Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Choose or Lose

Do you spend more money on makeup or clothes?

  • Makeup (53%, 2,199 Votes)
  • Clothes (29%, 1,180 Votes)
  • The same (18%, 750 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,130

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

Thanks to CeeBee for today’s poll!

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53 thoughts on “Do you spend more money on makeup or clothes?

  1. Clothes at the moment… I have makeup for the rest of the year! (MAC please help and do not launch more collections! lol)

  2. Cynamin

    I spend more money on makeup then clothing. Fashion changes to quickly. so $15 or $30 for a lace tank, im going to pick the $15 one because ill probably not wear it next year. Makeup is timeless in my mind. I have never regretted my $75cnd guerlain terracotta 03 brunette bronzer because it is timeless.

    • wikkedlilgrrl

      AMEN!!! … Given the CHOICE of a $15.00 item of CLOTHING or an EYESHADOW or LIPSTICK/GLASS … I’ma get the MAKEUP, no doubt!

  3. laurie

    makeup. I’m plus sized and it’s hard to find cute clothes in my size that I actually like, so I spend waaay more money on makeup.

  4. Marieke

    With clothes I can go cheap, go second hand. I can find things during the sales. I can make things myself.. But with make up, that’s just impossible!

  5. GAS.

    Makeup and clothes are probably about the same.

  6. Jen

    My mom buys me clothes, so I spend all my money on makeup! 😀 I still think that more money is being spent on clothes, though.

  7. Jen

    My mom buys me clothes, so I spend all my money on makeup! 😀 I still think that more money is being spent on my clothes, though.

  8. Scarlett

    Currently, I am pregnant, so I HATE buying clothes. Typically, I would say I spend equally as much on clothing and makeup, but I buy makeup that is higher end while my clothes are more moderately priced…I just buy a lot of them. I don’t mind spending a lot on makeup as I know it really doesn’t go on sale, but I have a hard time paying full price for anything clothing item.

    • Ashley

      since being pregnant, I spend more on make up by far!!! it always fits the same every month :-)

  9. At the moment, clothes, but only because I’ve recently lost a lot of weight and need a whole new wardrobe (yay for weightloss, boo for the expense of all new clothes). Normally, makeup would probably win.

  10. Definitely make up. I’m not into fashion much, and since I’m a stay-at-home mum, I mostly wear comfortable clothes rather than stylish. I’m also rather overweight at the moment and really don’t feel comfortable wearing fancy clothes. If I spent as much on clothes as I do on make up, we wouldn’t have much left at the end of each month and my husband would not be happy. He’s not thrilled with my make up buying habit as it is. :)

  11. Dame Elizabeth

    Make up, always! I don’t think twice about spending £50 in MAC but I rarely just walk into Topshop without thinking about spending £50…it’s like Cynamin said, fashion changes and it’s a lot easier to be creative with your makeup than high street clothes that everyone owns.

  12. Katie

    I spend more on clothes because clothes are much more expensive than makeup =) I can get a lipstick at MAC for $14 but a pair of jeans will run me at least $40.

  13. Gosh, this is a no-brainer. Makeup, makeup, makeup! I own more green eyeshadows than I do green tops. 😀

  14. Used to be clothes and shoes. Since discovering Youtube gurus, MakeupAlley and now Temptalia, Makeup has been a major purchase area this month for me *sigh*. Thanks Christine for your entries, reviews and swatches, seriously much appreciated x

  15. Joey

    It ends up being about the same but I tend to spend more on clothes in one big shopping trip. I tend to buy makeup one piece at a time.

  16. Gabrielle

    That’s actually a topic I struggle with, my love for fashion out weighs my love of makeup but I spend more money on makeup. I am a little bit over weight and no where near comtrable with my body because of this I never think cute clothes look good on me. I few makeup as something that will always look good on me.

  17. Olga

    Do shoes and bags count for clothes? :-)

  18. susan

    I’m am losing weight so until I reach my goal, I’m not spending cash on clothes. But makeup, it doesn’t matter what size you are. I love it!!!

  19. Alyssa

    I’d say overall I buy more clothes than makeup, which is why I chose that, but I’d say I probably spend more on each item of makeup individually than piece of clothing.

  20. Eve

    The only reason I spend more money on makeup is because I love being green. I’ll buy most of my clothes at thrift stores…kinda can’t do that with makeup!

  21. Heidi

    This is funny cause I realized this the other day.. I wear a tee and jeans almost every day (different colors & styles mind you). I spend more money on makeup than on clothing, but I am a sucker for expensive handbags though. Clothes just go out of style too quick and take up too much room in my place which is tiny. I prefer to stick with the classics/basics and have fun with jewelry, accessorizes, hair and makeup. :)

  22. Marcy

    i go through phases. sometimes clothes (weakness: Forever XXI) and sometimes cosmetics (weaknesses: MAC, UD, NYX)…

  23. Mimi

    Nothing cheers me up more than a new lipgloss or blush. I also love great foundation. I am looking forward to receiving two of the new YSL Candy lipglosses tomorrow from Sephora.

  24. Queentut

    Definitely makeup (but that includes skincare as well). Clothes are a very very close second.

  25. meme

    Honestly I go back and forth. Some years it’s clothing, other years it’s makeup/skin care. Right now I need to thin my clothing down so I am not buying anything. I have not even bought a new white something for summer. I need room in the closet so everything is not mushed in there and always wrinkled – also so I can find things! Next it will be time to go through my make up and donate what I have not used in some time. I do it by shelf (I have 4 shelves, each pretty much dedicated to 2 or 3 main categories)

  26. daylami

    I wear a uniform to work, so that saves a bit on my clothing expenses. I hate to think what I spend on makeup.

  27. I spend more on makeup than clothes, and more on exercise attire than regular clothes.

  28. Lily

    I probably should use my money on clothes, but I honestly buy more makeup.

  29. annie

    I got a lot of cloth so right now more to makeup.hwoever,to me,wearing makeup is a finishing touch.I select makeup based on what I will wear on that day;therefore,I still see both as equally important.

  30. lazeny

    Makeup hands-down . I rarely buy clothes unless it’s on sale, or if I absolutely need it. And I like the feel of a well worn shirt or jeans w/c is my usual attire when I’m not working. I still have my clothes from way back in the day, 7 years give or take.

  31. monique

    i’ve been on a serious makeup kick lately, probably because clothes haven’t really caught my eye lately. but honestly, i spend more money on gas and food

  32. Jamie

    I was just thinking about how since I’ve gotten my new job, I’ve only spent money on makeup. I don’t even think I’ve purchased one item of clothing since. Even if I do only have one pair of jeans and a few shirts I wear, haha. I feel like if your face looks good, you can get away with wearing anything, though (at least that’s my justification for all this spending!). Heck, most days I don’t even bother to make my hair or outfit look nice, I literally leave my house as soon as my makeup is done.

  33. Makeup (well, food, as the first commenter noted, actually). My parents usually buy my clothes (unless I’m shopping by myself or it’s an I-HAVE-TO-HAVE-IT item rather, than back-to-school shopping time), whereas I have to buy makeup with my own money now.

  34. sissyjoe

    Make-up first, then everything else!

  35. Makeup. I do love clothes but I hate shopping for them. They are often badly made and end up getting ruined in the wash or I ruin them doing something so I mostly stick to jeans and t-shirts which are cheapish. With makeup, I can change how I look and express myself and fashion trends and I don’t have to commit to it as it can be washed off. With fashion in clothing, you might want the latest trends but they might not work on your body shape/be really expensive and you might not wear them much to commit to buying something. Makeup takes up less space and it is fun to just go paint your face when you feel bored or creative. I always feel welcome at makeup counters, in clothes stores, I feel overwhelmed and confused plus some sales assistants are downright rude and snobby. The girls at my local Topshop are horrid compared to the Chanel counter!

  36. Make up! Went to make up school recently and spent all my money buying stuff I needed for class. And I can definitely get cheap clothes but not cheap make up!

  37. Valerie

    Makeup!!! It is funny how sometimes I think twice when I buy a pair of shoe at 60$ but can easily spend 300$ on makeup! (my drug of choice is Guerlain and Dior) I do buy a lot of cloths in warehouse sales so that why I have deferent price point on cloths and not makeup. I live in Canada and we do have 4 seasons so when you are buying a pair of short you know you will only wear it for 4 months a year so it is not really worth paying more then 50$ for certain piece of clothing.

  38. Melissa

    I buy a new product probably weekly and haul like crazy when new collections come out. But, for me, clothes cost more than makeup on a per-item basis, so I’m assuming they just about even out.

  39. I think I end up spending the same on both. Clothing I don’t buy as often as I do makeup, but since clothes are more expensive, it evens out. Lately, I haven’t been spending a lot on makeup because I’m pregnant and am closely watching ingredients in products. There’s a lot of makeup I’d love to buy right now but at least it’s keeping some money in my pocket to spend on baby stuff!

  40. Hmm… Difficult question. I have periods were I spend big parts of money on make up, but lately I have had this feeling that I just don’t really need anything anymore. Now and then I’ll buy something I find really pretty from a new collection, or nailpolish, but I’ve been more interested in updating my closet, so at the moment I’d say I spent more on clothes. Overall I’d say I spent almost equal, seeing how it fluctuates? ^^

  41. Shalimar

    I spend about the same. Since I am older, I need clothes that are classic and will carry on with me through the years.

  42. Grace Chin

    Spent too much money on makeup till a point when i realized MY WARDROBE HAS EXPIRED!!!

  43. stacey

    :/ MAKEUP!! i never have money!!! damm you sephora for having such beautiful makeup!!!
    When i get a job ima have to control myself! 😮