Friday, June 15th, 2012

Choose or Lose

Do you use an eyeshadow base/primer before you apply your eyeshadow?

  • Yes, absolutely! (73%, 3,068 Votes)
  • Most of the time! (20%, 827 Votes)
  • No, never! (7%, 308 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,203

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33 thoughts on “Do you use an eyeshadow base/primer before you apply your eyeshadow?

  1. Always!  I don’t know how I lived without UD Primer Potion before I discovered it last fall, but it’s amazing – I love that my makeup looks great at the end of the workday – just in time for happy hour.  :)

  2. lauramarie100

    I got a primer as a Sephora 100 point perk a few years ago. I cannot believe I ever did eye makeup without one! My eye shadow would creased in a few hours before I started using primer, but now I never have issues. I go between UDPP original and Eden, and I use MAC paint pots on occasion. I’ve used the NARS primer, and it does a good job too. I’ve turned my 3 sisters on to these as well, and they agree it makes all the difference with eye makeup.

  3. Nikki

    I don’t know how anyone can go without eye primer! In the beginning I was like “that’s just a gimmick…” but after receive a sample of UDPP I couldn’t let it go! Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    To all the people not using a primer, PLEASE for the sake of the makeup heavens give it a try!!!

  4. There should be a “Sometimes, if the eyeshadow needs it” option.

    • KaseyCannuck

      I agree. That would be the most appropriate answer for me. The hot sticky summer days require something to keep the shadow where it should be. As for the rest of the year, I have minimal creasing by the end of the day. It definately helps to know what the “good” shadows are in terms of longevity. Many thanks to Christine!!

  5. yellowlantern

    Even though I have oily/combination skin, I don’t have much trouble getting my eyeshadow (all Urban Decay or MAC) to stay without creasing for 8-15+ hours (8-ish hours in very humid and sweaty weather and 15+ hours in winter). I do get a bit a creasing and fading by late night, but by that time I’m not usually concerned with having fresh looking makeup. Now if I could just find a mascara that doesn’t smudge after 6 hours on my lower eyelid I’d be set!

    • Janelle Monique

       @yellowlantern Have you tried the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara? I like it and the wand is perfect.

  6. t_zwiggy

    Yes! I have extremely oily lids, so it’s an absolute must for me. Even good quality eyeshadows crease on me within 30 minutes. With NARS Smudgeproof (the best I’ve tried so far) I can get about 8 hours wear with good eyeshadows, but with average ones I only get maybe 4-5.

    • JaneenArias

       @t_zwiggy Thought that was just me!!! UDPP doesn’t work for me :( TFSI works the best. Been dying to try the Nars one but I keep spending my money elsewhere. I layer so much…primer + UD shadow pencil + powder + finishing powder even! Stupid oily skin. :(

      • Janelle Monique

         @JaneenArias UDPP works for me, but I can’t use the UD Shadow pencils on my lid at all! They are the only UD product that creases on me. My lids are ultra oily though so I can’t even use the NYX Jumbo pencils without creasing even over primer.  But I can use a paint pot over UDPP without creasing and my shadow lasts all day and night.

        • JaneenArias

           @Janelle Monique Oh wow, the Shadow pencils help a lot when I layer it with eyeshadow. Also the Maybelline 24 hr cream shadows are amazing. I should give you my UDPPs because they refuse to work on me. They did, years ago, but not anymore :( So sad.

        • xamyx

          @JaneenArias I heard UD changed the formula of their primers a couple of years ago, and they now include lanolin, which could be why they no longer work for you. Lanolin is a secretion of the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals that works to basically waterproof the animals and is like a wax.

        • Janelle Monique

           @JaneenArias The pencils crease on me with or without shadow and I always wear a primer. I’m reduced to wearing them as liners only. :( I’m thinking about trying those Maybelline cream shadows though. My tried and true combo for all shadows, especially mattes is UDPP topped with MAC Painterly paint pot. Unless I’m using a super glittery shadow, then I use Pixie Epoxy over UDPP.

  7. TFSI for me as I don’t find that UDPP works as well and texturised my skin (especially the Eden and Sin formulas). So far my HG is the Lime Crime eyeshadow helper. I would like to try out NARS but i want to get a sample size of it first.

  8. xamyx

    I don’t have a problem with oily lids, creasing, smudging, etc, but primer makes *all* the difference in terms of how colors show up on my lids. As another stated beloww, I thought primer was just a gimmick, a way to get you to spend more money on products, but I was so wrong! I was at Sephora and noticed the Kat Von D primer, and decided to swatch it with an eyeshadow (at this time, I had all of them already), and I was stunned to see how “true” to the pan the shade was. I bought the primer, and have been using primer ever since. For me, it’s no different than wearing foundation; it seems pointless to do a full eye look without finishing the rest of my face.

  9. Alyssamerrick

    I always use a primer, even when I’m using a paint pot or something as a base. I’d rather take that extra step than have my eyeshadow crease later in the day.

  10. Miss J

    I have to wear some sort of base and/or primer otherwise anywhere between 1-2 hours later my eye shadow would be melted in my crease.

  11. LissaOliva

    I’m kinda used to it by now, without a primer the shadow just does not last as long, and the colors don’t show as well (no matter how pigmented it is).
    Paint Pots (Nubile, Painterly, Soft Ochre, Groundwork) are favorites but I’ve also discovered UDPP, all amazing products!!!

  12. shelleyb

    Always! Today I used Giorgio Armani concealer as my eye primer (recommended by the MUA several years ago). I have several favorites: Estee Lauder Cream Eye Shadows, MAC Paint Pots, Laura Mercier Cream Eye Colors (square w/wand applicator) in Wheat, Laura Mercier Eye Tints in small metallic tubes, Guerlain Eye Primer,Sensai Kanebo Eye Primer, Mary Kay Cream Eyeshadows in pots, not tubes, and probably several others that I couldn’t remember! Just not a big fan of UDPP, though.

  13. Carla Souza

    An eye primer/base is a necessity for me because I have oily lids. They’re not the worst case of oily ones, but alone the shadows crease in about 2 or 3 hours. I’m luck cause paint pots, TFSI and UDPP worked very well on me 😀

  14. Veronica

    Even if I don’t have primer on me, I always have concealer around my eyes to brighten them up (they’re deep set, so they tend to look shadowed and tired in poor lighting), which works as a decent primer most times.  Eyeshadow primer is one of those things that I think people discover a few years after they start using cosmetics, and once they do, they can’t believe how they ever went without it.

  15. nacacijin

    I have to wear some kind of crease-resistant product because I have very oily skin. Most of the time I use a base like the Makeup For Ever Aqua Creams because they’re heavenly and because I can use them alone when I’m being lazy with my makeup. I have a bunch of eye primers (I bought the UDPP in bulk when ULTA had a sale) and I never find myself reaching for them. My eyes react funny to the UDPP and the TFSI, they get dry and almost scaly, but the Nars one works very well. But 9 times out of 10, I’ll pick up a base before I reach for a primer.

  16. swore by UDPP but will be switching to something else once i run out now that they’ve changed their business model. maybe TF? 

  17. Lauren13

    It’s a must for me.  If I accidentally miss a spot, I can totally tell because I end up with crazy creasing in that spot. 

  18. t_violet

    I have very heavy, hooded eyelids and eyeshadow doesn’t last longer than 5 minutes without creasing without primer.  Before I discovered primer, even eyeliner would transfer to my upper lids and quickly disappear.  Primer totally changed my eye make-up.

  19. ZulaikhaMuddassir

    No I don’t use any eyelid primer, but after reading the comments I think il buy one for myself. Which primers are good? I have oily skin and I live in srilanka where its hot all year round.

  20. Mariahgem

    I have used some base or another for probably 15 years!  I think my first was from Garden Botanika.  It was a lot like the Mac Paint Pots.  Which is what I use now.  Sometimes I use Nars, and sometimes, if I want it to last like cement, I use Nars Primer and then Mac Paint Pot over it!I have large eyelids, and they crease makeup like no other!  Seriously, I consider it almost a waste of shadow to not use a primer! 

  21. This concept is totally new to me, I’m considering trying it!

  22. ebonyamberjade

    I’ve started to think it might be an unnecessary step, but there was a time when it was UNTHINKABLE for me to apply eyeshadow straight to my eyelid.

  23. Amanda

    I have oily lids and eye shadow will crease within about half an hour if i don’t use a primer. I just use a home made one. Liquid foundation, eye cream and a bit of corn flour. It works surprisingly well.

  24. casey23

    My lids are oily, whatever I do, I can’t stop that, so I almost always use Nars eyeshadow base before applying eyeshadow or so.