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Definitely in-store. I just feel more respected as a consumer when a brand/company make it possible for me to see the product for myself, so I can make an informed decision. I also like to have a product in my hands as soon as I part with my payment, and I tend to actually buy less impulsively. If I can’t find it in-store, I most likely won’t buy it.

A would say it depends on what I’m buying/ a bit of both. For instance, if I’m buying clothes I’d really rather do it in person because I’m in the process of losing weight and have a real unconventional body shape so it’s imperative for me to try things on to see how/if they fit.
Accessories could go either way.
With makeup it’s a toss-up. I like to see it and play with it before I buy it because that really impacts how I feel about it. That said, the lighting in makeup stores could be disastrous and I like the fact that, when you order online, your things are shipped from a warehouse where most things lay vacuum sealed or… well… sealed. Chances are, ain’t nobody messing with your stuff. When you buy things from a store that don’t come sealed to begin with it’s always a toss-up whether someone’s had a play with the product before you get your fingers on it.

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I prefer to buy in store as i could see how the product feel and look like before i buy it. But nowadays i spent more buying online as i cant find the products that i want in my city.

I agree, Nordstrom allows you to order on-line and pick up in the store the same day, but living in the Midwest there are a lot of items that are not in my local store.

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Definitely on-line. It has it’s drawbacks such as not being able to try things out in person, but I don’t deal well with pushy cosmetic sales associates…. and I have met very few that I wouldn’t group into that category. When I was younger, I was a total pushover. I’d often allow them to talk me into purchasing something that I really didn’t want. Now however, I feel I go to the other extreme sometimes…. I can be a bit impertinent just to get them to leave me alone. As yet, I haven’t found a way to get the results I want (to shop in peace), while still seaming obliging, so I try to avoid the in-store experience as much as possible.

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I really enjoy both. For non makeup items, I probably prefer online shopping though. For makeup shopping, I really like to gather info for products online. (reading reviews, comparing similar products etc.) Sometimes after doing my “research,” I’m ready to order. Although, more times than not, this “research” helps make my in store experience more targeted and informed. With makeup, I really like to touch and feel the product, especially if it’s something new to me. If repurchasing a product, online ordering is great!

Hmmm well if I am going to purchase skin care, hair care and other beauty products, then it will be online 🙂 But sometimes in stores (While doing makeup shopping because there is a risk of getting wrong shades)

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I much prefer to shop online, partly since as an introvert, it physically tires me out to interact with people, especially in person. Shopping for make-up is not a necessity for me, it’s something I do for fun first and foremost, and as such, I prefer to make myself feel as comfortable as possible while doing so.

Store. Store. Store. I like to inspect the item before I buy. I like my makeup pristine…box included to be pristine when I get it even if I am going to “wear” that makeup. I only will buy online if and only store purchase is not possible or I am getting a replacement or it is on sale.

Amazon may be an exception to books and other products….

I am from the old era as I call it. I relish going to a store to buy a product. When I was a teenager, it was awe and excitement for me to sneak away from the watchful eyes of those who took care of me. I did not live far away from the department store or drugstores, within walking distance in the city. So I quickly ran to the store and back home with my purchase before someone would call the landline to check if I got home from school. The sales people did not bother me. To this day, 30 plus years later, I dont shop as much, but I do like getting a purchase from a store. Online shopping does not bring in the same kind of adrenaline.

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I prefer to purchase online- its so much easier and hassle free, for me personally anyway. I live and work in the middle of nowhere, so getting to a decent make up counter is hard. returning is easy and most of the time free.

If I am looking to buy something I have never tried before, and its super pricey, I will go in store to try it first.

For cosmetics? In store definitely. I tend to browse online, but buy in person. Going in person gives me the opportunity to try stuff out myself AND it saves me from worrying about heat sensitive makeup items (like lipstick!) sitting on my hot porch all day until I get home.

I also worry about the effect online shopping has on the local economy. Yes, I know that when I shop at big chains most of the profits get taken out of my community anyway, but it’s worrying when you hear about brick and mortar retail establishments shutting down due to online competition. Physical stores employ more people than online businesses do, and I’d like those people to keep their jobs.

Plus, I live a market where shops like Sephora are slow to arrive. If people like me don’t frequent them once they get here, they’ll be less likely to expand their selection in my store to include more brands. And similar businesses that I’d also really like to see come here won’t be so eager to set up shop if they see us as a weak retail market. I have a vested interest as a consumer in seeing my brick and mortal retailers thrive.

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Definitely in-store. This applies to clothing and shoes as much as to makeup. With makeup, I like to be able to see how the product really looks and, more importantly, looks on ME, how it applies, whether I have dupes (lately I’ve been taking along products I suspect might be dupes so I can try them side-by-side). I’ve avoided costly mistakes this way (costly not just for me but also for consumers in general, since returned makeup items are destroyed and the cost eventually passed on to all of us, unlike a sweater or dress, which can be returned to the shelves). And I have never understood how someone can buy shoes on-line (unless you’ve tried the exact shoe in-store). I wear a size 6 but in some shoes, a 5 1/2 is perfect; in others, I need a 6 1/2 or even a 7.

when it comes to clothes it is in-store only but for cosmetics and accessories online shopping just widens the possibilities – I can order from anywhere across the globe. And using my credit card I don’t feel guilty about the amount I spend, handing out cash hurts if the bill is huge 🙂

ONLINE, because i am from Argentina and here, the only brands are: MAC, Givenchy, Guerlain, Clinic, Estee Lauder, Dior, Lancome.
I always buy by internet brands like benefit, too faced, armani, channel, fyrinnae, urban decay.
Besides the prices are very low by internet. In Argentina cosmetics are very expensive

no question-online!…..I like to see, and experiment , with the products in the store, but then buy online. I don’t live super close to any big stores-so that factors into my decision as well.

I like to look at and test products in store to verify that the color and texture are what I want.

When it comes to actually buying though I prefer to do that online since there is less chance that a product has been tampered with. Not an issue at a department store, but sometimes people have messed with the products at Sephora. And because there are more sales online than in store like you said.

For busy people, like me, it is really convenient to shop online. There are a lot of affordable options and you can easily compare prices and quality of the products, which is really good. Shipping items today is not complicated compared before. It is very easy but it is also nice to shop in malls or stores if you have the time.

For me, I prefer to shop online. Better selection, more privacy, and I can do it whenever, wherever.


If it’s a product I already use, or a product I know I shouldn’t have any issues with then I’m perfectly happy buying online. But if it is something new to me, I really do prefer shopping online. I like swatching on my own skin, or holding that brush in my own hands. I hate having to do returns my mail because of how long your money gets tied up. I rather just buy something good in the first place 🙂

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Definitely on-line. I’m a big fan of wishlists as a way to cut down on impulse purchases. I save many items to a wishlist then revisit that list days, weeks, sometimes months later, gradually paring down the list bit by bit until I’ve isolated the products which are most important to me. I will also save items to a wishlist to take advantage of a sale, free shipping promos, etc.. In person, I tend to buy far more spontaneously. On-line, I have the luxury of pondering for awhile to see if that initial flush of excitement still holds after the fact.. LE products are really annoying in this respect…

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I get really overwhelmed in person and end up buying nothing or more than I wanted (and stuff that was never on my list to begin with), LOL!

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For cosmetics, I like trying things out in the store and then going home to see it in different lighting (swatches etc) and then I will buy online. I also rebuy cosmetics I’ve run out of online as well.
I like the sales, codes and “online only” options that I can find online too.
I buy makeup in store as well, so for me I do a bit of both.
Otherwise, I am a HUGE online shopper and do a ton of shopping online, clothing, shoes, toys, household products, etc. (some flash sites, lol)

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