Friday, December 21st, 2012

Choose or Lose

Do you usually give beauty products as gifts during the holidays?

  • Sometimes, but only if I know the person well! (69%, 1,790 Votes)
  • Oh, yeah - all the gift sets and palettes make great gifts! (18%, 479 Votes)
  • Nah! (12%, 321 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,601

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28 thoughts on “Do you usually give beauty products as gifts during the holidays?

  1. Given the chance I wouldn’t hesitate for a second, but none of the people I get Christmas presents for is remotely interested in makeup. Not only that, a lot of them have SUPER sensitive skin that reacts to everything, so they use next to no skincare in any case. Perfumes? Forget about those too. I really really wish I could (and I’m mega jealous of whoever gets to give makeup for presents), but it wouldn’t work for me.

  2. Laura

    This year I am giving Jack Black lip balm to my bf’s family as stocking stuffers. When I find products that I absolutely love I will try to share them so other people can discover them, too!

  3. Aida

    I love makeup and I really wish I could gift something like that to someone. Unfortunately no one that I know wears makeup… Depressing thought, I know :)

    • Kim

      I know it is sad. My mom never really wears any as I guess my dad didn’t really like it or something and my SIL’s don’t wear any at all so not happening there and my daughter is too young although she likes my EOS lip balms. Just gotta keep her from biting it (she’s almost 2) lol.

  4. Lauryn

    I give my friends all kinds of great stuff that I get at the Estee Lauder Warehouse sale. This year, my friends are getting the Smashbox Holiday sets, MAC liners and I did get Burt’s Bees kits from Target..

  5. I’ll give skin care, bath and fragrance gifts, but I’ve never given colour cosmetics. It’s a barrier I can’t really cross. No one’s ever given me colour cosmetics either, though, so I guess I’m not the only one who has that barrier.

  6. Xero

    I wish I could, but all of my friends are guys, and I don’t know my family well enough to gift them things like that. :(

  7. Laura

    Occasionally. I got my sister-in-law one of the MAC holiday palettes because I know she loves MAC and, having a baby, she doesn’t have load of money to spend on make-up. I also got my mother a Clinique Chubby Stick as a stocking filler because she’d specifically mentioned that she wanted to try them. I don’t really like people to buy me cosmetics though because I’m quite picky! I would only buy beauty products as a gift if I was very sure about it…

  8. Audrey

    Expensive, but I sometimes do! My cousin is my favorite person ever so I sent her 11 china glaze polishes, all in shades she’s told me she really wanted (: But on another note CHRISTINE I saw this ebay user and I think the pic of the lips is your pic? Looks like it to me

  9. blueraccoon

    Most of my friends are guys or women not into makeup, so I don’t bother. I did get a gift set for one friend who likes makeup, though, and another friend got Inglot eyeshadows. But that’s about it.

  10. Kim

    I chose Nah! b/c I’m the only makeup fiend in my family. Yes, I’m the weird one lol. I am receiving makeup as my Christmas gift from my husband tho. I told him what I wanted from MAC and I’ll see how much of it I get on Tuesday. The black box is sitting in my dining room taunting me lol. I guess it’ll be a Merry MACmas lol.

  11. Rosaline

    For those that love makeup, yes! I do give out makeup gift baskets that I prepared for them. For the guys and everyone else, I get them other things. I think giving gift cards are lazy way out of giving gifts to close family or friends. If it is someone I don’t know very well, then maybe the gift cards :)

  12. ALWAYS! I have adult daughters, so they always get little goodies from Ulta and/or Sephora in their stockings. Last year, my son and son-in-law got shaving kits, and the girls got big palettes, from Sephora. This year, we just drew names…and I got my mom – she’s boring, and if I got her makeup (like I did one year for Mother’s Day), she’d act ALL EXCITED, then complain for two years about not knowing how to use it properly. But my girls LOVE it, and look forward to it!

  13. This year my mom is getting a selection of Clinique items – Almost Lipstick, eyeshadows, and the free gift with purchase bag to bulk it up a bit. My sister got a Birchbox subscription. She’s pickier and I don’t want to risk picking something out that she won’t like, but she already got her email to customize her preferences and she’s thrilled. Plus she’s never heard of Birchbox before, so I got the awesome surprise factor in too.

  14. [email protected]

    My and my auntie Rena (who’s more like a cousin cuz she’s younger than me and was adopted from china after I was born ) always exchange gifts of stuff from sephora.

  15. Nicoco Chanel

    My two best friends are makeup addicts as well, so heck yes I do. 😀 My mum isn’t so much, but I did get her some basics for her birthday before I graduated.

  16. I ONLY gave beauty gifts this year! Even the men got skin care, cologne etc!

  17. Sami

    Got a good friend of mine a smokey NYX palette and some basic brushes and such. She’s not really into makeup because she doesn’t really know how to apply it, she says, and she always compliments me on my looks. So I decided to get her some stuff to help her!

  18. Zainab

    I don’t, most of my friends don’t wear as much, and I wouldn’t know what they do or don’t need…

  19. xamyx

    No; most of my friends either don’t wear much makeup, or those that do have so much already that I wouldn’t know what to get, anyway. Also, none of us do the “obligatory” gifting for any occasion, instead choosing to pick up random things throughout the year; I find this not only a relief from a heavy financial burden, but also a more personal, heartfelt way. If one of us comes across something we know someone else will love, and we can afford it at the time, we’ll just pick it up.

    There was one year that I happened upon a hand-decorated cigar box I knew a friend would just love, and it happened to be around Christmas, so I bought it for her. I had also came upon a particular CG illuminating powder a few days before on clearance, and it was an item she *always* borrowed before we went out, so I got the idea to fill it with some other random items I thought she’d like (another item was a couple of WnW taupe brow pencils, her long-time HG, and some other small things I can’t recall), and she loved it. She had also done several favors for me just prior to this, so it was really more of a “Thank You” gift than an actual Christmas gift.

  20. Stacey

    I give my sister makeup every year. We are the only makeup addicts in the family. I remember the day we both found out the other was a Sephora VIB. it was like choir music started playing and we were both so happy to have SOMEONE to talk makeup with!!
    I often give my mother in law good skincare. Ive turned her on to some things that are now HG for her.
    Oh and my mom used to wear makeup but she stopped for the last few years. Shes feeling not so hot lately (getting old she said) so I bought her a few good pieces like a good eyebrow pencil, powder foundation, a blush and mascara and my sister took her to get her hair done. She was totally cheered up! We told her getting old does not mean forgetting youre a female!

  21. I am the makeup guru in the family and I actually get pestered to get them makeup! My aunt especially says that somehow, her own lipstick choices just never look as good as mine. And we pretty much have similar coloring and undertones anyway so it’s not such a chore. The challenge is getting the products that I would love them to have on my budget.

  22. Veronica

    Only if I know they’re into it or specifically ask, which is…a pretty limited number of people in my acquaintence. My roommate gets a lot of hand-me-downs year round as it is, mostly because her collection is just starting, and my sister and mother generally sticks to a fairly narrow routine.

  23. Mariella

    Not makeup products (except for my daughter when I knew she really wanted the first Naked palette a few years ago) but I do give fragrance and bath/body products to my friends.

  24. Nicole

    Well my mom recieves lipstick or nail polish for christmas or her birthday.

    A friend of mine can choose a mac product when we see each other (she lives in another country).

  25. liz

    My sister and best friend appreciate certain beauty gifts. Not many other people, though.

  26. Pamela

    Just my mom gets perfume.