Friday, June 8th, 2012

Choose or Lose

Do you prefer to focus on eyes, lips, or cheeks?

  • Eyes (74%, 4,020 Votes)
  • Lips (19%, 1,037 Votes)
  • Cheeks (7%, 386 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,443

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28 thoughts on “Do you prefer to focus on eyes, lips, or cheeks?

  1. misscheriamor

    I go back and forth with eyes and lips.

  2. GUSnail

    In the fall/winter I tend to focus more on eyes, while summer/spring it’s more on lips.  I always wear a blush, but it’s always to complement whatever else is going on.

  3. Danielle

    im mixed between lips and cheeks

  4. cydoniac

    all at the same time!!!! hahahahahahaha!!! (just joking!!)…usually it’s all about the eyes for me, but sometimes I go for a really bold lip!!!!

  5. CiaraAinsleyFears

    I like to do these focal points in order from most attention to least: lips, cheeks, eyes. And sorry to get off topic, Christine, but I absolutely loved the Diablo post and I think it would be awesome if you did more things like that! *coughcoughTRUEBLOODPREMIEREIN2DAYScough*

  6. hwendy

    for me, always eyes but my makeup artist friends always tell me to focus more on cheeks.

  7. xamyx

    I typically go with the eyes, but every once in a while, I like to switch things up and focus on lips, especially if my outfit is really elaborate. However, the simpler my clothes are, the more I do with my eyes and accessories.

  8. vennnii

    For me it’s the eyes. somehow they draw attention.. I notice the lips last.. all i need is a smile :)

  9. Nic

    I focus on eyes most of the time, mainly because it’s more convenient – no maintenance.  I love a bold lip, but I don’t like having to think about whether something’s going to smear or need to be touched up.

  10. JoJozBeauty

    Definitely the eyes!

  11. nacacijin

    Definitely eyes. My lips are generally some version of a nude or light pink because that’s easy to touch-up throughout the day and I generally hate the way I look with color on my lips (although I did fall in love with Revlon Red Velvet Lip Butter over the winter!) And I just never wear a bold blush or anything like that. My cheekbones are very high and defined as it is, I don’t need to bring any more attention to them at all. Lol and besides, eye makeup is so much fun to play with. All of the colors and textures and shapes and combinations…love.

  12. Marian57

    I focus on different things at different times.

  13. Steph

    I just have a question :) Do you have any information of the mac heavenly creature collection ? Thanks and have a nice weekend :)!

  14. Silkilini

    Depende del tiempo que tenga para arreglarme.  Cuando ando atrasada y tengo que arreglarme corriendo, de seguro que serán los labios……pero cuando escucho el despertador….ahhhh entonces serán los ojos!

  15. Veronica

    I’ve done bold looks with all three areas.  It generally depends on how much time I have to put into my makeup routine that day, but my favorite go-to look is a bold lip.

  16. Kristen J

    I use to be all about the eyes. However, getting up so early in the morning (4:10 :() I just don’t want to spend time on my make up. On weekends, yeah, it’s all about the eyeshadow. But on work days, it’s all about the cheeks. It brings color to my face and I don’t look “dead”. I find I get in a rut with my blush choices so I have to make myself alternate LOL. Got a few different bronzers and highlighters, too!

  17. Shayna

    Eyes in the colder seasons and lips in the warmer seasons. My eyes get itchy and gross in the summer. :(

  18. moena

    I’m surprised that lips are so far behind eyes. Lippies are my addiction!

  19. Ida

    I’m all about cheeks and lips, but mostly cheeks because I have really high, prominent cheekbones which I love!

  20. Mariella

    I spend more time on my eyes but to be honest, I sort of like everything in proportion – don’t like my eyes to stand out too outrageously but I also don’t want to have “a mouth like a crimson gash” or have cheeks that look like I have a raging fever – I guess I don’t like any one feature to “stand out” but I do like my eyes to be played up a bit.

  21. Alison Cole

    I tend to focus on my skin first! 

  22. Eyes are my default, but lately I’ve gotten more lipstick in some bright shades I love so I’ve been doing a bit more lip-focused looks. I can’t figure out how to play up my cheeks without looking like a clown!

    •  @Glitterbombs One easy trick: use a shimmery blush in a color that’s pretty mild with your skin tone. That keeps the color looking natural, but lets the shimmer do all the work of attracting attention. I personally wouldn’t go for a glittery blush for this, but you could, especially at night. I just like the ones that have a subtle yet noticeable glow to them.

      •  @GlowMyWay Oh, that’s my everyday look! I just wear bright enough colors that it’d take a lot of blush or a really extreme color to constitute a focus on the cheeks.

        •  @Glitterbombs Oh, gotcha! I always play down the features I’m not trying to call attention to, so I was assuming you would wear more neutral colors on your eyes when focusing on cheeks. :)

  23. I focus on eyes because they’re my best feature. But lately I’ve been trying more with cheeks and lips, and I’m really enjoying them both.

  24. Daniellenm30

    I typically choose either eyes or lips to focus on. But I think my preference is really lips because I LOVE bright lipsticks. And occasionally I choose cheeks as the main focus.

  25. lipstickaddict

    Lips or cheeks :)