Friday, April 30th, 2010

Choose or Lose

Do you use primer regularly?

  • Yes, all the time! (48%, 1,356 Votes)
  • Sometimes, but not everyday. (30%, 838 Votes)
  • Only on special occasions! (18%, 520 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (4%, 109 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,823

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56 thoughts on “Do you use primer regularly?

  1. Kajsa

    Every time I do my eye makeup, I use UDPP. On the face however, not so often, haven’t found any primer that works for me..

  2. Personally, if I wear makeup on myself I usually just wear a primer with Prep + Prime finishing powder over it (maybe concealor if my undereye circles are dark – I favor Peach skin corrector by MAC, it does the job with very little product needed).

    HOWEVER, on other people I always LIKE to use primer – But not everyone is okay with silicone products on their face. People with sensative skin can break out from it. So I’m kind of careful with it.

  3. Bahar

    Always on my eyes unless im too lazy to put on eyeshadow. But i never use face primer

  4. Sarah

    I use both TooFaced primers…Primed and Poreless for my face, and Shadow Insurance for my eyes.

  5. I wear primer for the face, but most times I forget to put it on even when it’s right in front of me!

  6. Michele

    I haven’t found any eye or face primers that can tame my oily skin. Every time I put one on I feel like I’ve wasted my time and money.

    • Mirna

      That’s how I am. I like MAC PP in Painterly & Soft Ochre for my eyes, those work really well on me. Which facial primers have you tried Michele?

  7. lazeny

    I never apply makeup w/o a primer. I use Kanebo Coffret D’or Beauty Lasting Veil UV, w/c is the first primer that was released under Coffret D’or. I never use any other primer because this is so amazing. I’m very acidic and foundation tends to oxidize on me, so when I discovered this I never use any other primers ever since. This works well with any foundation formulations I use.

  8. i use UDPP primer everyday. but i don’t use a face primer. but i would if i wouldn’t forget it all the time.

  9. Dawn

    I rarely use a primer on my face, but then again I rarely use foundation either. I’m more likely to apply a serum and a moisturiser (loving Soap & Glory’s Make Yourself Youthful serum right now). I don’t feel the need to cake on the makeup like the cosmetic counter ladies do.

    However, I nearly always use UDPP when I apply eyeshadow. I’m thinking of giving Too Faced Shadow Insurance a try, too, as I’ve heard good things about it.

    I’d like to find a good lip primer to help my lipstick last longer, too

  10. Laura

    Face and eyelid primer – always without fail! Lip primer, on occasion. Lash primer – never tried it but maybe I should!

  11. Bella

    A few weeks ago I ran out of Photofinish Light and was forced to go primer-less. I was also having a hard time keeping the shine down, I’m pleased to report that without primer, my face stays matte longer and my foundation stays on much longer. This was also after trying about 6 different primers and none of them working the way I wanted to for longer than a week.

  12. Neena

    If we’re talking face primer, then no, I never use primer. I really want to start using it though. I just haven’t figured out which brand to try first!

  13. AshleyRD

    I use primer for eyeshadow, but I don’t use primer for my foundation – I just never have & don’t like the idea of adding another layer of stuff to my face. I did try 2 primers, but they both broke me out (and I usually don’t have breakouts) and they made my face more oily than usual – making my makeup last LESS time, not more. I just see primer as totally unecessary and just adding another step which I don’t want to do….

  14. lauraaaaaaa

    only e/s primer :)

  15. Ellie

    Never! Haha. I’m too scared that a primer will clog my pores.

  16. Nicole F.

    Primer for the face…never
    Primer for the eyes…always :)

  17. CuteBalloon1

    The only primer that I feel does anything to help oily skin is Smashbox Anti-Shine…. forget the rest

  18. Jenelle

    I only use face primer sometimes, I haven’t found one that I’m in love with yet. Any suggestions on a good pore filling primer?

  19. Marina

    Never! They’re all silicone-based, and i’m sensitive to silicones.

  20. Mariana

    eye shadow is a must, face on the other hand… never!

  21. avroys

    I recently started using Mac paint as a primer for eyeshadow make-up and it really works! I don’t know how I survived without it 😉

  22. Solange

    I only wear Estee Lauder´s eyelash primer.

  23. Christina

    I always use primer for my shadow, but for the face, not so much.
    I used to use Prep and Prime Skin from MAC and loved it, then when that was done I decided to try the Prep and Prime Face Protect SPF 50 and it COMPLETELY broke me out! Which is odd because I’ve tried numerous face products from MAC and none of it has ever broken me out.
    But I digress, so then I bought the Smashbox primer, because a friend recommended it to me, and I didn’t like the way it felt on my face. I sometimes use it, but I don’t feel I NEED to, so I usually opt to not include it in my routine.

  24. Mirna

    I answered all the time because I just started to use Clinique’s daily. It’s one that is called something like SuperDefense with SPF 25. It claims to control sebum production so I purchased it for that. It doesn’t really control my oily skin that great but it makes my makeup look good and it has SPF in it!

    • Mirna

      I just reread the question, I use primer on my eyelids everday. I switch back and forth with MAC PP in Painterly and Soft Ochre.

  25. space

    i only use an eyeshadowbase.. my foundation usualy wears over 8 hours and still looks quite good.. good enough for me anyways :)

  26. Laura

    The Only primer i use regularly is eyeshadow primer. I’ve stoped wearing a ton of makeuo on my face since my skins cleared up and so I dont wear primer or liquid foundation.

  27. Only on the eyes though! I almost voted no, because I thought you meant on the face, and I never do that. But I have to on my eyes because I crease like a mad-woman! LOL!

  28. Jordan

    MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre or UDPP on my eyes
    Smashbox Hybrid 2 in 1 Luminizing Primer on my face

  29. Nicole

    Never. I have never found a primer that worked miracles for my foundation, and now I don’t care enough to spend the money on an extra step. I don’t use primer on my eyelids either…just cream shadows or pencils as a base. Maybe I would take it more seriously if I was getting married or something, LOL. 😀

  30. I use eyeshadow primer (or some sort of an eyeshadow base) every day, but face primer probably only every other day or so. It depends on where I’m going that day and how much time I have in the morning.

  31. kcrystal

    Face Primer – All the time even though i don’t wear foundation. It makes makeup application very easy such as blush or when applying concealer.

    Eye Primer – not all the time. I find eye primers don’t work well on me.

  32. I never use a face primer because I dont wear foundation. I like my skin and don’t think I need to wear foundation yet. I do prime my eyes with UDPP though.

  33. Leenie

    Every time I put foundation on I use Lancome La base pro, and I always put my primer UDPP on my eyelids, I want to try the too face primer when I get a chance to pick some up I heard that’s pretty good.

  34. I try not to use it so much, but I can’t help it. LIDS MUST BE PRIMED! For me anyway. I work in a warehouse, if I didn’t prime, it would disappear in an hour.

  35. nicci

    Used to not wear any primer on my face but I found one that I love…finally!

  36. diana

    i’ve got the mac face primer which i use for special occasions. i also use udpp and tfsi occasionally when i bother to wear eyeshadow.

  37. Sara

    i never use a primer but i would like to start using UDPP

  38. Meesh

    I’ll prime my eyes if I use shadows but after using the body shop’s primer, completely turned me off to ALL primers. It felt like I was pulling greasy plasic of my face and another it dried quickly into a silky finish, I just couldn’t get over the fact that when I washed my hands, water literally rolled off. Which I get is what’s supposed to happen . . . but how does my face breath then? I doubt all primer’s like that so maybe I’ll grow to love one when I actually try another!

  39. Amanda

    Yes I use MAC prep and prime but I have super oily skin that this product only worked for about a week before my face just started to get oily again! Does anyone have any idea which new primer i should try? I warn you my face is oily 20 minutes after i apply makeup

    • Katharine

      Me too! My face just looks so shiny and oily. In the past I used smashbox and don’t remember my face being this oily. I might see if I can get a small travel size tube and compare the two.
      MAC also do a Prep+Prime ‘Skin Refined Zone’ which works out to be more expensive than regular Prep+Prime. I am not sure if it is worth buying/trying – might see if I can get a sample. They also do a matteifying cream that is supposed to be good.

  40. For eye primer, yes all the time. For face, no since I don’t keep up with face primer. Even though I would love to wear face primer one day and find the perfect one.

  41. sophie

    i use hourglass veil face primer when i wear powder foundation, but not when i wear liquid foundation.
    and i use benefit F Y EYE (discontinued) on my eyes

  42. viv

    I have this supermarket-brand version of Olay Regenerist and it’s the PERFECT primer. You’re probably not supposed to do this, but I dab a little bit on my lids before my Paintpots and it really makes everything apply more smoothly. I also prefer that as a face primer to the swankier primers I’ve tried (Sephora, Too Faced, Smashbox).

  43. Abril

    Never in my face but always on my lids! The only face primer I’ve ever tried was Smashbox Photofinish but it was nothing different… IMO!

  44. Stacey

    Eye primer every day, face primer, almost never.

  45. Katharine

    I always wear face primer. I used to use Smashbox primer, but it became hard to buy online (and nearly impossible to find in Australia), so switched to Mac Prep+Prime.
    I use Mac foundation (Studio Fix Fluid) and just found that the foundation wasn’t going on without a primer…It wasn’t blending on my skin without it. It is pretty light on my skin and doesn’t feel cakey or anything, BUT I have oily skin and by the 4th hour of wearing makeup my face looks oily, so might have to think about switching primers and wearing something that targets oil.

  46. Eye primer: 98%, except for totally-in-a-rush situations where I just put on MAC grease stick or urban decay cream/liquid e/s and blend. Good to go

    Face primer: 95%, I’d rather leave out foundation and wear primer with finishing powder if I’m in a hurry, than foundation w/o primer :)

  47. fks

    How about “Never”? Because that is how often I use a pre-formulated primer for the
    face. I do use a moisturiser and sunblock under my make up though, and that works
    well enough as a primer.

  48. I have to use a primer on my eyes (UDPP, Paint Pot, Stay Don’t Stray, or TFSI). There is NO way my shadows will stay all day if I dont! I LOVE using a primer on my face as well. I can really tell a difference when I don’t…by the end of the day, it looks as if I am not wearing any makeup besides eye makeup! I am like most, I have not found a specific primer that will work for me except for Smashbox Photofinish Light. Because of the price, it is very much a splurge that I don’t get to take too often. :(

  49. Emm

    On my eyes yes, but for face hardly ever.