Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Choose or Lose

Do you wear makeup to the beach?

  • Maybe... (36%, 798 Votes)
  • No way! (33%, 728 Votes)
  • Definitely! (28%, 618 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (2%, 45 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,189

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75 thoughts on “Do you wear makeup to the beach?

  1. Ashley

    I don’t see the point! Granted, the last time I went to a beach was when I was like twelve (I don’t think we even HAVE beaches here… At least not nice ones), but if I’m going to the beach, I’m obviously going in order to get a little sweaty and/or wet. I’d much rather go bare faced. Not to mention, having to reapply sunscreen and worrying about makeup? No thanks!

    • No beaches?! Where do u live? I seriously cannot imagine life without the beach. I live in the Philippines and I think it’s one of the best things in life. :-)

  2. daphne

    Haha, can I be a loser and admit I don’t go to the beach? Well, that’s sort of a lie because my boyfriend’s family has a beach house in CT that I go to every year, and I guess I swim at the beach a bit, but not much…and I avoid it in other contexts. I like walking around beaches but I don’t find swimming in them at all appealing, I’d rather swim in a lake! But yeah, I would never bother wearing makeup to go swimming. Seems a little ridiculous to me.

  3. Mirna

    I haven’t been to the beach since I became an addict (and I live less than 1 mile away from it!). I voted maybe because I will give it a try this summer!

  4. It depends on what I’m going to do at the beach.
    If I was going to swim or tan, then no..but other than that maybe…

  5. MakeupGalore--Abbie

    No Way. I wear tons of sunscreen and this is the only time I wear lipbalm. I am to busy playing smashball or vollyball or enjoying the waves. The last thing I need is makeup running down my face…

  6. Sara

    only waterproof mascara.

  7. Jess

    The only thing i wear is SPF and some waterproof mascara.The last time i went to the beach was 3 years ago anyway lol.

  8. Carrie

    I’ll wear concealer and waterproof mascara. Of course I also wear sunscreen and a lip balm that has SPF in it.

  9. I do because I usually never get my face and hair wet if I were going to the beach. But its very light makeup, sunscreen, foundation, eyebrows, some liquid liner and a gloss.

  10. amy

    I just wear lipgloss, waterproof mascara and a little bit of concealer to cover problem spots but otherwise I am pretty much naked faced.

  11. Meagan

    Only waterproof mascara and maybe waterproof eyeliner (UD 24/7 or MUFE Aqua Eyes!

  12. Simone

    ill wear a ton of sunblock and a little concealer and maybe some lip product and waterproof mascara but thats my lot

  13. Tasha aka roarul

    At the beach I like to put some gloss on my lips, but I avoid all other make up since I do not want to look scary when it all melts on my face.
    Though, I would not mind using some good waterproof make up if I find some.
    Tasha aka roarul

  14. Jessica

    I usually dont, maybe some mascara…but i live in jersey so I go down the jersey shore so alot of people do wear makeup…if im going with guys i might put on some tinted moisturizer with spf just to even out my complextion and a bit of concealer.

    • Which shore do you go to!? I go to Ocean City, NJ and just about no one wears makeup during the day on the beach! All the tweens wear too much on the boardwalk at night though, tehehe.

  15. Jasmine

    Yes I do, it’s slightly toned down. But if I know I’m taking pictures anywhere, I def wear makeup!

  16. Ilana

    Here in Brazil is very hot, so I have to wear a lot of sunscreen and lipbalm with spf, and reapply all the time, so NO WAY!

  17. angie

    waterproof mascara, tinted lip balm w/ spf, laura mercier concealer and maybe a little gel or cream blush

  18. Adriana

    Just chapstick.

  19. Cindy

    I don’t wear face make up, but i’m not going without applying some mascara and lipgloss

  20. Nope, don’t wear anything but sunscreen! It would be awesome if I could find a perfect waterproof mascara though.

  21. JoElla

    I sometimes wear a water proof mascara and some colored lip balm w/ spf in it.

  22. Maddie

    I just wear primer and concealer on my undereyes, then some waterproof mascara :)

  23. only if my fancy shmancy spf lip balm counts! 😀 why bother!?

  24. esteta

    You guys are making me sooo jealous! I have only been to a beach once in my life (Pacifica CA and it was amazzzing). I am so landlocked where I live :(
    I suppose I would depending on what I was doing, over sunblock of course! For now, I will just live vicariously through all of your answers!!!

    • Bettina

      not sure if I should post where I live and make you all hate me LOL….let’s just say I’m in walking distance of at least two beaches and up the street a bit from the one that’s the most popular. I rarely go to the beach mainly because parking sucks but when I go I don’t put make up on, in fact even if I just go walking on the beach I usually don’t because I get curious and explore things like tidepools and then I just filthy anyways LOL

  25. JacquieNicole

    I’ll usually wear a water proof eyeliner and a water proof mascara, but I’ll put a powder foundation on my way to the beach/pool/lake. I’m thinking of adding lipstain to my summer makeup this year though.

  26. SpecimenW75

    I don’t do the whole nine with foundation, etc., but I will at the very least put on sunblock (Chanel UV Essential SPF 50 is LOVE!!!), powder, blush, mascara and gloss or lipcolor. My skin is oily, so I wouldn’t want my foundation to melt-gasp!

  27. Dwk59

    I love the designer purple liner

  28. Meghann

    i wear eye eyeliner and mac lustre lipglass. and ofcourse the sunscreen.

  29. Danni

    It depends what Im doing at the beach. If its a lazy day to lay out and maybe play out in the ocean, I dont see a point in wearing makeup, its all gonna come off. So the only thing that I bring to the beach is tons of sunscreen and H2O. Now if I go out later that evening, to a bar or club on the board walk, then I wear it.

  30. Jennifer

    If I’m going to the beach to swim, I’ll only wear waterproof mascara (my lashes are really light, so I like to keep my lashes dark all the time with mascara. If my lashes were naturally dark, I wouldn’t even bother with wp mascara). But if I went to the beach for other reasons, like just lounging, I may wear more makeup. No full face of makeup, though.

  31. Courtney

    If I know I’m going to be walking around in town before/after being at the beach, I’ll probably throw on some waterproof mascara. Otherwise, it’s kind of a waste of makeup.

  32. Vale

    I spend 90% of my beach-time swimming, and the other 10% eating or putting protective cream over my PALE skin. So what should I do with make up on the beach???

  33. Honestly? I haven’t been to a real beach in nearing a decade. I’ve been to the NW pacific coast a few times, but its COLD, so you don’t put on makeup, or go in a bikini, or any of that fun stuff. You wear a winter coat, and layers, even in the summer.

    Sigh. My summers are a bit lame….

  34. I live on the West Coast and the water’s not really warm enough for swimming most of the year (and still freezing in summer) so I guess my conception of “going to the beach” is somewhat different than most peoples’?

    For picnics, walking on the beach and wading, yes I wear makeup, just like any other day. For swimming, no, but like I said, I’ve only voluntarily swum in the Pacific ocean ONCE. It was the first and probably the last time.

  35. Laudry

    I don’t go to the beach much; I’m too pale. When I do, I wear pounds of high-SPF sunblock to the beach, plus a hat. But I always wear a bright lipstick that *pops* from the hat’s shade – MAC “Hollywood Nights” or “Show Orchid.” It’s a good effect for someone who’s pale at the beach, always gets lots of positive attention. (Oh, and the lipstick always goes over a sunblock for the lips!)

  36. Waterproof mascara for sure, but also some lipgloss/lipbalm. Definitely not full face, that would be silly. :)

  37. Jessica

    Sometimes I wear eyeliner to the beach. I wear lipstick everywhere I go.

  38. Jordan

    I do wear makeup to the beach but only a little tinted moisturizer and some mascara.

  39. Stacey

    I’m too pale to hang out at the beach. I don’t tan, ever. burn, peel, repeat.

    • Danielle

      Oh, i know what you mean!
      I stay practically the same paleness anyway. And burning sucks.
      But i go anyway with my friends, since we live in FL.

      I usually just wear waterproof mascara and spf lip balm.

  40. I live in sunny Florida and go to the beach all year long. I definitely wear makeup! I use a sunscreen face stick that’s the opposite of messy, and wear a big floppy hat so my face is pretty much protected- no extra sloppy sunscreen necessary. I usually wear the Cakeshop shadestick to the beach and pool ever since that collection was out- a MAC clerk sold it to me as “perfect for the beach” because it’s waterproof and a great summer color (it matched the sundress I was wearing at the time! ha). Then it’s just waterproof mascara and tinted spf chapstick. :)

  41. lauraaaaaaaaaa

    i need darkness around my eye so eyeliner is a must

  42. Tiffany

    Nope. I’m such a water baby that it would all come off anyways! :)

  43. LiLi

    MUFE eyeliner in a bright pop of color to match my suit. Other than that, nope. Just need to define the eyes.

  44. Nic

    I voted “no way.” I almost never go to the beach anyway (despite living only 15 mins away), but if I’m gonna go, why bother wearing makeup? I do wear a little makeup if I’m just going to be hanging out on the boardwalk, though.

  45. Charlene

    Tinted moisterizer with SPF and and lipbalm with SPF and MAYBE waterproof mascara and or liner

  46. Amanda

    No way! I see that like wearing makeup while working out, what’s the point? If I were going to the beach (not a beach fan to begin with) I would be more concerned with loading up on sunscreen and protecting my skin than putting on makeup and looking ‘nice’!

  47. I usually wear my Bare Escentuals SPF Powder which has some color to it so I guess it like foundation & lipstick & or lipgloss

  48. If I’m going on a beach day trip then I’ll put on some bronzy blush, Rubenesque paint pot, and if I’m not planning on getting in the water a little mascara, but that’s it! And I expect it to wash off, so I’m not that uptight about it.

  49. Michele

    On the boardwalk yes, but if I was swimming/tanning no except for maybe a lip balm since I’d be using sunscreen.

  50. A little bit of liner, mascara, powder and lip gloss. But plenty of sun screen :)

  51. Sass

    Ummm yeah and at the pool too…the lake, river, in the Amazon (ha!). I’m Diva wherever I go.

  52. Danielle

    I usually try to fill in my eyebrows whatever the occasion – I overplucked in the past, and now they are so sparse :(

  53. for sure :)
    -lightweight foundation & spf.
    -waterproof eyeliner & mascara.
    -very sheer eyeshadow, golds & pinks.
    -bronzer and an MSF

  54. Naun

    the beaches i go to are in the pacific northwest, and as another poster said — it’s just too cold to swim in! it’s cold and breezy most of the time so i wear my usual makeup + waterproof mascara. it gets a bit ruined cos i can never resist playing in the sand and some of the water, but no actual swimming happens. i always take pics at the ocean so makeup is a must ! 😀

  55. fks

    Does semi-permanent lipstick (lipfinity, or colorstay overtime) count? I wear it
    everyday — along with sunblock, it is the 1st thing that goes on in the morning,
    and the last thing to be taken off in the night. I guess you can call it my default look. But that is the only item of make up which I would wear to the beach. Anything that washes off at the 1st contact with water is a strict no-no, on the beach.

  56. Helena

    Waterproof mascara and eyeliner!

  57. muffingrl

    where i live, the weather SUCKS so i rarely go to the beach. even when it’s nice enough for me to hit the beach without freezing my butt off, the water is WAAAAYYY too cold to swim in. if theres no chance that i’ll touch the water, why not wear some makeup? i’ll probably do a very natural look though: tinted moisterizer w/spf, bronzer, waterproof mascara, lip balm.

  58. Nina

    If you count the one time I spontaneously went to beach with a full face of make up….

    I wear sunblock mixed in will a sheer foundation and chap stick/ balm, and maybe water proof mascara…

  59. Elysia

    I do sometimes, but only lipgloss or a shimmery bronzer or something

  60. Leea

    I only get to go to a beach a few times a year, but all I would wear would be waterproof mascara.
    (one that actually IS waterproof haha) :)

  61. Amelie

    First of all I don’t swim so when I go to the beach its to tan or walk.
    I wear tinted spf moisturizer and waterprorf mascara.
    I just ordered some Smashbox waterproof eyeshadow and I can’t wait to see how it goes on and stay… so I might wear that if I like it.

  62. Kitty

    Tinted lipbalm, (waterproof!) mascara and perhaps powder.

  63. Laura

    I wear make-up if I don’t plan on going in the water, but if I’m going in there’s no way my make-up is going to make it. And I think no make-up looks better than a streaky mess.

  64. Hannah

    I usually just wear some waterproof mascara. :)
    Nothing on my face but sunscreen!

  65. Lila

    Considering my feet are the only part of my body that actually touches the water, i do wear a thin layer of foundation & eyeliner +mascara.

  66. Leenie

    I wear eyeliner and mascara if I go to the beach but I also don’t go in the water I don’t swim in beach water, I’m strictly a pool gal, In that case I don’t wear any at the pool.

  67. Luisafer

    I wear lipglosss and a water proof liner maybe, that’s it!!!

  68. bean

    Definatly i’ll be wearing sunscreen and lipgloss/balm most likley. If im not planning on going to the beach i normally will be wearing makeup and end up there swimming.

  69. Kissagain

    I wear lip balm w/ SPF (a must) and maybe lipstick.

  70. Caroline

    I would wear some, and it would def have SPF in it! I would say: wear some tinted moisturizer with SPF, some waterproof mascara and some gloss