Friday, May 6th, 2011

Choose or Lose

Do you use deep conditioning products?

  • Yes, they're a must! (42%, 671 Votes)
  • Sometimes, but only if my hair really needs it! (41%, 650 Votes)
  • Nope, not for me! (16%, 259 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,587

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

Thanks to CeeBee for today’s poll!

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10 thoughts on “Do you use deep conditioning products?

  1. I should use them but I don’t because I don’t know what to use. My hair changed texture when I reached adulthood and it freaked me out because I haven’t known how to deal with it for going on 7 years now. Yikes, it’s probably about time I learn.

  2. Neha

    I prepare my own herbal deep-conditioning product at home. It has done wonders to my hair. My hair is straighter, glossy and knot free.

    • meme

      Love to know what your home recipe is! I just know the olive oil thing that works great – but always want to know more! Really good deep conditioners usually are quite expensive which I think is why a lot of folks don’t bother to use one. Then also they take more time and we all are usually guilty of not finding that extra time. That’s why I really like to do mine over-night. It does not take me any extra time to wash it out of my hair in the AM than a normal shampoo.

  3. Isheeta

    I use it once a week..

  4. Rayna

    I do the Bumble and Bumble quenching mask once a week. Keeps my colour treated hair in check.

  5. meme

    I use WEN Re-Moist. Then I also will use every 2 weeks either WEN treatment oil leaving it on overnight, or Josie Maran Aragon Oil (plain or the one for hair),again leaving it on overnight. It makes a world of difference in the condition and strength my hair has. Without a deep conditioner, my hair is much dryer, does not have the shine it needs, and I get a ton more split ends. Also with a deep conditioner (least the ones I use), my highlights last a lot longer I notice. If you are penny poor, many hair dressers I have been to recommend using olive oil on your hair over night. It’s not gross really. You can or don’t need to, put a shower cap on if you leave something on overnight. I tend not to use one and I don’t have any problem with my pillow case getting ruined. However the couple times I did use olive oil I did put 2 hand towels on my pillowcase in case it left oil stains. There are tons of Omega 3’s in OO so it makes a good alternative if you cannot afford a good deep conditioner. Even the ones they give you at the hairdresser are not as good as some of these I listed above. The hairdresser does not have enough time to leave things on to really do the full job the products could. They use the hair dryer often in tandom to drive the deep conditioners in. But nothing is as good as 5 hours leave in time or better yet, over-night. And these oils do wash out with ease, despite what you might think.

  6. Helen

    I like to deep condition once a week to keep my naturally curly hair hydrated and moisturized. It really does make a big difference for me.

  7. CeeBee

    I have tried quite a few but my favourite is still the VO5 Emergency Rescue Elixir – it’s like $6NZD in the supermarket, literally melts into your hair, takes only a minute to work and rinses out cleanly to leave gorgeous, shiny, silky hair.
    I have moderately long, fairly thick hair that tangles super easily but every time I go to get my hair cut the hairdresser always comments on the condition of my hair and the fact that I have virtually no split ends – they’re usually pretty surprised when I tell them I only get it cut about once a year, LOL!

    Super effective, cheap and quick = LOVE.

  8. AnGeLwInGz

    Absolutely because my hair is a hot mess, even though I never use heat styling!

  9. Jaime

    I recently shaved my head, so I don’t really pay attention to hair products anymore. I do use a scalp mask, though – LUSH makes a good one called Hair Doctor – because I find I need something once or twice a month to combat dry scalp.