Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Do you prefer loose or pressed eyeshadows? Why?

Temptalia's AnswerYesterday’s posts about Bare Escentuals’ new pressed eyeshadows (and your responses) had me thinking about this–I prefer pressed in general. They’re more convenient to use, less messy, and generally work better for me. I do love some loose colors, but I will say I prefer pressed!

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70 thoughts on “Do you prefer loose or pressed eyeshadows?

  1. Pressed are easier for me as well. And i prefer them in palette so I don’t have to think too much about what colors to put together, haha. I have a lot of indie eyeshadows that are loose but I don’t use them as often as I would like because I’m lazy. :(

  2. Valerie Brower

    Definitely pressed.

  3. Mel

    Pressed for sure. I had so many indie loose pigments but they would just remain untouched in the train case because I didn’t have the patience for them so I ordered some 12 palettes and mixing medium from coastal scents and pressed them all. It’s easier for travel and I’m more likely to use my pretty colors if I can see them all right in front of me in a palette.

  4. Pressed shadows…you can travel with them, they are not messy, it wont accidently spill all over the place etc. The only loose shadows I own is Sugar Pill and I only use them on occasions. 25 years or more ago, when the Ford sisters had The Face Place (now Benefit) I bought their loose shadows among other stuff….the thought of shadow powder spilling all over the bathroom sink still haunts me to today. I stick with pressed powder.

  5. claire

    PRESSED! They’re more convenient, and I’m a messy person. :-)

  6. Jenny

    Pressed. It’s less messy.

  7. Ayzee

    PRESSED! Loose shadows are too messy. But I like using loose shadows as a highlighter or blush, if the shade is really nice.

  8. I agree- I prefer pressed shadows because there tends to be less fall-out and you don’t risk spilling them, but there are some really fantastic colors that only come a in a loose form.

  9. Tigress

    Pressed for sure! I do not have the patience for loose eyeshadows.

  10. I prefer pressed eye shadow, they are easier to work with and less fall out.

  11. Pressed all the way. Less messy and minimal fallout. Although, pigments are a lot more versatile…nail polish, eyeshadow, etc.

  12. Jessica

    pressed…the BE loose shadows are sooo pretty to look at in the store though!! lol. Seriously those little spinny tables they’re on is like amazing… Pressed is way easier/convenient to use though.

  13. I agree, I also prefer pressed. Loose is just so much more messier to me!

  14. Catriona

    Definitely pressed as I’m so clumsy and I have cream carpet in my bedroom!

    I have some lovely loose shadows from Barry M (a UK brand, does lots of bright colours) but they don’t get much love due to the mess. :(

  15. emily

    I love the value of loose eyeshadows but I always choose the convenience (aka butterfingers/heavy-handedness) of pressed powders. That being said, I still have some great loose powders just because the texture and color’s just perfect.

  16. tootsie

    I have some micabella shadows which are loose and I LOVE them. I also have quite a few pressed shadows from MAC and I like those, too ! I’m glad I don’t have to choose between them because I like both.

  17. Generally, I prefer pressed eyeshadows since they are easier to travel with and definitely aren’t as messy as loose shadows can be.

  18. alisha in wi

    pressed…loose are a pain in the butt. pressed are faster, less messy (who hasn’t knocked over a loose e/s or pigment?), more travel friendly (ive had jars unscrew in my mu bag), and less fallout. I feel like I can sanitize pressed powders with ease too.

  19. Mariella

    Definitely pressed and for the same reasons you stated, Christine. There are some good loose shadows around and I have a few that I use sometimes but not very often because they can be so messy and so fiddly to work with.

  20. Becca

    I deffinetly prefer pressed eyeshadows!!! I think the only loose shadows I own are the beauty rush shadows things, I fins them so messy!!!

  21. Pressed ones, of course! If a loose shadow want to win me over the colour should be out of this world and beyond perfect for me – and so far the only loose shadows I can stand are Everyday Minerals “Comfy” and NYX Pearl Mania “Purple”. Fantastic colours – but I’ll ditch them in an instant as soon as I find pressed dupes!

  22. artemis

    pressed, ofc 😀 easier to use. i have no loose ones

  23. Vicki

    Seeing as I am not the cleanest person in the world, adding loose make-up to the mix is a recipe for disaster. If I am just going for a simple day look, I forgo pressed or loose powders all together and go for a cream shadow!

  24. Kristie

    For convenience sake, I prefer pressed shadows. However with loose shadows, as messy as they can sometimes be, I love that you can put a sample in a jar to share with friends.

  25. Dana

    I definitely prefer pressed. They are less messy and easier to use. I have a few loose shades and hardly ever use them. I have a couple BE loose shadows and they are definitely the messiest, I think it’s because of the sifter lid, which NEVER stays clean.

  26. Ivy

    I buy a lot of indie eyeshadows that come in loose form because I like the variety of colors offered, but I do prefer the pressed form overall. More travel-friendly, less messy, etc. That’s why I’m working on pressing many of my favorites!

  27. Krista

    I prefer pressed eyeshadows since I always rush through my makeup. For me, pressed eyeshadows eliminate the mess every morning.

  28. Rada

    Pressed eye shadows! As you said, I find them more convenient to use. :-)

  29. Pressed! And for the same reasons as you :) Plus they’re easier to travel with, and more convenient for makeup artists to use.

  30. I have some loose shadows and pigments but I truly do prefer pressed…

  31. classic

    I prefer loose powder because my skin type (combination)

  32. classic

    Typo, sorry I mean loose eyeshadow

  33. Nicole

    Loose pigments are my favorite. The color and texture of good quality pigment (i.e. MAC) is worth a bit of hassle, but I agree about the convenience of pressed powder. I recently started using Fix + for different puposes, and have found that putting a bit on my brush helps a lot with the messiness of loose shadow. I typically don’t have fallout when I use Fix +.

    • Aggree with that and along with Inglots AMC pigments. Sometimes your just don’t get the same finish with a pigment once you press them. I’ve also never seen a strong tri-chrome shades in a pressed eyeshadow.

  34. I think I will choose pressed ones.. cause they are a bit easier to use.. but I do love the loose ones I have too :)
    When Im in a hurry I always use pressed ones, but if Im going to a nightclub I often use loose ones cause then I put a bit more thought and time on my makeup :)

  35. Laura

    Pressed, purely for convenience. I have a lot of pigment samples but I honestly don’t use them often because of the fiddlyness. MAC’s Vanilla Pigment and Sweet Sienna are the exceptions!

  36. Melissa

    Pressed, all the way. I’ll deal with loose pigments if the color is amazing but pressed is less messy, easier to travel with, and there’s less potential that I’ll waste half the product in an accident.

  37. Leenie

    I don’t have a preference I like both, for me its more of the color of the shadows/loose pigments

  38. Jazz

    Pressed. I frequently do my makeup in a moving vehicle, so I need makeup to be quick and portable. Loose shadow is messy to me

  39. Courtney

    I love loose shadows, but I tend to prefer more unusual, sparkly shades. I tend to get more even coverage with the loose stuff.

  40. Same here Christine, I prefer pressed too. Though I have a rather large and still growing collection of loose minerals… they’re a bit addicting lol. xD

  41. Maureen

    Pressed. I own more pressed colors that I like and I think it’s easier to get a controlled amount. Also, I like palettes. My favorite is probably a cream, though.

  42. jenni

    i think pressed too, sometimes the loose are totally stunning in the jars but i think i just find it easier to reach for pressed.

  43. Faye

    This is hard for me to answer!

    I own more loose eyeshadows than pressed, mainly because loose pigments have much more variety and colour complexity… I buy a lot from indie companies, and adore the colour-changing properties of Fyrinnae shadows, for example – something I have yet to see matched in a pressed shadow.

    However, pressed is obviously more convenient!

  44. Pressed! There is less mess and they are also easier for travelling.

  45. maddie

    pressed without a doubt….. loose pigments are good sometimes but too messy .

  46. Christina

    Definitely pressed!

  47. Pressed for sure to avoid falls and the invitable fallout!!

  48. I like pressed eyeshadows better. But I can work with both, and there are some pretty unique eyeshadows out there in loose form – take fyrinnae, for example.

  49. Pressed shadows are simply so much more convenient for a lazy bum like me. I do prefer the greater flexibility of usage inherent to loose shadows, though.

  50. pressed. i use to be a loose fiend, but pressed it just a lot more convenient to use.

  51. I prefer pressed because its more convinient and less messy

  52. Amy

    Pressed for me as well. I have quite a few loose shadows but never, ever use them. Just too much hassle!

  53. meme

    Pressed – hands down, despite I have had some real fav shades from BE before they started to come up with these new pressed shadows. But I loose my pots of loose and they all look alike in my stash. I would need a special large palette of holes in a piece of wood to hold them upside down so I can read the labels and also see the shades. it’s been a real problem and I have given away a ton of BE loose shadows I loved when I got them but then they get lost in the pot pile and I never find them to use them. I would tend to pull out say 3 favs and keep them in front where I could grab them. Also have left a few favs out on top of my vanity at times. But over all, the pots are a real hassle to find the shade I want. I don’t even buy BE anymore just for this reason. So I think their coming out with pressed will do a lot for their fans like me. I try to have pallets and really like pallets that can be moved like TARTE and some others do where every shade is on a magnet. I wish every one would go that way – even for duos. I would swatch things out all the time to have my latest favs right there without having to open 4 different things.

  54. HBoo

    I prefer pressed. I find that loose eyeshadows are far too messy. I quit using Bare Escentuals because it seemed to get everywhere, let alone a rainbow of colors all over my sink!!

  55. Yara

    Quality – is something that I always go for. And its well-known that everyting loose is better than (same thing) pressed.

  56. In general I prefer pressed eyeshadows but I love MAC’s pigments. Colors are so vibrant !

  57. Jennifer


  58. Yazmin

    Pressed for sure. i wish mac would introduce the loosed eyeshadows in pressed form, im sure many people would be interested in buying them. I have to press my pigments because im paranoid i will tip them over because i have a curious kitten that likes to smell everything i hold when im sat at my makeup table.

  59. Cameo

    I’ve never truly found a loose shadow that I loved, plus its messier, more fallout, and even with UDPP or Smashbox photo finish primer all even high end one’s, loose there fresh shimmery or intense color and start looking dull and creased! Messy, and obnoxious I prefer pressed.

  60. Shalimar

    Pressed shadows all the way. I cannot deal with loose powders at all. I tend to apply my makeup like I am a fugitive of the law, quick and simple.


    Definitely pressed! Easier to handle.

  62. Jocelyn

    I actually love loose more!!

  63. I don’t mind either of them. If I am in a hurry I will use my pressed shadows. I probably have double the amount of loose shadow compared to pressed. I don’t really know how that happened. I had a mineral make up only phase I guess. 😀