I’m taken as a teenager! I hate that!

Personally, I find that it really depends on where I am going to. At Sephora, I feel that I always receive awesome friendly service from the sales associates even when I am bare-faced. In contrast, I feel obligated to wear at least some make up when I go to makeup counters or any free standing stores (e.g. MAC). I have had numerous personal experiences where I, without makeup, have been treated literally like an invisible person by the SAME associate who was so very friendly when I had makeup on.

Yeah I do, even though I know it’ll just be wiped off. For the same reasons as you! I feel like many associates are very judgmental these days…

I always do because there are no good places in my town to buy makeup, so I’m either on vacation, or have driven to the city an hour away for more than just grabbing a lippie.  And at most places, I like to try removers too.  

It really depends- if I’m going to my local Nordstrom, where most of the cosmetics staff recognizes me as a frequent buyer (obsession much?) I don’t feel the need to wear makeup. (They actually prefer it, so they can start trying new artistry right away!) Also, Sephora doesn’t matter too much to me as I go there to swatch or I already know what I want and I can take care of myself or flag an associate if necessary. But if I’m going to a high end department store or a new counter, I also like to be taken seriously and will wear makeup.

Depends where I go. If it’s a drug store or any other place that might carry makeup and I happen to be there, I usually don’t care, but if I’m going to the mall (down in Southern California where it’s all frou-frou) I will try to have my style in tip top shape, especially when dealing with SA’s of certain stores. However when it comes to hair and I’m shopping for products, I really don’t care if it looks messy or greasy because I figure, hey, this is why I’m here.

it really annoys me when the MUAs look down on me when I don’t have any makeup on…I mean,I am a customer, they should be more helpful and professional and I don’t have to be all made up for them to pay attention to me. they sometimes have this “YOU are into makeup?really?!” attitude,really pisses me off,to the point that I deliberately refuse to wear makeup a lot of times when I go makeup shopping,just to see how they will treat me. 

I have to even if it’s minimal as I have a bit of pigmentation or uneven skintone. Plus being asian my lashes are horrible! 🙂

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