Friday, July 16th, 2010

Choose or Lose

Do you wear makeup to the pool?

  • Nah! (52%, 1,274 Votes)
  • Sometimes... (27%, 658 Votes)
  • Yes! (20%, 490 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 21 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,443

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47 thoughts on “Do you wear makeup to the pool?

  1. Sarah

    I haven’t gone swimming yet this summer.. *shocker* haha. My hairs bleaches so its like a gazillion times damaging for it and it already needs to be toned agains o its just messes with the color. Plus i don’t like getting wet in general. Showers not baths for me

    So ever since I have started makeup I don’t think I have faced the problem of wearing it to the pool. The few rare times I did go swimming or to the beach, I didn’t wear it.

  2. Grace

    I put MAC Paintpots on the eyes because they’re acrylic, so they’re literally waterproof. (Rubenesque on the lid, Constructivistic as liner.) Of course I also add sunscreen, and Posieting on the cheeks gives a fresh glow. I keep the lips bare because anything on them is sure to come off, even stains and long-wear products.

    • Blair

      Thats what I do to its great!!! works every time I some times add clear or waterproof mascara 😀

  3. Steffi

    Usually just not much, like a bit of Bare Study and a lip balm

  4. Hanna

    I don’t wear “full – force” make up but I always set my eye brows and a little eye liner and mascara don’t hurt either. I always put lip gloss on when I first enter but I don’t reapply.

    • Hanna

      Oh ya, I don’t actually go to the pool. No pool around here but I live right down to the Pacific – it’s cold!

  5. Charlene

    Tinted SPF mixed with Shimmer cream, waterproof mascara, cream shadow, and SPF lipstick on lips.

  6. Anne.

    Just some waterproof mascara.

  7. Danielle

    i don’t go crazy w/ makeup when i’m going swimming, i just use painterly paintpot to even the tone on my eyelids and use my cargo swimmables waterproof eyeliner (i got a set from ulta w/ 5 really pretty bright colors like blue, green and purple) and then some waterproof mascara.

  8. Well, yeah! I want to look like an adorable 1950s pool babe. Some waterproof eyeliner/mascara and a little lipstick.

  9. tremorviolet

    Waterproof mascara ’cause my eyelashes are invisible but that’s it other than tinted SPF lip stuff.

  10. Kelly

    If I were going swimming or going into the pool, no. Gobs and gobs of sunscreen (Shiseido is my sunscreen of choice) all over instead if I will be exposed to the sun.

    I am not a sunbather, so if I were going to a pool for something like a party but not swimming, I would wear sunscreen with mascara and gloss, then hide under a hat and a shady spot.

  11. Lizz M.

    I wanna say “Never!”, but I do. There’s not a problem with wearing a little makeup to enhance at places like the pool or the beach when you’re able to. I mean if you’re someone who’s thinking “I wish I was naturally beautiful like those beach chicks in movies or magazines…” you’ll be grateful to know there’s a lot to making someone look that ‘natural’ on camera. So yeah, I’d like to look like that and I know I’ve gotta put a little cosmetic effort in to get the look, haha.

    Usually I wear some sort of tinted sunblock (tinted to even out skin tones), waterproof concealer, cheek gel, lip balm with a little bit of a stain, and this would be the only occasion I wear waterproof mascara, sometimes in some brown tone to look more natural.

  12. Megan

    If I had make up on from earlier in the day, then yeah. Otherwise maybe a waterproof mascara/liner and softlips tinted lip balm

  13. stephloveslove

    Stila’s All Day Liner, Lancome Definicilis Waterproof, and chaptstick and I’m ready to go.

  14. Tiffany

    95% of the time all I have on my face and lips at the pool is sunscreen. If I put anything on at all, it’s waterproof mascara. I love a bare face at the pool.

  15. Jess

    I don’t ever go to the pool, so I guess I don’t. Pools do awful things to my hair, so I don’t tend to frequent them. I would wear makeup to the beach, because I probably wouldn’t be swimming anyway. I’d probably just try to hide from the sun as much as possible!

  16. Beach- no. Pool- yes. If I’m going to the beach I’m spending the day so I can’t be bothered!

  17. No. Not unless I already have a little on and don’t feel like taking it off. I don’t use waterproof mascara, which I consider a good thing. If you go underwater with waterproof mascara, it falls to your cheeks and you can’t get it off. A permanent wet raccoon. That’s not the case with non-waterproof mascara.

  18. maryelle

    yes with mac’s liquidlast liner! it withstands water and lasts for hours. i laugh at my friends with their makeup running on their face while mine is still intact. i want to try MUFE’s aqua creams to see if it can do the same.

  19. RR

    Call it insecurity, but yes, I do. Only the ‘natural’ look though, Benefit You Rebel, Benefit Benetint on my cheeks and my lips, a bit of Urban Decay Eyeliner in Zero, a bit in Bourbon, and Benefit Badgal Waterproof.

  20. Cassykins

    I would if I went to the pool :/ Not much, but at least some mascara

  21. Sass

    Yes. And to the beach, out shoveling snow… :)

  22. Sari

    Depends , but only if I was doing something in public before I go to the pool & if I ‘m meeting friends there .

    I worse Liquid Last when I went awhile ago and it didn ‘t come off at all haha . It was kind of nice .

  23. Yes, but usually only waterproof mascara and lipgloss.

  24. Hannelore

    I just use some waterproof mascara and lipbalm..:) and I’m good to go!

  25. I do just a little bit. No mascara, but I have been known to sweep on a coral shadow and some light lipstick.

  26. Maria

    I won’t do a full face, but I’ll go for a nice lippie and waterproof mascara, maybe with some eyeliner.

  27. Catherine

    I just wear some waterproof mascara… maybe a bit of eyeliner.

  28. Kourtni

    When I go swimming it is impulsive so I just wear what I had on that morning.

  29. Hannah

    Just mascara (waterproof, obvs)

  30. Jennifer

    Concealer on occasion, very rarely. I’m a lifeguard, a swim instructor, and a waterpolo player. I usually spend several hours a day in the water, and any makeup either washes, or melts off in the humidity. I’m pretty happy without it though, I enjoy it, but I don’t need it.

  31. Jen

    why would anyone wear makeup to the pool?

  32. Jessie

    I work at a pool and I always wear mascara and curl my lashes and put on some gloss so I look presentable for all the patrons that come in! Most of my other female co-workers do the same.

    In the water (our pool is salt water) I don’t normally wear anything and always take my makeup off, being in the water for up to 6 hours can really wreck your skin and I find when I have makeup on (especially mascara) it makes my eyelashes all gross and they become sensitive and fall out more easily so I always make sure to remove everything before going in the water!

  33. paige

    If I’m actually swimming (which I usually am),no. But,if I plan on just lounging by the pool with friends (which i rarely ever do!) then, maybe!

  34. Definitely a touch of tinted moisturizer to even out my skintone, but it seems like a waste to do too much makeup if I’m going to be sweating it off or washing it off in the water :)

  35. Lexi

    i just wear MAC MSF in my skin color, waterproof mascara, and tinted lip balm :)

  36. Kat

    Maybe waterproof mascara and tinted lipbalm if I remember. Other than that, just some lipbalm with SPF and sunscreen. No point putting on makeup just to have it streaming down my face within 5 minutes.

  37. I normally wear loose powder thats a little bit tanner than me because m face is always lighter than my body, sunscreen (of course), and lip balm! i also wear bronzer sometimes… :)

  38. Mar

    No… Never.
    I take it off before I go in the pool.
    Sometimes a little waterproof mascara but that’s only when I forget to take it off LOL.

  39. Charlotte

    I’ve got some Aqua Creams from MUFE (black, shimmery beige and fuschia) so I generally get some nude beige on the lids & use the black one as a liner (just a bit) or use the fuschia one to make a soft pink look if I want something a bit fun :)

  40. Shal

    Sometimes I’ll slap on some waterproof mascara and a bit of bronzer on my cheeks but that’s it.

  41. Meika

    I usually just wear water proof mascara and a lipgloss.

  42. Randi

    just water proof mascara

  43. Morena

    I used to never wear makeup to the pool/beach except lipgloss cuz my lips get dry.

    Now, this year i wear a waterproof eyeliner (MAC liquidlast is very good) and lipgloss. And I match the eyeliner color to my swim suit as a style. I’ve seen girls at waterparks wear eyeliner and it looks cute.

    I used Make up forever’s face and body, added sunscreen over it and it stayed on after getting in the water.
    I wore it to a themepark and got rained on and it stayed on then, too. Their aqua creams are not good for beach/pool though. not if you’re going to be swimming at least. Cuz they fade a little

    if u wanan use an eyeliner i highly recommend MAC liquidlast it stays put the whooooole time.