Friday, May 20th, 2011

Choose or Lose

Do you use skincare products specifically for your neck?

  • Nah, I just use whatever I use on my face! (71%, 1,775 Votes)
  • No way, my neck isn't that special! (25%, 634 Votes)
  • Yes, my neck gets its own regimen! (3%, 78 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,494

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

Thanks to Meme for today’s poll!

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12 thoughts on “Do you use skincare products specifically for your neck?

  1. meme

    I started using neck creams when their were only a few on the market back in the early 80’s. I found right away that my face skin care was not enough when I started to treat my neck with care. I did not want to end up with wrinkled, loose, icky necks like I had seen in my family. I am today the proud ‘owner’ of a beautiful neck and jaw line, having kept up with it all these years. No crepe to my neck, hydrated, very few lines. Some of my favs are BE firming neck cream (exclusive to QVC right now), Clarins firming neck cream. I also take my peptide serum all the way down my neck as well before I put a neck moisturizer on. Every 2 days I skip the peptide serum and use a retinol serum. It’s important to push your neck products up and out, back up behind your ears.

    • Angielove

      Wow, I never even knew that neck creams existed. Thanks for sharing with us your knowledge, experience, and your regimen!! :)

    • curlygirl

      You are so knowledgeable meme! Do you have a blog? I use neck cream rarely but after reading your post; i will definitely get started. Any recommendations for people in their early 30´s?

  2. April

    Hands and the neck are two of the main things that can age a woman….

  3. Ashley

    Even when I was using skincare products, I never washed my neck. I don’t think I had specifically washed my neck for the first 19 years of my life. Then I thought, hey I should try washing my neck. Did so, broke out, haven’t payed any attention to my neck ever since. I never had any oily, dry, irritated issues as I had with my face, the skin looks supple, and I just.. don’t see the need.

    I have a feeling that as long as I continue to not wash my neck or face in any special way, or really at all, and make sure to keep up a healthy diet and exercise lifestyle, my neck will be just fine :)

  4. Don’t shoot me, but I don’t really skincare on my face (then again, I don’t think I should have to, especially because of my age [16 going on 17]), so why would I use it on my neck? :p

  5. Steph

    I never did when I was younger, but now that I put foundation on my neck I have to wash it and as a result I moisturize it as well (same stuff as my face).

  6. vee

    Whatever stuff that doesnt work for my face when I try out new skincare, gets used on my neck and decolletage. Or else I’ll use drugstore brands If I used the same stuff for my neck as I do for my face, it’ll be used so sparingly that any benefit ‘pricier’ skincare has would be lost. I’m only 25 so I can’t say whether this works. But my mother really slaps on creams on her neck and hands, and she looks so much better than her sisters :)

  7. Mariella

    The only time I use special products on my neck is if I received them as freebies in a gift-with-purchase. And rather than use what I use on my face,I’ll often use either hand cream or body lotion on my neck. When you think of it, the skin on the neck and that on the hands seem quite similar – thin and with not a lot of cushioning underneath and little in the way of oil glands. Also, my neck is where I’ll often “use up” facial moisturizers that haven’t quite worked on my face (caused a bit of redness or don’t work well under makeup, etc.). My necks seems far less easily irritated by products and since I don’t wear makeup on my neck, that’s also less an issue.

  8. I just use what’s on my face :)

  9. shuz4ever

    I don’t and never have put anything on my neck – other than body wash when i shower – I have a regimen for my face but that ends at my jaw line. Didn’t realize i needed a separate regimen till now.

  10. I don’t find a need for specific neck skincare products right now, I am 27 yrs old. I do though wash my neck with my face wash and I also apply some of my face moisturizer with SPF on my neck as well. The neck is just like all other parts that need to be washed and moisturized. I really don’t think though that neck creams are going to do anything special. I agree with the girl who said if you maintain healthy and get exercise your neck should be ok and it will wrinkle when well everything else is wrinkled :)