Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Do you use lip primer? If so, what’s your go-to? Do you find it necessary?

Temptalia's AnswerI don’t, and the only times I have, it’s been more to test out the product than anything else.  I find that a lot of primers feel drying and don’t apply very evenly.  I’d rather use a lip liner.

Thanks to Caroline for today’s question!

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34 thoughts on “Do you use lip primer?

  1. Sometimes I feel that lip primer helps out a patchy, dry lip product. I go for MAC’s Prep + Prime lip, and that helps a lot. Generally, though, the answer is no.

  2. Carolina

    Sometimes. Only with really matte lipsticks.

  3. livnzoe

    no.. i’ve never tried one..

  4. lip primer? I’m lucky I even have time to put on eyeshadow without eye primer. Gosh I wish I had time to prep my face like that.

  5. I love Mac Prep & Prime Lip. It works very well for me 😀

  6. Everytime I remember, I’m bit sloppy 😉
    I use a Mavala lip primer and it’s a bit strange because feels a little dry, but when I look at the mirror my lips are gorgeous!
    Hold factor it’s really good too, not a miracle, but really good.

  7. reeny

    never really use lip primer..i find using a lip balm is good enuf as a base!

  8. Amanda A

    My lips have a hard time with lipstick staying put. I tend to bleed out on the sides of my bottom lip. I also use MAC’s Prep + Prime and it definitely helps the staying power and overall length of wear.

  9. Laurel

    Now I do!! Too faced lip insurance is AMAZING!!

  10. Sarah

    Only before a big night out with a bright matte lipstick, I use MAC Prep + Prime on my lips with lip liner as well. Usually only with brights like orange, fuchsia and red, colours that need the extra TLC.

  11. Eri

    I use the Origins lip primer to “neutralise” the colour of my lips—that helps when I’m going for a very light, nude look (actually, just a layer of gloss on top of thie primer works as the perfect nude for me). MAC’s Prep+Prime is good, but I found that Too Faced Lip Insurance helps smooth out lip lines and the like. I was skeptical at first (started off as a bit of a hit and miss) and left it in the drawer for about half an hour. Just rediscovering it now and love it!

  12. Donna Cooper

    I do out of habit like putting on a foundation primer. MAC Prep & Prim, not drying and goes tacky to hold the lipstick or gloss

  13. I use Mac Prep + Prime Lip which doesn’t seem to dehydrate my lips and does improve the appearance of lip sticks :) x

  14. Ana G.

    I just bought my first lip primer ever (MAC’s Prep + Prime lip) and I find it very useful when I want to use red our darker lipsticks.

  15. Mariella

    I had thought of giving Mac’s lip primer a try a while back but then I just didn’t bother for some reason.

  16. Naheeda

    I love Guerlain KissKiss LipLift. It does work to stay longer and i use only on occasion.

  17. Monika-Luiza

    never! haven’t found a primer that did’t dry out my lips.
    I kind of “prime” my lips with carmes right before I put on foundation and blot them with a tissue before I apply my lipstick (last thing in my routine), this helps ma lips to appear smoother and the lipssticks are less drying

  18. No, I’ve never used one, sometimes I pat a litle foundation on my lips though.

  19. MAChostage

    Sometimes. When I do, I use UD’s lip primer and tend to use it with glosses and certain lipsticks.

  20. Kristina

    love lip primers. Since I have started using them, I can’t go back to applying lip products to bare lips. I find they
    a) make the pre-applied lip balm do its job much better
    b) make my lips look fuller
    c) provide a cleaner and more even canvas to apply lip products
    d) tones down the natural pigmentation in my lips a bit, I am able to wear shades that I could not before

    I love primers from MAC and Guerlain. I just tried Clinique’s All about Lips, but it feels more of a treatment than a primer, but I won’t rule it out as yet…… we’ll see how it works under a tinted lip balms at the humid beach in the caribbean :)

  21. I never use a lip primer, UNLESS if I’m wearing red lipstick

  22. When I want my lip product to last a while, I use it. MAC’s prep n prime isn’t drying for my lips and if i wait a minute or two to apply my lip color, i find it grabs the color better.

  23. cait

    Not really, I don’t wear lipstick enough anymore to make it necessary. However, I will sometimes use MAC Paints – Bare Canvas on my lips as a primer if my lipstick is light, like playing koi.

  24. Yes, I use MAC’s Prep + Prime lip primer. It helps my lipstick and gloss to last longer and not bleed.

  25. Flick

    it smoothes out all the fine lines, always wear it 😀

  26. Joanna

    I use MAC’s Lip Erase all the time before applying lipstick or gloss.

  27. AS

    I had a makeup artist use Mary Kay primer along the border of my lip once and was amazed at the results. No matter how gloopy and saturated a red lipgloss is, there is no feathering. This stuff isn’t drying – you can put it along the outside border, not even on the lips for the same effect. Lip liner just doesn’t work at all for me with preventing feathering. I’ve also noticed that foundation can create a bit of a barrier for products that are borderline feathering.

  28. Cindy

    Religiously! I started with Revlon’s Colorstay lipstick in clear years ago – I used to have a problem with lipstick (MAC) in particular bleeding out – even though I used a lipliner (and no, I wasn’t old at the time, I was in my early 20’s!). Once I started using started using the Revlon Colorstay in clear, I had NO problems and my lipsticks would last 8 hours or more without re-touching! Unfortunately, they went and discontinued the Revlon Colorstay in clear and I can’t even get it on Ebay anymore. I went into Sephora years ago and asked them what product would be similar, and they suggested Paula Dorf’s Perfect Illusion for lips (at the time they sold Paula Dorf products). I’ve been using it religiously ever since, but it’s a shame that a $22 product (Paula Dorf) does the SAME EXACT THING as the $7 Revlon Colorstay that’s discontinued! :( I also tried Urban Decay’s lip primer but I don’t like it – it changes the color of the lipstick too much and it’s too moist, if that makes any sense. I guess the next one I’ll try will be the MAC Prep + Prime lip.

  29. tony

    I do, especially unde glosses, my fav is m.a.c. p+p lip primer it makes evrything so much mor cushy. My secret weapon is m.a.c. clear brow wax as a primer it creates a base that makes your lipsticks not move for hours, I use this specifically under bold lip colors. :)

  30. Yvonne

    Yes, but only when I’m wearing a high intensity lip color that has the tendency to bleed. Like Reds, hot pinks, deep wines, etc. I find that MAC’s lip primer does help.

  31. I’ve used UD lip primer which is nice n creamy but not too greasy. I do use Vaseline most times if I’m honest with you!

  32. Keyonna

    No, should I? LOL

  33. Christelle

    No. But if I ever do it’s Khiels Strawberry lip balm.

  34. Jess

    I tried MAC Prep + Prime lip primer and it totally dried out my lips! I’d very much rather use my Chapstick before putting on lipstick.