Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Choose or Lose

Do you use a lip scrub?

  • Nah! (51%, 1,093 Votes)
  • Sometimes... (31%, 661 Votes)
  • Yes! (17%, 372 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 28 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,154

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42 thoughts on “Do you use a lip scrub?

  1. Erica

    I love the Sweet Lips lip scrub from Lush followed by the None of Your Beeswax lip balm!

  2. Michelle

    I don’t use lip scrubs often but Tarte’s FRXtion is a good one. One side of it is a scrub, the other side is a lip balm. I always notice a difference in my lips after I use it.

  3. Tammy

    I don’t use lip scrubs, I’ve always wanted to, but the only one people seem to recommend is the Lush Bubblegum scrub and I can’t justify spending $8 on sugar xD Do lip scrubs make a difference?

    • Becky

      I recently purchased two of Lush’s lip scrubs, and I gotta tell you: $8 bucks for colored sugar is WELL WORTH IT! I love the scrubs! They work SO well, and leave my lips smooth and ready for lipstick! And they taste yummy, too! I’d recommend them, for sure!

    • tg

      Don’t bother with the Lush. It’s a horrible mess and the bubblegum doesn’t even taste like bubblegum. It has some strange, perfumey flavor to it.

      I like Sara Happ’s version, but honestly, you can make your own. Just mix up some grapeseed oil or olive oil along with some sugar and maybe a bit of honey and try that. I think Michelle Phan actually did a video on it. Sara Happ’s is three times the amount of Lush’s and while good, still isn’t worth it.

      • nicci

        I tried the lip scrub from Lush as well and I wasn’t that impressed, I agree with TG – messy!

  4. jen

    oooh, i gotta admit that lip scrub is one of the few things that i’ve never tried yet at the same time have this very strong opinion about ;). the very idea of scrubbing your lips using peeling-style stuff like you use on your body totally freaks me out. and is it even necessary at all? i mean when your lips are dry in the winter time, just give ’em some more moisture, like a chapstick or something! right? right?? 😀

  5. Mare

    I didn’t until Lush came out with theirs, they work perfectly and are super yummy!

  6. Dollymix8

    I love my bubblegum lip scrub from LUSH!

  7. Julia

    I use some brown sugar and coconut oil/jojoba oil, whichever I have. I don’t do it very often though.

  8. Court

    I can’t bring myself to buy a lip scrub, so I use the toothbrush technique :) I prefer my electric over my manual toothbrush, I think it gets my lips smoother.

  9. Yes, I mix sugar and olive oil to scrub my lips almost every night =]

  10. CeeBee

    I just use my toothbrush! (gently of course…)

    If I felt so inclined, I might make my own with sugar, a little sweet almond oil and maybe a couple of drops of pure lemon or peppermint oil…

  11. kirayna

    I use Lush’s Mint Julips, tastes like After Eight mints, yummy and it makes a big difference

  12. Karin

    this is sorta gross, but a toothbrush & a teensy bit of toothpaste always works wonders for me! i would love the soft lips lip scrub though.

  13. Bethany

    I don’t at the moment, but the next time I swing by Lush I’m going to pick up one of theirs.

  14. Steph

    If my lips need a little polishing, I just use a toothbrush. No way I would evey pay for a scrub!

  15. Megan

    I exfoliate with a tooth brush! Sometimes I’ll make my own lip scrub with sugar and it works nicely!

  16. Nic

    I’ve never used one – I just use a wet washcloth to exfoliate my lips and then moisturize with ChapStick, and that’s worked great for me. I may eventually try using a simple homemade scrub, but I can’t see spending money to buy one.

  17. Shantastic

    I don’t purchase them, but every once and a while I will mix sugar and honey to make an exfoliator for my lips.

  18. Alyssa

    I’ve never tried lip scrub but want to try! My mom uses Korres Lip Scrub, any thoughts? My lips sometime crack and peel.

  19. Mim

    I chose “Other,” because I don’t currently use a lip scrub, but have been wanting to try them forever. I just don’t know which ones are the best. And believe me. I need the BEST. lol! My lips are wrinkly, dry, flaky, etc. and they stay that way all the freaking time! It’s even worse in winter! Ugh.

  20. nikki

    tht is so funnnyyy i jus thot about tht today can you recommend a good one ?

  21. TG

    Not sure if it’s OK to link to this, but I’ll try anyway. Here’s Michelle Phan’s video on how to create your own. The ingredients are similar to what’s in Sara Happ’s scrub (only hers has more oils), so I’d say this probably works pretty well:

  22. Cassykins

    I used to make my own by mixing olive oil and sugar and leaving it on for a while to let the oil soak in. I have tried 2 of the 3 LUSH scrubs (no bubblegum for me thanks!) and I’m hooked. They seem pricey, but mine have lasted forever and they do taste delicious. I’m sure I could come up with something similar on my own, but would rather spend the money to let someone else do the work for me, lol.

  23. I make my own by mixing honey and sugar. It’s a really yummy, effective and cheap scrub!

  24. Danielle

    Lush Sweet Lips! Yummy Yummy Yummy!

  25. Azucar

    I have the mint julep one from LUSH and use it periodically. I like it since it’s freakin delicious, but really it is rather useless. For me, I’m not sure there’s any real need for a lip scrub but maybe a few times in the winter months.

  26. Lyssah

    I make my own using Vasonline, White and Raw sugars.
    I use it about twice a week.

  27. Tawny

    the best lip scrub that I’ve used is SUGAR ( yes the kind you find in your kitchen)

  28. monica

    i do, but i make my own. i was tempted to get one of the scrubs from lush cause they apparently taste amazing. but i refuse to pay for something that i can easily make at home. i just mix water and sugar into a paste and scrub my lips with a tooth brush every 3 weeks or so. does the job perfectly. i kinda wanna try honey with it and see how that works, i just keep forgetting to pick up a bottle of

    • Maja

      I make my own too. I mix sugar with coconut or olive oil. Sometimes I use salt instead, because that’s what I use on my body…

  29. I use my own homemade beeswax-based lip balm with raw sugar…makes a soothing scrub and treatment in one!

  30. Azaza

    I would like too but I have never bought a lip scrub before

  31. I only use them every once in a while. A good balm is usually enough for my lips (the Ecocentric balms are amazing!!!). I do like the one from Philosophy called Kiss Me (I think). It’s a cute pink and it smells divine!

  32. Sarah

    I have a tinted lip balm/sugar scrub duo from Bath and Bodyworks I use sometimes, it really makes my lips feel soft and the tinted lip balm really moisturizes my lips when I just don’t feel like using a lip gloss. I really love the scrub though.

  33. izzle

    My lips are very sensitive so this is a must for me. They burn easily so each morning I have to carefully exfoliate so as not to appear as if my lips are changing skin.

  34. Yes, just recently I’ve been using a lip scrub every other day.

  35. Joanna

    I love the lip scrub by Tarte cosmetics!! It has brown sugar on one side and a lip balm on the other side. I use the lip balm side every night to hydrate my lips while I sleep, and then I use the scrub every morning. I’ve had really bad dry, chapped lips all my life, and tried so many products,but this product is the only one that has produced the results that I desired. The only drawback for me is that it goes so fast, but the benefits outweigh the costs.

  36. Kat

    I’d love to try one, but for now I just use the old damp toothbrush and vaseline method.

  37. JamieJamez

    I make my own lip scrub. I just get a small amount (very small) of Mac’s Naked Honey Skin Salve and get a pinch of granulated sugar and rub that all over my lips and then wash it off with warm water. I use this stuff on my lips as a balm as well and also on my elbows and I have barely made a dent, which is crazy. It’s super easy to make, very little is needed and I love how the naked honey skin salve makes my lips feel so soft. If your able to get this at a CCO I highly recommend it but not until I get my backup first!