Friday, October 21st, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Do you take any vitamins or supplements in your beauty routine? If so, which?

Temptalia's AnswerNope, none for beauty-related reasons!

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37 thoughts on “Do you take any vitamins or supplements in your beauty routine?

  1. BCBeautyGirl

    No, in fact I find that if I take multivitamins I break out. I’ve heard it’s because of the niacin and other minerals that are in them.

  2. Sue

    If not for beauty, which vitamins&supplements do you take for health benefits, Christine?

    I also don’t take any vitamins or supplements for beauty related purposes. I did try cod liver oil and omega 3-6-9 for a few months with no signs of improvement, so I stopped!

  3. Meghan

    Regular multivitamins are actually pretty great for your hair, skin, and nails, and I also like to add in a vegetarian source of omega-3’s,which help the skin and hair as well. Healthy body, beautiful body. Right?

  4. Kris

    Great question! I am taking GNC Women’s hair nail and skin supplements. So far so good but be warned, it taste horrible!! Any recommendations for a better replacement?

  5. I take biotin because I was having trouble with my nails. My nails still peel just as much, but they grow twice as fast. Also I can tell it has been helping my hair grow faster and stronger as well.

  6. Pawsha

    Not for beauty related reasons, but I do supplement with Vodka as necessary :)

  7. Rebecca

    I use quite many things 😀 I take cink, barm and chert :) I use them for my skin!

  8. Nope, but I do take a few to stay healthy internally. Although in the long run, what you eat does affect your skin… so I guess maybe then? Haha.

  9. Rainie Mai

    Cosmetic-wise, i take Biotin once every 6 months. It helps strengthens hair and nails. Otherwise i take Fish Oil and Gummy Vites, haha !

  10. I don’t take any supliments for skincare but I do have a client that started taking gelatine capsules about a couple months ago. I privately rolled my eyes at the idea (LOL) but I have actually noticed a big difference in the way her skin looks.

  11. Liz

    Well… I had tried fish oil a few years ago without seeing results, but when I was very sick earlier this year and started taking a multi vitamin food supplements for health reasons, but I noticed that it did wonders for my skin and hair too, so I continued to take them. They’re very inexpensive and are the kind that dissolve in water and add a nice flavor to it so they don’t strike me as very “serious” supplements (seem to work nontheless!).

  12. Lucia, you may have hit on something: I do so much for the sake of my beauty routine, and do it like clockwork every day, that I should make the vitamins a part of that as well! I started supplementing Vitamin D and it makes me think more clearly – vital for when Glitter and Ice, Sephora’s Friends & Family and a major CCO haul hit on the same week. My Vitamin B helps me handle the stress of family, job and extreme Web surfing for makeup reviews and techniques. Seriously, think of what we do for Beauty: all the plucking, filling in, shaving, waxing, priming and painting; if I just say that it’s a part of that, I’ll never forget them or be too busy to take them. Now, if I can just find out which vitamin grows fuller eyebrows, I’m set! Thanks, Lucia! (Really, thanks – I’ve been looking for something to keep me from forgetting to take them :-P.)

    • Lucia

      Hey Kathy! So glad you appreciate the question, this made me smile! I am taking your advice and targeting Vitamin B and D!

  13. Annie

    Yes, I take Phyto’s Phytophanere Dietary Supplement for hair and nails. I stopped taking them for a while a noticed a significant difference in my hair “shedding”. Now they are back in my beauty routine as a regular and permanent step.

    • Katie

      I too swear by Phyto supplements. They are the best vitamins out there. I’ve shown the bottle to multiple doctors and they are very impressed with the quality. I will always take them and so will my family.

  14. Ann

    I do take an Omega 3 supplement 3 times a day. I take it for my cholesterol, but have definitely noticed it helping with my dry skin.

  15. B

    I take Acai berry capsules which have a lot of anti-oxidants that help make skin healthy and glowing (aside from a bunch of other amazing benefits) :)

  16. Vitamins and supplements do take an essential part with most women’s beauty routines here in my country. In fact there are so many ads which encourage women to take vitamins in order to augment their skin. A very popular one is Myra 400E which contains 400iu of vitamin E and some other minerals and I used to take it and it really improves the skin’s moisture and suppleness. There’s also a vitamin called Stresstabs that often depict stressed women in their ads who then have a healthier glow inside out after taking their product. Lol. But yeah seriously, I would agree with omega-3 because everytime I got pregnant and would take fish oil supplement and a cocktail of other good minerals, my skin would glow and my hair and nails would grew fast and there was a lustre to it. :)But vitamins and supplements really do have other side effects on the body. It would be good for your skin and on the other hand it would also enhance your appetite and would lead you to gaining weight.

  17. Melissa

    I take biotin for my nails. Just started it a few weeks ago because my nails were splitting really bad.

  18. Marina Alcantara

    Yes!!! I do take GNC’s Hair, skin and Nails!!! It’s a miracle! I’m not from US so everytime a friend goes over I ask for a few bottles!!
    My doctor recomended that! And it is great for my eyelashes, they are fuller than ever, my nails stopped peeling and my curly hair is soft, shiny and much stronger!!!
    Girls go stock up!!!

  19. Toni

    New Chapter’s every woman’s daily is amazing. Check out the reviews girls

  20. Stephanie

    I take glisodin, biotin and extra vitamin e sometimes. i don’t take these supplements everyday.. more like a couple of times a week. to me honest i really don’t notice a change.

  21. Meg

    I take a multivitamin with selenium in it. Selenium is a mineral said to be great for skin. And most multivitamins for women seem to have it.

  22. Nichole

    Yes! A lot in fact. I take a multivitamin for my general health and skin. Zinc supplements have been great for my acne. Fish Oil has made my nails strong and grow fast.

  23. grace

    I do but more for health reasons. I take omega 3 and a multivitatim(centrum advanced) which has biotin (good for hair, nails), zinc(good for acne), magnesium(i get cramps with not enough magnesium), and vitamin b,c, a.. its good cuz it has everything good you can think of.

  24. Crystal

    A few weeks back, I got a really bad haircut. At least 5-6 inches was cut off of my hair. I was mortified! I started taking Biotin (1000 mcg) to help with the growth and I think it’s actually working!

  25. Lauryn

    I actually do! I take a supplement from PRIORI. They’re big, do not taste so good, but i think they do work because my skin does look alot better.

  26. Glenda W.

    YES!! I take Prenatal vitamins. Even though I’m not pregnant my doctor recommended them. I also take 5,000 mgs of Biotin and 600mgs of Calcium per day.

  27. Becca

    not for beauty related reasons

  28. Lucia

    So happy with these responses! I take a multi vitamin but I have wondered about taking cod liver oil, vitamin b and vitamin D tablets, and female beauty pills try sell in all the chemists. I think from these responses I may try vitamin B ad D more specifically! Thanks so much for the responses!

  29. Elena

    I take wheatgerm and brewer’s yeast for my hair, but it’s also good for skin and nails :)

  30. Angelcat47

    I take many supplements,including fish oil(not beauty related,but does help with skin suppleness).Specifically for beauty,I take Nature’s Bounty Hair,Skin and Nail supplements.

  31. Joan

    My nails were breaking and splitting so I started taking gummy multivits/adults. I’ve experienced a real noticeable improvement. May nails are harder and have actually started to grow again!

  32. L.Brown

    I take biotin for hair growth/strength and vitamin E for my skin. It’s weird, I never thought of it as part of my “beauty routine” until I read this question.

  33. jenny

    I take Flintstone’s sour gummies vitamins… part for health, part because they are yummy, and part because I love the Flintstones :p

  34. Yes! I take biotin for my hair and nails. I have been taking it for 4 months now and it actually works. My hair and nails grow alot faster now. My eyelashes are growing and I don’t have to fill in my eyebrows in as much either. I would definitely recommend it.