Friday, January 4th, 2013

Choose or Lose

Do you prefer short, medium, or long hair on yourself?

  • Long (63%, 3,310 Votes)
  • Medium (26%, 1,332 Votes)
  • Short (10%, 539 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 32 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,213

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72 thoughts on “Do you prefer short, medium, or long hair on yourself?

  1. Laura

    I’d love to have long hair but I’m too lazy to be bothered with all the extra hassle of it and I look strange with short hair so I kinda have to stick to somewhere in between :) I love the length my hair is now (to my armpits) coz it’s short enough that it doesn’t take forever to wash and dry and straighten/curl but long enough that I can manage pretty much all of the fancy hairstyles :)

  2. Red

    I currently have waist-length hair, but if I could find out how short hair looked on me (and if I liked it of course) I would cut it short and donate my hair!

    • carolina

      I had waist length hair until I turned 20. Then my boss’s wife chopped it all off into an a-line bob. It was scary but very cute! :) I had been wrestling with cutting it for years and went to someone I trusted. Sometimes you just have to take the plunge!

  3. carolina

    I love my hair short but I also love it long. I dislike it medium because I’m torn between growing it out or cutting it off :)

  4. xamyx

    I really like short hair on myself, in a structured bob, but my hair grows sooo fast, and to maintain it means a trip to the salon every 2-3 weeks. Every couple of years I will get it done, but I just end up growing it out. My hair is now at my waist, but I’m due for another haircut, which I’ll likely do next month.

  5. Yellowlantern

    I’ve had all three. I prefer the extremes.

    I loved my chin length bob and I loved having hair down to my butt. It’s the shoulder-ish length hair that I don’t like on myself.

    • xamyx

      Ditto; my hair is really long now, but I’m probably going to go with a bob, just to my jaw line. I also hate that in-between length; I always feel it looks like I don’t know what to do with my hair, and it just ends up in a bun.

  6. Avi

    Definitely short-sometimes I grow it out to shoulder length or there-abouts but always feel awkward and cut it back down to 2-3 inches soon enough.

  7. Carolina

    All lengths! :)
    I’ve had really short hair, but my hair type was a bit hard to manage short, I’ve had medium hair for most of my life, and only recently, got into longer hair.

  8. megan

    With my round face, I tend to look best in a bob style. Or maybe I just don’t know what to do with it once it gets a certain length LOL

  9. Lauren

    My hair is curly. When it has been a medium length it’s really bushy. Short hair ages me terribly. Long hair weights the hair down and it simply looks better.

  10. I need long hair on myself. I braid quite a lot and love to curl it when going out, so long hair is the best on me.

    Also, I look like my dad, and I feel more like a woman the longer my hair is

  11. Nikki

    I prefer mine long and naturally wavy, I’m growing it out now. It’s almost to my waist! I sometimes cut it shorter but I never like it and always grow it back out. Plus my husband loves my long hair :)

  12. Mirian

    i prefer long hair, but short (pixie) hair actually looks better on me.

  13. Anne

    It depends, really! I’ve had long hair for a while, and I loved it, but I’ve chopped my locks so my hair is now just above the shoulders. I’d have cut more lenght, but I wanted to be still able to do a ponytail, so I’ll wait a few months for that. I’m not afraid to change drastically, although I’ve yet to cut above the ear. I might do a pixie cut sometimes in the future, though!

  14. kastehelmi

    My hair is super-super-super thick, and very curly. I have let my hair grow for 7 years more or less since I had it chopped to my chin length bob–curly it falls about 2-3 inches past my shoulders. It was cute when I first got it cut but as it grew out the volume drove me insane. My hair is so curly and poofy that the length I have now doesn’t weigh it down as much as I was hoping, but on the rare occasion that I flat iron it it falls a few inches below my waist.

  15. kastehelmi

    PS I almost never use a blow-dryer on my hair. I have learned to use either a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel. If I can cut down the time it takes my hair to dry so dramatically, I imagine having straight hair there is no need to blow-dry either–you save your hair a lot of damage. If you both blow-dry and flat-iron (as is the trend nowadays) you could either master giving yourself a blow-out and not flat-iron, or let it dry (wrapped up in a towel+finish loose air-dry) and then flat-iron.

    I don’t think long hair costs much more to maintain, or takes that much more time if you are comparing to short hair which you have to style–using the right shampoo and conditioner, air-drying, and letting it be may take a bit more time, but I only get my hair trimmed once or twice a year, and the cost of going to a salon adds up considerably, going way over the difference in using a couple tablespoons of conditioner vs. a teaspoon dallop.

    • xamyx

      My long hair is actually both less expensive & less time consuming than when I have it short. I use more product, which means more frequent washing, and salon maintenance. And then there’s heat styling… With long hair, I can pull it back & wear it in several bun styles, and let it dry naturally.

  16. Short! I keep saying I’m going to grow mine back out, but I don’t think I’ll ever hit waist length again. The longest I ever make it is to my shoulder blades.

  17. I keep thinking I really want my long hair back, but I cannot for the life of me grow it out again. Ever since I cut it short I get frustrated every time my hair makes it to my shoulders and chop it all off. Go figure :)

  18. Raquel

    i’ve had my hair all the ways – and to be honest, with the right styling i look good with all of them…#shy – right now its long since its the first time i’m wearing this look and altough it takes a lot of effort and time, i like it !! if i had straight hair instead of curly, i would definitely be rocking medium-short haircuts!! imo, a short hair is way more versatile than a longer one. and its cute too!

  19. helen

    I’m at a strange crossroads. I don’t particularly like long hair (on me) yet my hair is half-way down my back (at the moment). I curse everyday that i wash it (don’t wash it everyday), curse when it gets stuck in the zipper of my (winter) coat and wear it pulled back most of the time. The ONLY positive thing about it is that it’s healthy and shiny which makes me ambivalent.
    Then i look at every photo of Anne Hathaway and pine for hair like hers (and the face, profile and jawline that comes with her to pull off the pixie).
    To cut or not to cut….that is ALWAYS the question…

    • Ace

      I remember agonizing over cutting my long hair the first time for a really long time. It was in the end a relief and it also was helpful in realizing it’s not such a big deal to let go of things you valued once so you can experience a change. Also it’s just hair. You can grow your hair long again.

  20. liz

    I wish I could have long hair and do pretty styles. I tried growing it out recently but the whole thing was a fail. My hair is fine and prone to tangling, and I swear it stopped growing. I had to cut it back. I keep it pretty short now and it’s sort of an asymmetrical bob (longer in front, shorter in back). Much easier to maintain and style every day. I think it looks good but I just wish I had more styling options.

    • charlotte

      I have a very similar cut and one of my favorite things to do is “twist braid” each side around and clip in the back, it’s really cute and looks like a fancy up-do. Holds together really well too.

  21. Sabriel

    Medium-Short hair is the most flattering length on me. When my hair is long, I tend to pull it back into a ponytail or a braid, which makes my face look heavier and also hides the hair so that you can’t see it from the front. Wearing my hair long also weighs down the natural waves.

    That said, long hair has always felt more like “me” so that’s how I wear it. I also enjoy braiding it in my downtime, as something relaxing to do with my hands while I watch TV.

    The silly romantic in me also expects to get married sometime in the next few years and I’m growing it out for the wedding.

  22. fabiola

    I like to change my hair style, I’ve had it short, medium and right now, is really long and my dark natural color, I’ve had all the colors on the rainbow, that’s is the reason why is so long and natural, I’ve done it all, but I get tired of the same look, and also tired of changing it. My hair is down to my waist, and I need to cut it a little bit.

  23. Emily J.

    I like it at about my collar bones best, for me it’s short, but I guess it’s technically medium

  24. Xero

    Long hair, always! I don’t like my hair to be any shorter than waist-length, and it hasn’t been that way since I was 13.

  25. TrippyPixie

    I like my hair to be jaw-length. (For me, that’s short. If it was any shorter, I’d look like a poodle.) Shoulder-length is too long for me. My hair just looks bad long. It doesn’t work with my hair, since it weighs down the waves, and it makes my long face look even longer. Also, I’d have a hard time taking care of long hair.

    However, I don’t mind when women have long hair as long as it’s well-kept. (Though hair past the shoulders after a certain age weirds me out, but that’s a personal thing.) If a woman can maintain long hair, then more power to her!

  26. embeast

    Since I discovered salon keratin treatments about 6 months ago, I’m growing my hair as long is it wants to go. The treatments turned my coarse, curly, frizzy red hair into smooth, shiny, silky locks that take literally 10 minutes to blow dry into a perfect wavy style. I haven’t touched a flat iron in months. My hair is almost to the ends of my shoulder blades right now, and I’m just going to keep growing it. It has always been my best feature because of the color, but now that it looks so much healthier – the more hair the better!

  27. Vanessa

    I’ve had my hair at all lengths, however I find that I prefer medium to long hair due to my hair type. I have super thick wavy hair and there is A LOT of it. It does frizz and I find its easier to control when there is length. I love short hair but I find that with my hair it requires more work and maintenance to keep it looking nice.

  28. Audrey

    I used to think long, but I cut mine to my shoulders in November and haven’t regretted it a bit. Last week I had them add a lot of choppy layers, sideswept bangs and thinned out ends and I love it. Dressed up I can have rocker girl hair and dressed down I can just French twist the bangs back and look casual. Only downside is I can’t leave it natural, it would look horrifying haha but where my long hair took 1 and 1/2 hours to straighten, my short hair takes 20 minutes. And my long hair was only to the bottom of my bra! I’m not meant to have it long lol

  29. Tani

    I normally prefer to have it kinda short because it saves a lot of time but right now I am trying to grow it back medium so I can have a bob again

  30. Lisa Brown

    I just want to have hair. I am loosing all of mine, a slow thinning, so depressing.

    • Susan Nevling

      Lisa, see a dermatologist. here are products that slow hair loss and, I think some that promote regrowth. It may also be due to a hormone imbalance which is why I suggest seeing a dermatologist or possibly an endocrinologist.

    • Bunny

      Oh noes :( Do you have a thyroid problem perhaps? Get your health checked out to make sure you’re doing okay. Hypothryoidism is fairly common in women, and it can cause you to lose lots of hair. I’m sorry to hear about that. . .

  31. beth

    I’ve always had my hair shoulder length or longer but i do prefer it long! When i was 16 I took a razor too it and cut it above my shoulders and cut loads of layers in it but now im 22 and its getting to a nice length 😀 i get bored really easily though! I always get jealous of someone with the opposite hair to me lol

  32. Long hair definitely! I have 23 inch long hair at the moment, and desperately trying to make it grow longer :( I have taken silicea gel, massaging my scalp and even trying those faddy hair growth shampoos! *sigh* looks like I’ll just have to be patient

  33. Sarah

    I look amazing with super-short hair, and I regret not taking the plunge and chopping it off when I was a teenager.

  34. sheri

    I’ve had it long to extremely short…
    I think I really look best with short hair, however I’ve let it grow the last 7 years and am going to keep it long as long as I can, I guess until I decide that I am too old to have long hair. I grew up in an era when “mature” women didn’t wear long hair and yes I am of that age! But the convenience of having long hair and the ability to pull it back is what really attracts me!!
    If I ever let my hair go grey perhaps then I will go back to super short, there are real advantages to it too!!
    As you can see I’m very conflicted as to where my hair should be!!!
    Maybe when I turn 60 I’ll cut it off…..I’m 55!

  35. Springbunny

    Long hair!! At least to the waist, a bit longer than that maybe.I have thick wavy hair in that length atm. It’s not *that* hard to maintain, it just takes a loooooong time to dry xD

  36. Growing up I’ve had short, medium, and long but I prefer my hair to be long! Sure it sucks when I go to the salon and get long hair surcharges but I would feel naked with my hair any shorter.

  37. Alicia

    I’ve worn my dreadlocks a little bit longer than waist length for over a decade and I don’t see myself changing any time in the near future. I love my hair. It’s easy to tie up, and I pretty much wake up in the morning and walk out the house without having to pay much attention to my hair. And when I’m going out I can twist and sculpt my dreads into beautiful up dos. I’m constantly complimented on my hair…and it never gets old. It does take forever to dry though.

    That said I think that super short hair is incredibly striking on a lot of women, especially women with strong feminine features. I used to have a teeny tiny afro, but my face is fairly androgynous so I ended up just looking like a boy.

  38. blueraccoon

    Short all the way. I used to have long hair but it just doesn’t look good on me. Right now it’s about jaw length, not quite long enough to pull back–that’s the one bummer. I like being able to pull it all back into a bun or ponytail on bad hair days, and it’s not quite long enough for that. On the other hand, it looks better shorter, so I guess it’s a trade off. My husband prefers me with longer hair, but I just don’t think it looks good on me.

  39. Zainab

    Long, because it curls up a lot and looks shorter than it is. It’s about waist length now, and very thick and frizzy (damn humidity), it looks a bit old fashioned, but my features look too harsh with short hair… I probably need to trim it again and another comment mentioned keratin treatments, which I might try.

  40. RS

    Short. Anything longer than nape of the neck and I start getting antsy. Long enough to pull into a pony and I start reaching for the scissors myself!

    I’ve had my hair long (halfway down my back), to short (the ‘reverse mullet’ style that was EVERYWHERE in the early 2000’s), and my curly hair looks best (and is easiest to manage) in layers that graze my chin.

    In fact, I’m going in for a chop tomorrow. :)

    • Floz

      Wow, same here to all of this! Off for a haircut today as my hair is reaching my shoulders now and it’s driving me mad. Chin-length works best for me, I used to have hair down to my hips but it was a nightmare to loook after. I feel so confident in shorter hair! :)

  41. Susan Nevling

    I have baby fine poker straight hair that will not hold a curl with anything. (I am allergic to something in perm solutions) My hair has high and low lights for over all medium blonde color.
    Because of the texture and coloring, I wear my hair straight and about 2 inches below shoulder length and I am able to avoid heat products except the hairdryer.

  42. Tea Matesic Bugarin (RedHead)

    Short. And one side shaved off. Been wearing that long before since it became fashionable.

  43. Veronica

    Not sure what we’re calling the cut off for short, but I generally wear mine shoulder length – which on me is short because my hair is curly/wavy and it winds up hitting me about halfway down my neck. For years, I wore it long, but I think I’m coming around to preferring it short. It’s less troublesome to deal with, since my natural curl takes hold and isn’t pulled into a messier, less cooperative waviness that takes time and product to style into something acceptable. I wish I could pull off super short hair, but you have to have a certain face for it, and I suspect my own is too round to make it look good.

  44. Up until recently, I thought you could do so much with medium hair, it seemed like the best length. Now with my long hair I feel so protective of it, haha! I want to tease it and try different things but so afraid of damage. I know I’m not alone here, right? haha!

    • Bunny

      I’m also afraid to do much to my long hair or it will get damaged. I have very high quality, shiny hair. I’ve never blow dried it, teased it, or colored it. Well not in recent years. I’m 28 now, but I dyed it Christina Aguilera blonde when I was 13 8D That was fun for a while, but dying your hair costs money and it does damage your hair :/

  45. Mietta

    I wouldn’t say I’ve ever actually HAD long hair. I swear my hair gets to a certain length and then just STOPS GROWING! I actually bought a kanekalon wig (I’m getting into wigs haha)from ebay that is really long and I LOVE it. Unfortunately, my hair is just too fine I think to get to that length. And I’m not about to not go to the hairdresser for 4 years (split ends!!!)

  46. Jade

    I’ve been growing my hair out for 4 years, after cutting it into a bob, which I loved. I grew it out because I found short hair wasn’t very versatile, but in saying that I don’t do a lot with my medium-long hair now! I’m struggling to get the length I want, because I hate my hair feeling ratty and dry at the ends, so I just tell my hairdresser to cut it, but of course I’m getting nowhere fast!

  47. Bunny

    I have long blonde hair down to my butt, and I’m a six foot tall female, so that says something XD I get compliments on it all the time because it’s very straight and shiny. People ask me how I got it so long, like there’s a magic trick. I have debilitating pain stemming from a series of injures that started 4 years ago, and I never managed to go out and get it cut. I’ve had it trimmed like 3 times in the past 4 years. I should probably get a trim now :) Not going to lie, it’s a pain in the butt to take care of though but I LOVE it. My husband not so much. He wants me to get it cut, but it’s my hair, so I can do what I want with it 😉

    • Bunny

      I’m in my 20s still so I think very long hair is still socially acceptable. Once I’m over 35 I might get it cut short! I’ll donate my hair to “Locks of Love,” in that case :)

      • xamyx

        My hair is to my waist, I’m only 5′ 3″, and I’m 39; I think if your hair length suits who you are, and if it’s well-maintained, age shouldn’t be a deciding factor.

      • VickyM

        What is this strange idea people have, that somehow 30s is old? It´s bizzare to me. I´m 23 and can´t imagine that in a time span of 10 to 20 years I will be considered old. On how long hair is I have a family friend who is 54 years old and has long hair that suits her very nicely. And 35 is very young…

        • Cosmetic Fiends

          Thank you Vicky! That’s what I was about to say! Although, I do agree that long hair can be aging on some people. It is a very individual thing! I am 36 and long hair would definitely still be flattering on me if I wanted to wear it that way. I have seen some girls in their 20’s who look older than I and I have seen seen women in their 40’s & 50’s who look younger than some girls in their 20’s. It, also, is not all about age, your face shape and structure have a lot to do with wether long hair is flattering on you or not:-) that’s what my 2 cents.

          • Ace

            Wow I am glad others are reacting the same way I do. What is this about 30s being where you’re supposed to change. I am 35, have short but blue-black hair, often with red or blue streaks in it and I dress in bright flowery dresses, absurd clothes and accessories all the time. I work in a very competitive and male dominated field at a very high level, with lots of responsibility and people working for me. I plan on looking however the heck I want to look like no matter how old anyone else thinks I am. Women should stop limiting themselves with what they’re “supposed to be doing”.

  48. Terri

    I have kind of a thin face and need a bit of volume around my face or I tend to look older (I’m 46). I have had shortish hair for most of my life, but I discovered a few years ago that I have semi curly hair. Who knew? I could never do the sleek styles because as soon as I went out the weather just took all the straightness out and I was left with this limp, wavy looking mop of hair. My hair is also really thin so one day I put product in and scrunched it and then dried with a diffuser and… was curly!!!! I don’t know if my hair changed over the years or what but that is what is going on now. Although I am getting kind of bored with it…..hmmm.

  49. Megan

    My hair has to be in the middle of medium and long. Too short and I’m not a fan and too long and it has no style. I like to have a way to style it; curls, straight or wavy, but able to be in a ponytail as well.

  50. VickyM

    Long hair all the way 😀 ! well atleat for now. I´m in my early 20s and have had long hair since the age of 13 before that it was medium and I didn´t like it. I will have long hair until I become middle aged probably, when that happens I will change it back to medium length.

  51. Livy

    I used to have quite long hair which I then had cropped into a pixie cut. While growing it out I realised I prefered a happy medium between the two, with hair just to my collarbones.
    I tried extensions this summer, as I missed my long hair but it was just too much hassel! I guess, I’ll be sure when it grows back to it’s old, long length 😀

  52. Ivana

    With my really thick hair an my round face, I can only have long hair. Everything else looks weird in my, at least in my opinion. Right now, I only need a few inches to reach my bum 😉

  53. LMM

    Short. Pixie short. My hair is really fine and poker straight, won’t hold a curl or any heat styling, really, and it tangles like mad. After years of fighting with it, I pixie-fied it about five years ago and never looked bad. I use a blow-dryer in the winter and sometimes to style my long bangs, but in hot weather can easily go without. I dye it, so it’s not damage-free, but the damage is cut out regularly and my hair always looks cute and shiny and the tangling is minimal now. And I get at least a compliment a day on it. Totally worth it.

    The only downside, if you can call it that, is that the style really calls attention to my eyes so I spend a lot more on eye makeup and brow maintenance!

  54. I love my short hair :-) they are so easy to handle, I need max 10 minutes in the morning to dry and style

  55. Azaza

    It depends on my mood really since I have tried from long to short hair but as of right now I have short hair that I want to grow long again

  56. Ace

    I was obsessed with waist length hair in high school and college. Towards the end of college I went short and since then I am much happier with short hair. When people see my old photos they are always surprised. Now I have a chin length bob which is as long as I think I’ll go. I’ve had all kinds of short cuts. It’s not a popular in America but I’m European anyway. And I don’t mind not attracting the kind of guy who must have a woman with long hair. My husband likes my hair short too though he’s actually not known me with long hair.

    The biggest hassle with short hair is finding someone who can cut it well. For me this is a constant problem living in the US that stylists simply don’t have much experience cutting short hair on women.

  57. Sami

    I love having short hair. It’s easy and fits my style. However, the overwhelming majority of compliments I get are always when I have long hair.