Friday, October 15th, 2010

Choose or Lose

Do you reapply your makeup to go out at night?

  • Yes, from scratch! (51%, 1,052 Votes)
  • Nah, I just modify my day look. (48%, 989 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 27 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,068

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22 thoughts on “Do you reapply your makeup to go out at night?

  1. Steph

    I sort of do in between. If I have to run errands or do things before I go out that night, I make sure my face is primed & my foundation is flawless. But I just use some lipstick/eyeliner for the day, and that way I can do my eyeshadow, cheeks, & lips from scratch.

  2. Ru

    If I know I’m going out, I do a day look that will take me into night. I normally don’t carry makeup with me so if I’m going straight from work or not going home, I’ll just do a fun day to night look. If I do go home, I’ll freshen up my face makeup, and maybe add some colors to eye look and add some lip color.

  3. Ashley D.

    I usually take off all the makeup from the day time and then apply everything starting with a fresh face. It just looks a lot better this way.

  4. Sarah

    I put Yes from Scratch but it really depends. Sometimes I’ll do everything over if I want to do eyeshadow because during the day I just use eyeliner and I want to freshen up my eyeliner and some nights I’ll just touch up my foundation and thats it.

  5. Sara Jean

    Well I do dark make up in the day so if im going out ill just add some touch ups and change lipsticks/gloss to something darker. or just touch up w.e (:

  6. Leenie

    when I’m going out at night I do wash my old makeup off and reapply

  7. clementine

    50/50, depending on the event. If it calls for something more extravagant, I’ll do at least the eye make up from scratch.

  8. Laia

    Depends on the time I have, if I have enough I reapply it from scratch. If not I just add a slight touch of eyeshadow, gloss, blush and that’s it.

  9. Chi

    I always wipe at least the foundation off, prits my face to freshen up, and apply beauty flash balm before foundation.

  10. Livy

    I start from strach if its a very important event but otherwise I just modify my day look, re-covering any blemishes if i have been working out and depending on the wntue id dress up my eyes with darker or warmer tones instea dof my natural and neautral color palet of everday, although i still keep it neatural mostly, id still dress it up.

  11. Azaza

    I just usually modify my eye look that day and change my lip color

  12. Fiona

    It depends what my makeup looked like, and what makeup I was wearing that day.

  13. leesie

    It depends. For instance, if I’m just going out to a casual dinner, I won’t change clothes, and thus will basically just make sure my makeup looks okay and put on some lipstick. However, if I’m going to a concert, I’ll re-do my makeup, using shadows with more staying power. If I’m going to, say, a wedding or other event where I need to change into something a bit nicer than my everyday clothes, I’ll probably change my shadow to coordinate if it doesn’t.

  14. It depends on where I’m going. If I’m going to be barhopping or sitting across from my honey at dinner I will start from scratch and do it up but if it’s nothing big, like going to see a movie and coming right home I will just fix & add onto what I’m wearing already.

  15. Alexis

    If I am planning on going out and it’s the weekend, I will wait until the evening to put on my makeup. IF it’s during the week, like on a Friday, I will just modify the makeup I’m already wearing.

  16. I mostly update the day look with some more black and I might touch up my concealer, powder and blush if needed. Since I often will go straight from work, it’s easier than removing my makeup and doing a full face in the ladies’room at work!

  17. Ashley

    I’d only reapply if my makeup were not looking that fresh. I don’t wear foundation or other face makeup, so the only part of my makeup that tends to look a bit “worn out” would usually be the liner on my lower lash line if I didn’t prime the area beforehand. If it looks a bit faded, I’ll touch it up. But assuming it looks about the same, I’ll simply leave it be; no reapplying, and no modifying. I don’t distinguish between a day and a night look, I’ll wear both whenever I want, so I don’t concern myself with whether the look is “appropriate”.

  18. Yumi

    It depends how my foundation is holding up and how lazy I’m feeling. Usually I don’t but sometimes when it’s needed…

  19. Val

    I have oily skin and I live in a very hot and humid place….so before I go out at night, I will remove my makeup, wash face and then start everything again….

  20. Hannah

    It depends on what im doing and how much i’m already wearing. I’m less of a party-it-up and more of a hangout-at-starbucks-and-talk kind of girl. So normally i don’t really feel any need to get all dolled-up.

    I’m a casual kinda girl :)

  21. TonTeezy

    When I go out, I like to get glam’d up. Since that consist of wearing eye shadow & full face, I like to start from scratch. I wear gel liner & waterproof mascara during day. It’s a pain trying to modify a stale look when I want to look my best. It never works….I’ve tried.