Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Do you wear makeup to the gym/workout? If so, what do you wear?

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66 thoughts on “Do you wear makeup to the gym/workout?

  1. Definitely not. If I have makeup on at the gym, it’s from when I put it on earlier in the day.

    • Ana G.

      It’s the same with me. I usually go to the gym after work so, the existing make up its the one that resists the say.

  2. nikki

    nost of the time i will wash my makeup off but if i dont have very much time or very much makeup then i’ll just leave it because i dont wear very much makeup on a daily basis

  3. Kelly C.

    Hell no! It’d all just sweat off anyway, and why would I want to deal with the hassle and discomfort of that?

  4. Pamela

    During a workout? Hells to the N-O! Although if I go for walk or hike, I dab on some lip gloss so as not to be mistaken for an animal. 😉

  5. Jamie A

    Heck no! Gross.

  6. Tara s

    Why yes, yes I do. Girl, I cannot leave the house without eyebrows and mascara!

  7. Erica

    Sadly, yes! Tinted moisturizer, eye liner, mascara, maybe some blush. I know it’s kinda gross…. but then I haven’t been to the gym for a while, so next time I might avoid putting anything on my face when I go :)

  8. I put some lip balm cause my lips get dry easily so I cant go without it

  9. I wear a resilient mascara (Opulash) and undereye concealer– don’t want to clog my pores and a flush will come naturally, lol! But you never know who you’ll see/meet..

  10. Rosanna

    No. That’s kinda gross..all the sweat. :S
    I’m not there to impress anyone – I’m there to focus on myself, to improve my health for my own good. It helps that I go (or I used to) to a women’s gym. :)

  11. i personally don’t but i would understand if some girls do….really cute guys are always looking at the gym LOL

  12. Heck yeah! You never know who you might run into… I wear mascara, eyeliner, subtle eyeshadow and lip gloss. But I would never wear any face products, my pores would not be too happy with that!

  13. jennSda26

    bare only balm

  14. Gigi

    If I’m going specifically to the gym I’ll just wear waterproof mascara. But I’ve been known to wear a full face of make-up and my eyes fully lined and shadowed. But that’s only if I’m going immediately after work or school. But then again, I don’t sweat much even during intense work outs so I never melt.

  15. I usually work out in the evenings so whatever I have left on from the day. I dont reapply anything, but dont take anything off either.

  16. Bethy

    Mascara is as essential as air. Never go anywhere without it! But the rest isn’t necessary for the gym.

  17. I don’t purposefully put on makeup to go to the gym, but since I’m usually going right after school, I don’t bother to take off what I had on during the day.

  18. Tracey K

    No, especially as I go at 6 am!

  19. Natural looking mascara and lipbalm.

  20. Evelyn

    Nope, that would be silly. With my luck if I worse some it’d break me out worse with all my pores open from sweat! lol

  21. Yes. MAC msfn, light blush, maybe a highlighter on my cheekbones/brow bones/inner corners of eyes, and a lightly tinted lip balm. But I wear this almost every day, so sometimes I happen to go to the gym in it!

  22. Hannah

    Yes, only mascara! I don’t leave my house without it on because I have blond (re: white and basically see-through) lashes so without a little mascara I look like a mouse haha!

  23. Petra

    Usually none, especially if i’m going for a run outside. Lately I went to a very fancy gym with really cute buff guys and women who are wearing a full face of makeup…I wore some concealer (had some bad breakouts that made me selfconscious) and some waterproof maroon (aka barely noticible) mascara. But that’s it. I don’t care that much. :)

  24. Emily

    If I’m going to they gym before I go do anything else that day I won’t wear make-up, otherwise I’ll wear whatever I have. I don’t wear too much so it’s never been a problem for my skin.

  25. When I go at 4:30 in the morning, absolutely not. But if I go after work in the afternoon, I don’t wash my face before I go. My day make-up is very basic and light, so I don’t look strange there with a full face of make-up. But I must admit, I look at girls who rock up there with the whole made up thing strangely. It always seem as if they are there to pick up men instead of working out!!

  26. magda

    tinted moisturizer+mascara

  27. Definitely not. That is terrible for your skin.

  28. I don’t sweat a lot, so yes I do wear make up usually just mascara, maybe little bit liner and balm or gloss.

  29. TheLaniGold

    i don’t put it on for going to the gym, but i don’t take it off before i go. so if i have on makeup, it’s from the earlier day :)

  30. Tina

    Since I work out at lunch or after work, I always have makeup on at the gym.

  31. Dee

    usually what I have on from earlier in the day…but I’m not gonna lie I’ll atleast wear some concealer and waterproof mascara. Its not a pretty picture without the concealer lol.

  32. Vanessa

    Ew no! your face will break out so nasty….

  33. Amarildes

    If I go straight from work then I have makeup from earlier that day other that I just wear lip balm and some mascara. You never know who you’ll meet there!

  34. Heather

    If I have some from the day I won’t take it off. I usually have my eyes done.

  35. Nichole

    To the gym from my house – no.
    To the gym from work – I’ll take off my foundation with a wet wipe. I leave on my eye makeup because the wipes just smears it.

  36. BethM

    If I have eye makeup on already, I won’t make a point to remove it. But I will never put anything on just for the gym. Sweaty, smeared makeup looks a lot worse than not having makeup on at all.

  37. Lee

    I don’t intentionally workout in make-up but I go after work and never bother to take it off. If it’s on the weekend, I’ll put on some mascara (my eyelashes are blonde) but that’s it.

  38. Claire

    Well, I like to work out in the evening, so I usually have make up on from during the day that I almost never both to take off, but I always tell myself that I will.. lol

  39. Natalie

    I may have mascara on, but other than moisturizer and lip balm, nope! I feel like when I get hot and my pores open and I sweat, it’d just sink in and make me break out! I don’t want to have to worry about it coming off when I wipe my face, either. Also, I’d rather not waste my nice, beloved makeup on an elliptical while working away at the gym!

  40. Meghann

    Yes because I go during my lunchbreak. My face doesn’t get dripping wet, maybe a slight moisture but my back, chest and stomach are soaked. Luckily my face is not like that. Around the hair it may get a little more damp but that’s where my cloth headbands come in hand. And when I get back to work, some marvel at how I been running for 4 miles or other cardio for 40 mn and come back with makeup and hair still in tact ;0)

    It’s great to still be looking great with my makeup on while working out.

  41. Meghann

    Oh and to answer what do I wear if I do. The whole 9. Moisturizer, face primer, foundation (one drop to smear all over), pressed powder, blush, e/s, mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss, did I miss anything? All done in the AM and still looks great after the workout around noon.

  42. Kathrina

    Nope. I want to enjoy myself when I do sports and not worry about my makeup flowing with streams of sweat down into my t-shirt. Gross!

  43. Marta

    No, nothing at all. I sweat a lot when working out so I don’t want any makeup clogging my pores and running down my face. Not to mention I’m there to exercise, look red and sweaty, not to look good.

  44. Eleonora

    Absolutely not. Just lip balm. I don’t feel comfortable working out with make-up on. I sweat a lot and I often wipe my face and neck with a towel so I’d be totally messy.
    Plus I usually go to the pool good 😀

  45. Abril

    Nooo! Wait, does lipbalm count? Haha!

  46. Linnea

    I don’t purposely put makeup on, but sometimes its on my face when I walk in. :)

  47. Quennie

    Never! It’s bad for your skin since your pores are opened from sweating and your body temperature up. It’ll clog your pores.

  48. Hannah

    I just do some mascara and lip balm.
    I usually go with my boyfriend anyway, and he’s seen me with no makeup plenty of times lol.

  49. Lorna

    i don’t know if this counts but i always wear sunscreen especially on my face. i live in a place with lots of sun so it is essential no matter where i go.

    i also usually wear a lip balm or some kind of clear lip gloss.

  50. Hannah

    If i do, its just a coat of waterproof mascara.

  51. Berit

    yes I wear makeup to the gym because I always go workout after school.

  52. Fia

    I would do make up just for going to the gym, but if I go in the afternoon or evening I might have make up on from earlier in the day. If I have a lot on, I remove it, but a generic everday look I keep. I´m not scared of being a little bit panda looking when I leave, and it´s nice to look good when I work out.

  53. Elsa

    Nop! and If i go to the gym after work i always have makeup remover wipes with me

  54. Diana

    oh my goodness i know it’s a big no no but i have admit that i do at times. When i go in the morning i do not wear makeup just lipgloss but that doesn’t count does it lol and if i go in the afternoon i add a little highlighter to my cheek bones a little blush mascara eyeliner and lipgloss what can i say i love looking at myself in the mirror and if i look bad i don’t even feel like working out lol plus all the cute boys are in by that time too 😀

  55. Mallory

    I feel like taking off my make up to go to the gym is just as silly as putting make up on to go to the gym. If I already have make up on then I leave it, if I don’t then I will probably only put a tinted moisturizer w/ SPF on. (I live in a very sunny place so SPF is very important!)

  56. Debra

    If I go right after work, I have on whatever is left from the morning.

  57. Christina

    Usually when I worked out (gym or jogging) I would either have eyeliner on from earlier in the day, or go bare-faced! I will re-apply eyeliner if needed after working out though. I’m generally lazy with my makeup application anyway, and hardly wear full-face makeup.

  58. Jamie

    Usually only concealer if I have some spots to conceal. Even though I don’t care too much, I have this theory, developed from past experience, that if I go with no makeup on at all, I will run into everyone I haven’t seen in the last six months all during my hour and a half at the gym. So, to ward off such encounters while I’m running and sweating, I do dab on a bit of concealer and lip balm before I dash out the door. :)