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With makeup, it’s an escape – it’s pretty, fun, and drama-free (well, it’s supposed to be!), so I like a product that impresses me on all fronts.  With more affordable brands, sometimes packaging or textures are a little less refined.  At the end of the day, I reach for the best products I own, whether they were $2 or $40.

— Christine

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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Same here, I get both drugstore brands and very high end (as well as everything in between) and I’ll use them all, together on their own, whatever :). Certain makeup items you do get what you pay for, but sometimes I just get high-end stuff to treat myself and as I call it “feel fancy” 🙂

i don’t really have a preferred brand because every brand has its own specialty. if i find that a specific makeup looks good and satisfies me, i will go for it whether it is expensive or not. 😉

I definitely prefer high end. I’ve been through plenty of drugstore items, but I just can’t do it. I am a proud make up snob.

I agree! I’m a total MAC whore. I’ve never been disappointed in a product I’ve gotten from them.

I like both as long that it does the job right than it’s ok for me. Sometimes I have problems with cheaper brands that I’m allergic to them, but I’ll always give them a try.I am also much more likely to test a cheaper product than an expensive one.

What kind of question is that? If you can afford it, why not? I wouldnt touch NYX for the life of me no matter how it looks and feel. Made in China…poison. Not all high end products are great either, but you get what you pay for.

I do, I’ve always loved high end Make Up, ocassionally I get drugstore Make Up, but definitely high end, especially Chanel, Dior and Guerlain

it depends on the quality of the product. there have been many times where i have liked drug store products better than high end brands and vice versa

I seriously don’t care if something is cheap if it works. If I find myself searching for a product that works WELL in some arena or another, I’ll definitely start reaching out to better brands. Or, if it’s not a huge jump in price.

I remember looking for a good face primer, and I was in an Ulta, and it seriously wasn’t all that much more to get UD’s primer than the store brand (this was before there were really many drugstore options), so I picked that up.

I’m sure there’s someone out there who would find it ridiculous that my face routine begins with a $30 primer and continues directly to a $4 concealer, but that’s what works for me.

Even if money were no object, and I had high-end everything that caught my eye, I’d still buy some of the cheaper brands. (I’d need my $4 concealer, of course, and I love Nyx lipsticks!)

I’m the same way lol! I use a more expensive foundation and then my concealer is like 5 bucks XD. Honestly I enjoy browsing the makeup section in Wal-mart just as much as browsing through an ULTA..I’m always looking for awesome products and it’s such a plus when it ends up being cheap too!! 🙂 I’m not sure I actually own any HE stuff o.o… I’m still confused about if MAC or UD is considered High-end?? I’m assuming not.??….I feel like such a simple minded commoner… >.<

I feel like MAC and UD “mid-range” in that they have dept. store counters, and are in Sephora/have their own store/whatever, but they aren’t in the same league as Chanel, Dior, Guerlain etc.

I’ve certainly got both, and when I was younger I was certainly a Wet n Wild gal np wise, Revlon lipstick, Jane eyezings all that good time DS stuff. When I hit college it was all MAC all the time, and all my beloved Hall mates became my Haul mates and nowadays I’m rediscovering my Grandmothers favorite, EL, now that Peacheaux is at the helm. If it’s Illamasqua and unique I wouldn’t think twice about paying more and would cherish those products just a bit more. So my long winded answer can be condensed into I like higher end better because I’ve spent the extra money on a better performing product.

I like a mix, mostly because I love the feeling of owning and using high-end stuff, but I don’t like the giant hole in my bank account, lol. And if drugstore stuff works well, I’m happy because I’ve found something that makes me look and feel great.

I agree! If it’s an amazing product I don’t care if it’s $2 or $40. However, I definitely find more high end products to my liking compared to drugstore products. Although just today I found NYX e/s single in Black to be better than MAC Carbon, which I thought was the best black for years, lol.

Im crazy for NYX’s black. Way blacker than Carbon and also won’t shatter in your luggage on a trip 😉

All brands have hits and misses IMO, my favourite brands to actually use (not just covet because of the brand etc) at the moment are Max Factor (fooundation), Maybelline (concealer and powder), Lumene (mascara), GOSH (eyeliner, eyebrows, lipgloss) and MAC (blushes and brushes) and they all perform very well – and I’ve had plenty of HE products in the past. Why pay more when the less expensive ones work just as well or better?

i love both drugstore and high end but theres something about knowing your blush is lancome or your lipstick is dior that makes me feel special 🙂

i found out the hard way that cheaper makeup takes more skill, talent, creativity and experience to apply well than high-end stuff. that being said, obviously, as a make-up beginner, i like the expensive stuff. i don’t have that much experience with high, high-end stuff like chanel and nars, but i do have a solid love for MAC and urban decay and i find that each really good makeup company does everything pretty well, but each has their strong points (i.e. MAC lipstick rules and UD pencil liners and palettes are spectacular.)

I like to try new products with drugstore makeup but I turn to higher end for the staples and collections that really catch my eye. Drugstore makeup is great to buy on a whim when there is a new product or a great sale.

I definitely prefer high-end, no doubt about that. I will use drugstore though, since I have a few HG’s, but I don’t make a point of it. Every time I get sucked in by a new drugstore product, it just sits there unused after the first couple uses.

It depends. I’ve had too many good experiences with cheap brands like NYX and indie brands to go exclusively high end. Actually, an excessively high price can be a turn off. Why would I pay $30US for a powder when I have a great one that cost under $10US?

I like them both but I do tend to reach more to the high end products. I have very sensitive eyes and skin and I tend to get allergies easily; usually high end products seem to suit me better but I do try drugstore ones and, occasionally, I’m successful in finding good stuff for less money.

High, medium or drugstore – I’m not bothered so long as the product “delivers”. One of my favourite new eye shadows is a 4 dollar Joe Fresh one from the grocery store! I do find that higher end foundations seems to work better on me but if I found a “cheapie” that worked well, I’d be thrilled!

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