Friday, April 20th, 2012

Choose or Lose

Do you think eye creams work?

  • Somewhat -- they're not miracle workers, but they do help! (74%, 2,099 Votes)
  • No, not at all! (16%, 446 Votes)
  • Yes, totally! (10%, 273 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 31 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,849

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36 thoughts on “Do you think eye creams work?

  1. MonicaP

    You hit your 40’s and you become a sucker for all this anti-aging stuff. I think you can ‘soften’ lines with an eye cream, but unless you fill them with juvederm, lines will always be there.

  2. Eye creams moisturize, I don’t doubt that, but no better than a well-formulated face cream. It’s a myth that eye creams are formulated to be lighter for the thin skin under the eyes, and many facial moisturizers are opthamologist tested. There’s nothing intrinsically different between eye and face creams- except the fact that eye creams cost 3 times as much!

    Of course, some eye creams targeted to address certain eye-specific issues (puffiness, darkness) may have ingredients that are harder to find in a face cream (or that you don’t necessarily need all over your face) but for general moisture, protection & anti-aging benefits, I just use my facial care.

    • ayla

      I agree with you, and I use the same moisturizer for my whole face (no stinging!). I find that my upper lip is sensitive too, so I want a gentle moisturizer there too. I do think that moisturized skin, especially around the eyes and mouth looks much better.

      • Sarah

        Plastic surgeons have found hard deposits from a build up of rich products while removing bags and eye lifts. These deposits make the eyes look puffy and can cause huge bags, that’s why you shouldnt use face cleanser or moisturiser on this area. Eye creams are lighter and contain more concentrated active ingredients so that you only need to apply a little to the area.

  3. They work just as well as any good moisturizer, I think. I find that eye creams that are too rich tend to make my eyes puffier, though.

  4. everytomorrow

    Do I think they somehow stop my eyes from getting wrinkles? No. Do I think they are effective as a moisturizer that doesn’t sting my eyes? Yes!

    • Funny enough, I have the opposite problem – nearly all of the eye creams I’ve tried sting!!

      • Joanna

        Me too (re: stinging). I have had good luck with MAC’s Fast Response eye cream and Guerlain’s Abeille Royal eye cream.

        • amy

          I haven’t used an eye cream that *didn’t* sting or burn. I just use a vitamin E stick to provide moisture; much cheaper, just as effective, and doesn’t cause any irritation. Of course, even though I’m nearly 40, I have no fine lines or crepiness in the eye area, which I attribute partially to genetics and the habit of wearing sunglasses *every* time I step outdoors, a habit I’ve had since I was about 10.

      • Me three! Only one I liked was from there Icelandic Relief Eye creams.

      • I’ve had that with quite a few of them!

  5. Mai

    Well, they definitely aren’t miracle workers. They won’t make fine lines or dark circles disappear once you have them.
    But applying eye cream before I go to bed has really helped against puffiness in the morning for me.

  6. Miss J

    I use to ignore eye creams completely for a long time because to me it was just moisturizer in a smaller tube with a label designating it for eyes. I feel some eye creams do work differently than just a regular moisturizer, but it’s not like they make a HUGE difference.

  7. ifath

    They hydrate, plumping things up temporarily, and preparing the way for concealer. I like the thicker consistency than typical cream and fewer fragrances, etc…

  8. Jessi

    I would have picked Somewhat, except that MAC’s new Mineralize eye cream has been giving me results I’ve never seen before, even from much more expensive products. In a couple months, it’s gotten some really stubborn laugh lines right out the door, improved the overall texture and color all around my eyes and works hard controlling my puffy bags, which nothing else ever has.

    Very satisfied now!

  9. Tuss

    I have only used two eye creams and they did absolutely nothing for me.

  10. Andrea

    I find they work wonders on my dark circles with consistent use, but with my teeny signs of ageing (I’m very young but a smoker with dry skin) I haven’t noticed any improvement.

  11. CeeBee

    I adore my eye cream – but I’ve tried over a dozen others that made absolutely no difference to me whatsoever. I have two that I alternate between and I don’t bother to try out anything else now.

    So, it depends!

  12. Katherine

    I don’t buy them anymore. But I don’t have sensitive eyes and if someone does then they might be great for use in order to moisturize around sentitive eyes where other moisturizers might cause a reaction in some people.

    I don’t find they offer me any additional moisturizing so that’s why I quit buying them. I’m with other people that have posted in that they soften the look of fine lines (much like any other moisturizer does) but they don’t make them go away or in fact prevent them anymore than a moisturizer. I’m into my 50’s, I’ve done my best to take care of my skin and it does look it, but I also realize that the fine lines I’ve developed are a natural part of the aging process and they are from smiling—a lot. I’m okay with having smile lines. :)

  13. Della

    Like pretty much of the other comment writers, I think that the only reals effects I have seen an be parked under the sign for ” hydration”. So I chalk the benefit up to what moisturizers do. Doesn’t mean I might not try something here and there, but it means when I do, I’m either not expecting much, or I’m really going out on a limb.

  14. AnGeLwInGz

    It’s hard to say. I’m 28 and don’t have any considerable wrinkles besides normal smile lines. I’ve been using the same eye cream for a few years, Skyn Iceland Icelandic Eye Pen. I don’t know if it really does anything but I haven’t developed any wrinkles since I started using it. I’ve never had a problem with puffiness or dark circles to begin with.

  15. Karen

    I use the same cream around my eyes as I do for the rest of my face. I think the claim that “your skin is more delicate around the eye and therefore you need a special, different cream” is a myth. It’s just marketing to get you to spend more $$$.

  16. YellowLantern

    Depends what you mean by “work”. If you mean just moisturize then yes I think eye creams work. If you mean something like get rid of under eye circles, wrinkles, or bags then no. Not really.

  17. Donalene

    I have had good luck with Anew Genics from Avon. I have used alot of expensive stuff in all aspects of skin care and this is really the best I’ve used! It doesn’t burn, it’s light and does what it says. I’m also lucky-good skin inherited by both sides of the family. I’m in my late 40’s and a couple of fine lines! I know I’m very lucky!

  18. Jaime R

    The only eye cream that’s ever done anything for me is LUSH Enchanted Eye Cream. Everything in it is anti-inflammatory, so it de-puffs and makes me look all awake and happy. It’s also full of jojoba, which is excellent for fine lines and keeping the skin smooth. I love it, end of story.

    Every other eye cream I’ve used is freaking expensive for a tiny jar that lasts a month (I get 6 months out of LUSH Enchanted Eye Cream and it only costs $23), and they all do NOTHING. Blech.

  19. I don’t find eye creams to be miraculous at all; I’ve earned my dark circles and they’re here to stay. However, my eye area is even more dry and sensitive than the rest of my face so it needs a bit more TLC. I’ve tried so many that either cause stinging or acne for me (yes, eye acne, it’s terrible!). Rhonda Allison ‘Eye Lift’ is the only one I can use. It’s super hydrating, but sinks in so quick. I haven’t noticed any lifting, but I don’t really expect that anyways. It hydrates all day and night without stinging or acne-causing greasiness; and that’s all I ask for!

  20. Pen

    I think the good eye creams really do work. I’m 24, but due to the nature of my job (attorney), I tend to be chronically sleep-deprived and stressed out. I used a cheap eye cream from Kirkland Signature for about half a year just because it was there and it did absolutely nothing. But I became concerned with eye wrinkles and switched to Shiseido about 3 months ago. Now, my eyes don’t “crinkle” (ugh I should not have to use that word at my age) anymore when I smile and the little lines that appear sometimes at night have pretty much disappeared.

    In short, good eye cream made me look my age again! :)

  21. Jay

    That depends upon the formula, how it is used and how often it is applied. Other factors such as poor diet, smoking and sun exposure can speed the rate of aging around the eye area, so it is hard to determine the efficacy of a product when all factors are considered.

  22. Quinctia

    I just use my regular moisturizer. I’m not too fussed about aging, though, I stay out of the sun and have genetics on my side for looking younger than my age.

  23. Anne

    the couple of eye creams I’ve tried actually made the skin look worse. I ended up with little bumps on the skin under my eyes.

  24. Danielle

    I have actually had an allergic reaction pretty much every eye cream I’ve ever tried, except the one from Boscia. And much to my shock, the ones from Clinique gave me the worst all across my face.

  25. Val

    I personally don’t believe in alot of those expensive eye creams! alot of them are full of frgrances and irritants! I believe in using a mild hypo-comedermic products ( at least for me) Love Cerave, cetaphil is good too! and you can put these creams near your eyes! also I TRY to stay out of the sun as much as possible! wear a good sunscreen and sunglasses! try to drink water and stay away for sodas or alcohol and smoking! I take omegas and vitamins too! alot of the products are just gimmacky if at most moisture ! just good healthy living is the best beauty protector!!

  26. MAChostage

    To me, eye cream is more than likely unnecessary. I think that if you use a good moisturizer in the eye area regularly, and be proactive about it by starting before you even need one, you will be fine.

  27. Kristen

    I like eye creams for moisturizing the area around my eye. I do NOT think its going to eliminate fine lines that are already there or prevent the inevitable, though. However, with moisture and keeping it somewhat firm you *may* be able to prolong the visible signs of aging around the eyes.

  28. haven’t tried any yet, so I don’t have a clue

  29. Brittany

    I dont really use eye creme , i did buy something for under eye circles and of course it didnt work so i stop using it.¬† I dont think their that very important unless you have dry skin around the eye area, but dont waste your time on aging or under eye circle creams ¬†thats just tossing out money cause there is nothing that can stop you aging (unless you get plastic surgery). As for dark eye circles, sleep might do some good but if its hered then your just going to have get use to them….and find a really good under eye concealer.