Friday, August 10th, 2012

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Do you use anti-aging skin care products?

  • Yes! (54%, 1,236 Votes)
  • No! (45%, 1,037 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 24 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,297

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36 thoughts on “Do you use anti-aging skin care products?

  1. Gina

    Yes! Some people call me crazy for it, but I use them for preventative reasons. It’s much easier to prevent wrinkles than it is to fix them!

  2. Meiya

    The primary anti-aging product I use regularly is sunblock. Every day I go outside in daylight.

  3. Elizabeth

    Yes, but I make my own products with anti-aging ingredients.

  4. Yellowlantern

    I figure “Why not?”, probably doesn’t hurt and some of them actually improve my skin in a noticeable way.

  5. Pamela

    If you consider sunscreen an anti-ager then, yes, I use them. I’m African American and I’m paranoid about sun care! Remember, the mags all say that the sun exposure is the #1 way to prematurely age your skin. Preventive care is key!

  6. Kafka

    God, yes! At 42, I am theoretically and officially middle-aged. I’ve finally stopped thinking of myself as 19 or 22, but I still find the 40s a hard concept to wrap my head around. Thankfully, my tiny elfish height and looks make people think I’m in my 30s, but the reality is my skin is most definitely in need of anti-aging products, particularly if I don’t want to look like a prune later. And around my eyes… it may be great sign to have tons of laugh lines but… ugh. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go sob at my advanced decrepitude. 😉

  7. Emily O.

    I’m the queen of getting GWP and Sephora VIB extras to try the newest anti aging products. At my age I consider it a necessity. However I am all about an ounce of prevention and I wear mineral sunscreen religiously, wear protective clothing, avoid the sun when possible and stay hydrated.

  8. Anne

    Due to having dry skin, I tend to use lotions that are marketed as anti-aging b/c they tend to be more moisturizing. I don’t use anything with actual anti-aging ingredients (yet).

  9. MonicaP

    Heck ya! But if you don’t use sunscreen then there’s no point in wasting your money on anti-aging products. ALSO, .. if you smoke – Stop. I just had a visit from my 67 yr old mom, who I hadn’t seen in 5 yrs and she has smoked all her adult life and she now looks like she’s 87. Seriously, I was shocked. I didn’t say anything (what do you say?) .. but the effects of smoking are awful.

  10. Mariella

    The best anti-aging product out there is a decent sunscreen, used EVERY day, rain or shine, summer or winter. I’ve used sunscreen since I was in my 20’s (back then, they were heavy and thick and greasy). I’m nearing 60 now (this is alarming to me too!) but my face is quite unlined and I am sure that is probably 95% sunscreen, 3% good genes and 2% using good skin care products in addition to sunscreen.

  11. Irene

    I selected other, I’m 19, turning 20 this august, so I think it’s a bit to early for me to be slapping on the anti-wrinkle creams. On the other hand, I do use a lot of sunblock, which I guess could count as an anti-age skin care product. 😉

  12. lilly04

    I don´t believe in anti-aging skin care. However, i try them out, just a sampling, but can´t notice a recovery of my skin. I`m beginning to get minimal facial wrinkles at 33, and i hate it so much. I drink a lot of water now, and use sun care every day. Think that could be a good way to slowing down the skin aging process. :/

    • cityphonelines

      Sample sizes are almost never going to yield results, skincare requires 2-4 weeks of consistent (use as directed) use before results begin to become visible. I highly recommend doing research onto finding out what products are designed for your expectations, bite the bullet and make the purchase, and use it regularly.

      I’m not trying to be rude, please don’t be offended.

      • lilly04

        that´s ok :). I use them longer than 4 weeks, ;), sampling was the wrong word, i meant try out.
        I investigate a lot about anti aging products, the result for me was sun care und drinking a lot of water. The official result of a test about anti agin products in germany was they don´t really work.

    • xXx CHAR xXx

      With all due respect … I hardly think you are making a fair statement about anti-aging products not working – based on using a sample. It’s a process not a magic wand.

    • aak3

      You are on a good tract, eat a balanced diet, adequate exercise, & vitamins will also help. Also found that ( you can do this by phone ) that by contacting a Beauty Specialist at a high end store, I like Neimen Marcus & prices are same most everywhere for cosmetics, they are more than happy to send you samples for 2 weeks by any company that interests you or/& they suggest. You don’t usually have to buy anything, Maybee 1. You can call any place in US.

  13. Chelsea

    I use an antioxidant serum with pomegranate, green tea, Vitamin E, CoEnzyme Q10, and some other goodies in it. I do this to neutralize free radicals, and because of the research showing how antioxidants can increase the effectiveness of your sunscreen in preventing skin cancer. I wear this everyday, underneath my ceramide moisturizer and SPF 50+. I have extremely dry skin, so layering is a necessity!

  14. Nicole

    No, but since I turnded 30 last year, I should better start using an anti-aging face cream or serum.

  15. Dominique

    Yes I use anti-aging creams ( day and night ), rosewater and other floral waters, the best receipe ever is avoiding sun and eating fruit, avoid sugar too. My skincare routine is simple, a day cream with rose extracts and a night cream with rose extracts ! I also use other creams specific to mature or pre-mature skins. La Prairie Caviar Cream ( 370 € ! ) has a very solid reputation, maybe one day I’ll purchase it but it’s really very expensive so I’ll wait a bit !

  16. I don’t use skincare items with anti-aging properties just because I’m worried my skin will get used to them/be immune – I’m only 20 – I just make sure to moisturize a lot and drink lots of water and wear sunscreen errday of course. I will probably start using when I’m almost mid 20s or mid 20s.

  17. Frckls

    I choose anti-aging actives that are okay for my 24-yo skin. Vit C, niacinamide, hyaluron, AHA (lactic 8% and glycolic 10%), retinol, venuceane, tamarind seed extract, sea-kelp bioferment, rosehip, sea buckthorn, maracuja, tamanu, royal jelly. The only peptide that touches my skin is only in my eye cream. And slather on sunscreen in daytime.

    It’s always best to maintain your skin from early age! My freckles grew in number this past year, and I noticed some sun spots! Not good.

  18. Audrey

    Not yet, but I’m only 22. I use sunscreen every day, though! With any luck, I won’t need much in the way of anti-aging skincare. My mom has really great skin, so I’m hoping to inherit that gene!

  19. Melissa

    Of course! I’ve been using anti-aging skin care products for two years now even though I’m only 23. They’re a great way to keep your skin moisturized (in addition to keeping hydrated!). I also use sunscreen every day.

  20. Katie

    I don’t use anti-aging skin care products yet… however I will start soon. I know I won’t have wrinkles when I turn 18 in a year, however I have been told that thats when your skin startes to age. For me it’s all about prevention.

  21. xamyx

    Plenty of moisturizer & exfoliation, high SPF, and genetics. I *try* to drink plenty of water, but I don’t always succeed. I don’t use products specified for anti-aging, in fact I don’t spend alot of money on skincare, at all. I *personally* believe genetics play a *very* key role in aging. Everyone on both sides of my family have aged well, and most of them even smoked. I’ve also always wore sunscreen & giant sunglasses since I was around 10-11, and I’ve never been a fan of the whole tanning thing. I’m 39, and I have no fine lines or wrinkles, no eyelid crepiness, and I get carded *every* time I go out. Again, most of the credit goes to DNA, as alot of aging has to do with loss of muscle tone & collagen, neither of which can be prevented with serums.

  22. aak3

    Hi, im almost 60y/o, so yes. Tons of medications & age has left my skin very sensitive. It has been a difficult search for cosmetics, but finally finding solutions. I want to say that some drug store brands ( Olay, Cetaphil, etc ), are ok but end up being more expensive than high end products only because they are made up mostly with water, thus using 4 times as much product. Discovered LAMER to be excellent when skin is bad, best healer but too expensive for me to use daily basis; surprisingly, found DIOR HYDRA LIFE to be great daily skincare & lasts very long time. I discovered the skin care, when I discovered that their cosmetics were gentle on my skin, so is JANE IREDALE.
    My younger 21 y/o daughter doesn’t use anti-aging product but is happy with Clinique. My older 32 y/o daughter just starting anti-aging PHILOSOPHY & BOBBIE BROWN. Hope this helps someone.

  23. Heck yes! I didn’t start using sunscreen until I was 20, and having done 4 years of varsity cross country and long distance track (which also involves hours of practice in the sun after school everyday; we even trained during the summertime), all that sun exposure (not to mention severe cystic acne), has me doing a lot of catch up! I’m super paranoid about sunscreen, staying indoors, using high amounts of well-studied antioxidants, retinol, and many others!

    I’m pretty insane when it comes to this that I annoy the heck out of my roommates. For example if I’m indoors, I won’t allow ANY of the blinds to be opened, since UV(A) light penetrates normal glass. And I still slap on heavy-duty sunscreen if I’m leaving the house at 6 pm… Lol!

    So yeah, definitely! I zealously use “anti-aging” products to prevent future damage, and repair as much of the damage that’s already been done. And of course, I try and eat and sleep well, in addition to having a peaceful state of mind and body. Though of course, those latter four are much more difficult to accomplish; at least much more so than slapping something on to the skin.

  24. Azaza

    Yes I do even if I am just 23 since I believe that prevention is better. I specifically use anti aging eye cream because I can already see a few wrinkles there and my eye are does get more abused since I love putting on eye make up

  25. Veronica

    I don’t use specific aging products, but I keep my sun exposure limited during the summer months and I slather on the SPF and lotion as often as possible. I also try to keep hydrated and avoid bad smoking/eating habits. I do wish I’d been better educated in my teen years about sun damage – I didn’t really start wearing SPF consistently until my early twenties, and it shows on my shoulders where bad burns have left me with several freckle patches. (It worries me more in regards to skin cancer issues than aging, but it’s still something I look back on and slap myself for being so stupid.)

    I’ve not quite yet decided on whether I’m going to bother too much with any specific products when I’m older. I come from decent genetics (my parents didn’t really start showing their age until their late 40s), and I suspect the shape and depth of my eye is going to make crow’s feet inevitable by some point regardless of what I do. 😛 But who knows! Aging gracefully doesn’t have to mean being anti-prevention – it just means you have to be accept yourself at all stage of your life.

  26. Echo

    Nope. I’m in my 20s keep my skincare to a bare minimum – all-natural soap 2x a day and spot treatment when needed. Sunscreen if I’ll be exposed for a long time. I believe in taking care of my skin primarily from the inside: I drink at least 12 glasses of water a day, exercise regularly, and have a diet of about 70 percent fruits and vegetables. I make it a point to eat lots of healthy fat – tons of avocados, raw nuts, flax, fish, and healthy oils like EVOO and coconut. I don’t tan, smoke or consume caffeine. I also have genetics on my side – I have a very young-looking mother. I may use products someday, but right now I have hopes of being able to postpone the need for them for at least a couple decades.

    • Melissa

      I am the same way. I will be 35 in two months but look ten years younger. I also make sure I get 8 hours of sleep each night.

  27. you bet your a$$ I do :) I was taught proper skincare was infinitely more important than your makeup routine. I started using moisturizer, sunscreen, and eye cream when I was in my 20’s. I also used Prescriptives Line Preventor for years!! It was my little bottle of looking better. That being said, I think you need to tailor your skincare program according to your age and it’s best left to a professional to recommend the right products for your skin type. I really cannot emphasize that enough. I saw a post by a young lady stating that she doesn’t want to use anti-aging products until she needs them lest they not be effective when she wants them to work. I completely agree with her assessment. The big 50 is lurking ahead for next year *sigh* and so I do use full-fledged anti-aging products. I have personally had good success with products by Thalgo and Sisley. Each of these companies have skincare lines appropriate for age/skin types. Whatever your age you need sunscreen and my aunt who is only 7 years older than me looks like she is at least 20 years older which I attribute to her being a huge sun worshipper and also smoking cigarettes, which I abhor, but love her anyway. This wasn’t the case ten years ago when people used to think we were sisters, but as we crept up to our 40’s and 50’s her skin has changed drastically. Anyhow, I also see a lot of young girls going the tanning bed route and while they may look young and fresh now, I grimace inside and think of all the money they will be spending in their 50’s to try and erase the damage.

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  29. Sunday O'Brien

    I do! I use anti-aging skin care products. I always say that when the lines show, you’re probably doing something wrong (which in the case of others is not using these great products) Thanks Temptalia!