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Yes! I know I’m beautiful! You know your skincare and health work, when people think you’re at least 10 years younger than you are, sometimes more. I still get the “in High school comments from time to time.” Or, I get 20’s from people who don’t know me; but my favorite is when people think I have foundation on, and I’m not wearing anything, it’s just my skin. That’s the best!

What the secret πŸ™‚ I have no acne anymore but i still have eye bags.. :S and im only 21..and i use eyecream..

i never really felt beautiful, i felt just a tiny bit better when i have makeup on but that feeling fades away so fast that i won’t count it in, so that’s about it.

From your picture, and from someone who has an objective opinion, you’re in fact very pretty and shouldn’t feel down about your looks at all. (:

I do, actually sometimes I feel like I look better without it, it’s just so much fun! however if my skin were in better condition (suffering from teenage acne) I would really have no need for it since I’m only 15.

Not at all, I feel that I need to wear makeup even when I go out of the house for 10 minutes. I hope that 5-10 years from now i’ll be able to say that I feel confident about my ”real” face, but for the time being I can’t see myself believing that…

Sadly, no. I have hereditary dark circles that are dark purple against my pale skin, and I’ve been covering them up since I was thirteen. If it weren’t for the dark circles, I could afford to forgo makeup on occasion.

I feel the same as you do but mine are veins that show . I don’t leave my house without concealer. And other then that the rest of my face is perfect its just under my eyes. it gets so annoying having to worry about them showing all of the time . πŸ™

I was going to leave the same comment πŸ™

I have TERRIBLE dark circles and very pale skin. I look like a raccoon, but I still think I’m beautiful. And my boyfriend does too πŸ™‚

Not going to lie, I am going to get injectable filler to correct the dark circles. I’m tired of people thinking I look tired when I’m not!

me too! i duno how to get rid of the eye bags. and i drink water, try get enough sleep, eyecream and good skincare.. plus of course i eat healthy..

I feel just as comfortable without makeup as I do with makeup. I don’t consider myself beautiful, but I don’t loathe myself or think I’m ungodly atrocious, either. I just wear makeup because I think makeup itself is pretty and fun, and can make a person look a little more polished.

I like this reply. I think its nicely balanced.

I like wearing makeup to look a bit polished, but I don’t think it necessarily affects the way I feel about my looks. If I feel sick, or I’m having a crap day, that’s much more likely to affect how I feel about how I look. Makeup, not so much, unless I’m also having a good day and have an outfit on that makes me feel va-va-voom gorgeous!

I will add that, strangely enough if I’m already feeling good about the way I look, I’m far more likely to put in an effort – isn’t that strange? Makeup isn’t my way of hiding when I feel bad about myself, rather, it seems that hiding and looking as “blah” as I’m feeling – as opposed to celebrating my beauty – is much more likely to be my response to feeling terrible about the way I am or look.

I think I look beautiful with or without makeup. I do wear at least kajal and lip balm almost all the time.

If I wake up with the right bed head look, yes, I feel beautiful. I go with little, if any, makeup most of the week due to two little girls in my life. If I feel good on the inside, I don’t care what I look like on the outside. That is the honest truth. My face isn’t perfect, horrendous hyperpigmantaion, acne scars, moles that line up like the big dipper, the list goes on. I’ve come to accept the fact this is how I look.

Most of the time no one else notices than yourself, and if you feel beautiful people will think you’re beautiful too! πŸ™‚

I have moles on my neck that line up to look like a vampire bit me haha! You just have to roll with it and find happiness despite your flaws.

That’s not a flaw- that’s a great source of outrageous funny stories and leg pulling! Vampire bite, lol! And The Big Dipper? That’s a fantastic mark! Ursa Major, the great Bear who holds up the North Star. That is bodacious! And special
After neck surgery I had a huge red scar across my throat for a year; I had so much fun with that! Then it disappeared, I heal well. But you can work a flaw or two, and for dark circles try brightener, maybe a touch of powder to even it into your bare face. Mine is Maybeline and works as a single item fix up. I’m not going full paint to go do certain errands.

Usually, but my skin is prone to breakouts and that can make me feel crappy sometimes, especially since I’m so pale which just makes it even more obvious.

It took me a long time to get here, but for the most part, yeah. The only thing I tend to be vaguely self-conscious about is the dark circles under my eyes, but only because people tend to ask if I’m sick when they’re really bad and I don’t bother to cover them up. πŸ˜€ I still go out of my way to have at least one no-makeup day a week, though.

Depends on the lighting. πŸ™‚ I refuse to leave the house without something on my face (usually gloss and eyeliner). I like to see the beautiful people caught by paparazzi without makeup–they usually still look good. But having a loving partner helps to boost one’s confidence. I love when I wake up in the morning (with a puffy face, allergy symptoms flaring up, mussed hair) and my husband says I look beautiful. Of course, if YOU think you’re beautiful then you are!

Some days. It can be difficult some days and when I eat well, exercise, and have no pimples on my face that week, I feel good.

People have always had such varying opinions about my looks that I gave up trying to assess my beauty a long time ago, LOL – it’s in the eye of the beholder. So I wear makeup to express myself and because it’s fun, not to make myself more beautiful. When I go without it, I just don’t really think about what people are seeing.

It’s not that I’m totally secure about my looks – I have some anxieties there! It’s just that for some reason, makeup doesn’t really come into it for me.

I typically wear only lip balm & moisturizer (sometimes tinted) most days (along with a t-shirt and sweats/leggings), and I feel just as beautiful. Beauty, in my opinion, comes from within and how one goes through life. I’ve known really horrible people throughout my life, and no matter how “pretty” they were, I just couldn’t see them as beautiful, if that makes any sense.

Interestingly, though, I actually feel “incognito” with no makeup, as it is a fairly recent thing for me. I’m now a stay-at-home mom of a 5 year old with autism, so makeup isn’t always a priority. I started wearing makeup at around 11, so for 25 years it was just second nature. I really enjoy it, though, and always look forward to wearing it, along with dressing up.

Love your attitude.:) And good to know that I’m not the only one the wore makeup at 11! Lol πŸ˜€

Makeup doesn’t really affect my self-esteem. I feel ugly no matter what because it comes from my actual features rather than how my skin looks and because I always know what I look like without makeup. I wear makeup because I really enjoy using it and buying it and trying new products.

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