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I always alternate between brands, usually when i get about halfway through each bottle. I find my hair stops responding to a shampoo/conditioner if i use it all the time, and it becomes for flat and lifeless. So I’ll switch to a different brand, and when I get halfway through those bottles I go back to the first brand, and so on and so forth.

Ahhhh this happens to me too and its soooo annoying!!! Half way through a bottle (cheap, expensive, or in between) and my hair is grease-central all of the sudden!

I usually do however if I am running low on something I may have to switch up brands before I go shopping. Or if you are silly like me you will purchase the conditioner of one brand and forget to place the shampoo in the cart which leads to using a different shampoo and conditioner.

Oh and hah I totally misread the question. For the most part yes I use the same shampoo and conditioner brand at the same time, but not always. Sometimes I just have to use whatever is there.

Nope , I actually use 2 dfferent shampoos & 1 conditioner . The shampoos are for the different colors in my hair .

Nope. I always use Suave or White Rain shampoo (always the apple-scented one), but more expensive (though not salon brand or anything) conditioners. My way of thinking is that the shampoo pretty much just cleans the hair, so there’s no harm in saving a few bucks there (especially when said hair is almost long enough to sit on). My hair’s perfectly healthy, so I don’t see the need to use shampoo in the same price range as my conditioner.

I usually use a pair too 🙂 It’s very rare, that I use different brands or something. Just because the shampoo and conditioner belong together and are made to perfectly complement each other 🙂

At the moment they’re different, but once I’m done the shampoo I’ll buy the one that goes with my current conditioner (Pureology Hydrate!).

I always use the same brand, but different types under that brand. It’s the only brand that works with my hair, even when I try to branch out. What do you use Christine?

Same usually.

Anyone know a good shampoo/conditioner for hair that is medium in thickness and oily?
Seriously , I wash my hair rinse it good, blow dry and within hours it starts looking slightly greasy and hair clumps together. I’ve never had this problem before, so this is annoying me to no end.

I don’t use any products on it other than shampoo and conditioner.


people in my family have had really good luck with the body shop’s nettle shampoo and conditioner – it’s been reformulated recently as the rainforest balance shampoo and conditioner. the SA told me that it’s the same formula without sulfates or parabens (now 100% biodegradable)

Thanks, I’ll have to try that.

I just can’t stand my hair right now. My stylist said it’s oily, and to wash it everyday. I don’t like to wash it everyday though. I find if I pull back some of the hair in a hair tie it mask the bits that look like I haven’t washed in three days, even if I have washed it in less than 24 hrs.

Seriously I can scrunch my hair and it just stays and curls with an iron last for two days. I don’t know what to do with it er.

Use dry shampoo! I like tresemme fresh start. I use it on my hair even when its clean to give it texture.

Ok, ordered a medium size body of the rainforest balance shampoo and a small bottle of the conditioner. If it works good on me, I’ll be buying the bigger bottles in the future for sure.

I use Fresh shampoo and body shop conditioner. I change both about once a year, because my hair is into monogamy. 🙂

I use the Coconut Organix. I’m not sure if it’s Organix or Organics…(I know how to spell Organic, just not the name brand haha) Shampoo and Conditioner. At first I hated it, loved the smell just not how it made my hair feel. The more I used it, the better it worked! 🙁 Almost out.

Pair is always best!

I do. Im partial to Mane and Tail’s shampoo and conditioner. I have really thin hair and it always makes it feel smooth.

I use the same brand of shampoo and conditioner…I will alternate days the type of shampoo but from the same brand I use but will use the same conditioner always.

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