Friday, November 30th, 2012

Choose or Lose

Do you remove your makeup as soon as you get home?

  • Nah, closer to bed time. (78%, 4,158 Votes)
  • Yep! (21%, 1,138 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 60 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,356

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36 thoughts on “Do you remove your makeup as soon as you get home?

  1. Back in high school, I usually would. Nowadays, I tend to be running around constantly, people stopping in at all hours, etc haha – so I usually keep it on until right before bed. Also, I’ve found a lot of products that last longer for me, and my skin isn’t as oily as it was when I was younger, so I rarely wash my face and reapply makeup between doing things, like I would sometimes in HS and early college

  2. xamyx

    I remove my eye makeup immediately with either an oil or makeup remover, depending on how heavy/intense it is, and I’ll usually just wipe my face with a baby wipe, swipe toner or witch hazel on my face, and slather on moisturizer. If I’ve used a heavier sunscreen that day, I will actually wash my face. I always do a full face wash routine just before bed, as that’s also when I take a full shower.

  3. holly

    My makeup removal coincides with my little ones bath time. The kid is a human tsunami.

  4. I usually don’t remove my make-up until right before bed time, unless I take a shower in the evening after dinner. I obviously don’t reapply make-up afterwards :-)

  5. Yellowlantern

    In the summer I’m more likely to since my face feels oily all the time and usually my makeup doesn’t look too hot by the time I get home anyway. In the winter I usually keep it on.

  6. Cheryl

    No way! If I’ve done a nice job on it, I can’t help but want to see it every time I pass a mirror. :) If it’s started to peel or fade, though, I’m more likely to scrub it off earlier.

  7. I just take a cotton pad with micellar water and take off my foundation as soon as i get home!

  8. Por

    I usually take off my makeup right before bed. If I have lots of free time after work, I’ll use some of that time to put on even more makeup so that I can practice different makeup looks. I’ve enjoyed playing with makeup since I was a teenager.

  9. Ru

    Usually right after I get home unless I’m going out after work. The thing is, by the time I get home my makeup is already working overtime because it’s been on for 8+ hours!

  10. Priscilla

    I love the feeling of fresh skin as soon i get home from a long day of work

  11. Before I go to bed. It’s an entire ritual: makeup removal, skin care program, teeth brushing/flossing, hand cream, foot cream, lip balm..

  12. fireinthehead - Bunny

    If I’m not going out again I’ll take off everything but my eye makeup-that can stay ’till later.

  13. Zainab

    Usually I wash it off when I have my shower, but since the water heater is being dysfunctional and I’m only showering before I go out I’m sleeping with it on (not foundation though), gross I know

  14. Miss J

    Nope. I usually leave my makeup on until a little before bed. I probably do my whole night ritual around 10pm every night.

  15. Lauren

    I usually take my makeup off at around 8:30 or 9 PM after I put my kids to bed. I use one Neutrogena Oil Free wipe (most of the oil free ones don’t remove makeup but this does) and a q-tip with eye makeup remover (lancome these days). Then, right before bed (maybe 2 hours later), I wash my face, tone, and moisturize with the Clinique 3-step (the acne one). If I wait until bedtime, I use the makeup removing wipe immediately before Clinique 3 step.

  16. KaseyCannuck

    I like taking it off as soon as I get home instead of waiting to get in the shower because the shower won’t get it all off, and I’ll have to go along my eyes with a q-tip after to get the lingering eyeliner. I also find having a clean face doesn’t make my eyes feel as tired and weighed down as when I leave it on.

  17. Usually before bed! When I come home sometimes I unexpectedly have to go out somewhere else and I don’t want to go outside with a bare face LOL

  18. Chelle

    I’m in utter shock at how many people actually leave their makeup on once they get home from work! I love wearing makeup and I love putting it on to to go out, but damned if I’m going to wear it while I’m sitting at home reading a book or on the computer!

    I take it off as soon as I get home, unless I have plans to go out that night. And even then… if I’m going back out later, I usually end up taking my makeup off and then redoing it (sometimes differently) so that it’s fresh when I go out.

    I’m not bothered if someone comes by the apartment while I’ve got no makeup on. Makeup is a fun thing to do for me, it’s not something I feel the need to wear in order to see other people.

  19. Brimbelle88

    just before going to bed, during cleaning my face

  20. ILung Annie Hsu

    I take off my makeup as soon as I confirm that I don’t have to get out of the house again for the day.

  21. Caitlin

    Yep, usually as soon as I get home if I’ve worn it.

    I actually don’t wear make-up daily which makes me feel bad for hoarding so much of it, but I love it. I currently have a lot of health issues so I end up sleeping in and don’t have time to do make-up before I have to leave the house right now, but when I do manage to wake up and do it – it’s the first thing to come off when I get home besides getting into pjs. I’m making myself sound extremely lazy right now, lol.

  22. An

    I almost always take off my makeup when I get home from work. Better for me to get it out and done.
    I usually don’t go out after that. If I do have plans, I would leave my makeup on and touch up a bit if needed.

    I make this makeup removal step separate from my nighttime routine because I don’t want to prolong my nightly routine any further. I’m usually busy checking on the internet at night, etc.

  23. Jenny

    Definitely, when I get home from work or a particularly long day out. It just helps revitalise me for whatever else I need to do, and my skin is somewhat finicky so I like to keep it mostly clean when possible despite having a minimal make-up routine.

    Plus, that way, I can easily take naps whenever I want without having to worry about sleeping in make-up and getting it everywhere!

  24. JC

    Living in NYC, there’s always plans after work or the possibility of finding out about fun things going on at 9pm, so I keep my makeup on. There’s always the chance I’ll need to run out to the bodega, deli or duane reade too.

  25. Veronica

    I work ten hour night shifts, so the answer is usually “yes” because I try to go to bed within an hour of getting home. On days when I’m not working, not so much. It’s more about the length of wear – I prefer not to wear makeup longer than twelve hours. Tomorrow, I’m pulling a sixteen hour double, so I’ll probably go bare-faced.

  26. Emma

    Nothing can stop me from wiping it all of as soon as I get in the door! I go to class or work all day (sometimes both) so I rarely do anything during the week once I get home.

  27. Kristen

    Nah. I get off work at 2pm (go in at 5am) so there is so much day left! I don’t take it off because I will usually head back out at one point during the day.

  28. Urooj the end of the day before bed.

  29. Yes. its always important to remove makeup so that skin can breath.

  30. Avi

    I hate the feeling of foundation on my face for too long, so I always wash off as soon as I walk in the door if I’m wearing it. If it’s just a bit of mascara and lipstick I’ll leave it on till closer to bedtime.

  31. JoJo

    Usually depends on when i got home, if I got home in the afternoon, I won’t remove my make up til night, but if I got home around 4-5 pm or later, I will remove my makeup right away.

  32. Iris

    When I get home and stay home I always remove my face makeup immediately, so it can breathe it bit better and to prevent breakouts. I leave my eyemake up on till I go to bed :)

  33. Azaza

    I actually rest for a little while then remove my make up

  34. Holly

    My life is way too unpredictable to take it off when I get home.
    Chances are I’ll be up and out again without time to reapply first.

    I always take it off right before bed, but never before.

  35. I tend to get settled in and do stuff around the house for a while before taking it off. It’s also good just in case I have to go back out for some reason. After about and hour or two, if I know I’m staying in, then I’ll take it off. Scrubbing clean is almost as fun as putting it all on, lol.