Friday, September 27th, 2013

Choose or Lose

Do you prefer limited edition or permanent products?

  • Permanent! (76%, 2,053 Votes)
  • Limited edition! (24%, 654 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,707

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38 thoughts on “Do you prefer limited edition or permanent products?

  1. Allie

    Although I can enjoy limited edition launches, there are a lot problems with them. First, they’re limited edition, which means they’re only around for a small time and when they sell out, they’re gone. That’s bad for me when I fall in love with a product! Also, the quality often seems to be lacking. However, I love holiday sets, which are limited edition. They let you try so many products from different brands at an affordable price.

    I prefer permanent because when I run out of something, I can go to the store and pick it up no problem.

  2. Both if they’re fabulous!

  3. permanent! i hate loving something on a blog and then realizing it’s too late for me to get it, and having to hunt for a dupe. my fave lipgloss of all time, Song and Dance from MAC was limited edition and I have never found another lipgloss I felt as comfortable in.

  4. Ann

    Permanent. I think I only own 1 limited edition palette by Sleek and that’s pretty much it. I don’t bother with Limited Edition items.

  5. Jessi

    I’m a MAC fan and I find they use the latest technology and the most fashion forward colors and finishes in their limited edition items. They’ve got some great perm items too, but I love the new stuff!

  6. Sasha

    I really don’t like the hype, pressure and exclusivity of LE launches. I don’t even look at certain brands whose LE launches sell out really quickly. It’s really disappointing seeing rave reviews about HG products only to have them sell out in weeks or come across those reviews a year later when it’s too late. Personally, I think if a product is performing that well and getting that great of reviews the company should consider making it permanent instead of going for exclusivity factor.

    But that’s just me, someone who can’t drop hundreds or thousands of dollars whenever I feel like it, those types of things have to be budgeted for. It seems like a lot of these launches are directed at people with a lot of cash to drop (for the higher end brands) and the pressure to “get it before it’s gone” to drive up sales. That’s exceptionally frustrating for people like me who have to scout around and save for our “investment” purchases into high end products. But I suppose those high end/luxury companies aren’t targeting people like me and they’re selling out so what does it matter?

    • Nicole

      I feel the same way!

    • Mariella

      I agree wholeheartedly. Why not make enough product for all those who really WANT to buy it? I also really hate the whole “on line only” LE launches. I can afford to spend a fair bit on makeup but even so, I do not like to waste my money and so 99% of the time, I want to SEE the product, try it, see how it feels and looks on me, etc. And I don’t care if it’s a 10 dollar item or a 50 dollar one, the same applies.

    • Astrogherkin

      I so agree with you! But I am not sure that these campaigns are targeted at rich people with the cash to spend. In this economy, who really *can* afford all this, especially when they keep raising their prices so often? In fact, I’m pretty sure that a lot of women who *don’t* have the money to spend are buying these LE products, because the hype is just so convincing – and many of us are not good at budgeting. I believe this because it drew *me* in a few times and I certainly don’t have the money for it. It’s dangerous and irresponsible, in my opinion, what these brands are doing, because they are knowingly creating and stoking people’s makeup addictions. That is the problem with capitalism and advertising in general, they hire psychologists to find out how best to target people’s weaknesses and insecurities and try to convince them that buying material things will make them happy, fill some void in their lives – which we know is not true and yet we get affected anyway.

  7. gabis

    That’s a good question. Definitely permanent. I hate limited editions. I hate the kind of pressure this type of product put us through. And the quality of limited edition products is sometimes even below average or very bad because it seems there’s more effort on selling the fact that the product will be unavailable very soon than on the quality of the product itself. Overall, limited edition is nothing but a marketing scheme. It is all about creating on people the desire to purchase something very quickly before it runs out forever.

  8. Kellyn

    Permanent products, because obviously it’s easier to find them :)

  9. Permanent of course! It really sucks when you find a great LE product and you have to hunt it down and pay 3-4x the original price on eBay just to get a backup!

  10. When it comes to the actual products, I don’t have a preference — there are things that I love that are permanent and things that I love that are limited edition, and most brands that I’ll buy in the first place I’m also willing to track down their LE stuff if it’s good and at least as good a value as their usual. But I’d much rather that products BE permanent, because sometimes I get really tired of trying to track down LE products (especially those that can only be bought in-store, like so many drugstore makeup LE releases) and being unable to find them or having been beaten to the display and knowing that the same store will never get more of the product and I’m out of luck unless I find it elsewhere.

  11. kellilee

    Limited edition are fun if you can find them, but permanent are preferable.

  12. Brianna

    I don’t even buy LE products because I’m afraid of it being an HG and then never being able to get it again!! Maybe that’s the wrong way to look at it, but that’s just how I feel. It is nice to not worry about all the new collections coming out all the time though. 😛

  13. Kristen

    I depends… I think in the end I prefer permanent products because if I find something I love, I don’t want to feel the pressure of running out and buying 3 just to make sure I don’t run out. I like knowing I can go get it whenever I run out and need it.

    However, most of the good packaging and sometimes the better products are limited. MAC is a great example of that. Their limited packaging is great. And other companies put out amazing LE colors.

    But in the end, permanent wins.

  14. cydoniac

    Limited as long as they are good. Otherwise I don’t bother.

  15. Nicole

    I prefere permanent ones, because when I like a product and I use it up, I often want to repurchase it. Loving limited edition products makes it more difficult for me to use ist.

  16. I really love LE eyeshadows and lipsticks. I am not able to empty them, just enjoy the feeling of owning a “unique” product :)

  17. Limited edition collections tend to have more exciting colors, but they can be a pain to find and if you missed one or decide you LOVE one and need it again, too bad.

  18. Overall, I prefer permanent products. It’s not only easier to get a hold of them, but they are usually better in quality. But I do enjoy shopping limited edition collections, especially holiday collections. And I do own some amazing LE products (like MAC Gem of Roses lipstick), but it’s not like I can just go out & buy another one when I run out.

  19. holly

    permanent, please! i have been involved in way too many stressful scrambles to snatch up le mac in my day lol

  20. doroffee

    I can get lured into buying products with cute limited edition packaging, but I do prefer permanent products. I hate the feeling that I can’t have a backup of a lim. ed. product I’ve fallen in love with, or if so, 3-4-5… times more expensive that it actually is worth.

  21. Mariella

    I find the frenzy to buy a limited edition product or products means that often, there isn’t the time to check reviews, check the item out in-store, etc. to see if the quality (which can be really hit or miss with LE stuff) is really there. Then there’s also the issue of the products no longer even being available in the season they were meant for (recent example – I got the Dior Bonne Etoile palette, which is from the fall collection, in August and I got the very last one in the store).

  22. Veronica

    It really depends on the product for me, but I do own a fair amount of LE despite and over all preference for permanents. I will say that LE products should not be basic items, such as brow gels or contouring products or even something like black eyeliner. LE items should be stand outs, unique and less dupeable, something that you’re unlikely to use up quickly or buy regularly. (I also agree with the comment that mentioned budgeting – I like time to go over and think about what I buy, particular if it’s pricey!)

  23. Maya

    I Buy only the most gorgeous items . And as a rule they are most of the time Limited edition.

  24. I don’t live in the US, so I have a great advantage and a great disadvantage: a) some LE items don’t ever arrive here, this happens a lot with the nail polish (I had to go to Chicago and scavenge for some OPI Ballet collection bottles!) b) when they arrive, they always arrive later, because of the customs and stuff; by the time they arrive here, I already have Temptalia reviews and swatches so when I buy, I get just the nice products! 😀

    Still, I prefer the permanent products, like almost everyone else.

  25. I am sort of new to makeup and almost everything I own is limited edition. I tend to end up liking some LE products because they get more coverage (as in bloggers and youtubers talk about them more and they get reviewed) than the permanent products. I spoke to a friend about this recently and I told her how I think it is stupid that some makeup items are available for a limited time. It’s like you can only wear the shade for a limited time, (if you love it) because it will be gone and you’re only luck of getting it again is on ebay or a swap or if you’re really lucky a re-release. I understand seasonal colors and all that, but brands like MAC are completely ridiculous with it,like making a whole new product and making it limited edition e.g. blush ombres (I own one in vintage grape and i friend of mine really wanted ripe peach, but was not gonna pay the extortionist prices on ebay, kissable lipcolors (would love if these became permanent like how they eventual did with dazzleglass) or the in extra dimension highlighters I vowed to never buy a LE lip product( or eye product because I like palettes instead of individual shadows and if I finish the palette or shade in there I can not get it back) because those finish faster, if I really love a blush I would buy it because it will not finish as fast so the only LE product I would get is a blush.

  26. Products get discontinued so quickly nowadays while LE products often linger for a year or more, so the definition gets a bit blurry. However, I certainly prefer permanent! LEs are often just a ploy to get you to spend money on things you don’t need (but want) anyway, and I often end up not using them that much because I don’t want to run out and not be able to replace them. :/

  27. Lisa C

    I think LE is more exciting… it’s like going on a hunt to track something down if it sells out, and then if you find it… BAM! There’s your trophy!! Next good question to ask if you haven’t already, would be what LE item did you want but never could get? 😀

  28. I think it really depends on what the product is, color choices, etc., but if I love something, of course I want it to be permanent!

  29. Emy Shin

    Permanent. When I buy something, I buy with a hope of loving it enough to repurchase if/when I ever run out — that just isn’t possible with a LE product.

  30. If the product is right for me, the LE or permanent distinction doesn’t affect me. I have been disappointed a couple of times when I’ve gone back to repurchase and discovered it was LE. However, I don’t repurchase many items anyhow.

  31. Permanent for me. I hate falling in love with a product, only to know I probably won’t be able to acquire it again after a short time.

  32. I’m surprised about all the preference on permanent products, limited editions are always so popular. I’m one of those people that adore limited edition. Most of the time the packaging is very unique. I prefer limited editions for eyeshadows though because it’s hard to run out anyway. I don’t bother with them for lip products.

    My glinda UD limited edition is refillable which I find really great. Once I run out I can always replace the shades with something similar!

  33. I do not discriminate, any product I like and can afford I buy. However permanent products are more convenient because when you run out you can get more but le items often have cuter packaging, I’m a sucker for it – although product must still work well, and more fun colours.

  34. Ruca

    I know I am in the minority, but I do love my LE products! I get so bored with makeup, otherwise. I have thousands of dollars worth of perm products in my kit because it’s my job, and I have to replenish those products at times. It is not very cost efficient for me to put LEs in the kit because I may not have it anymore when a bridal trial turns into “my sister had this gorgeous berry pink on her lips when you did her wedding… I want to try on THAT color!” and I must say, “Oh… that one. Sorry, it was LE, and it’s not in my kit any longer.” For myself? What a drag it becomes if all my makeup always feels like it came out of the kit! I love LEs because they’re like new toys to me. Something to make me feel different, or special. I only loathe them when they turn into hot tickets in eBay where unscrupulous fiends peddle them for 12x their retail value after wiping out the inventory of every store and website within a matter of a few short hours. Makeup is supposed to be FUN, not disappointing and heartbreaking! As for buying items I end up disliking… most companies accept returns, and MAC specifically has a very open-ended return policy for makeup purchased online. I have returned bunk items up to 6 months or more after receiving them. Not much beats MAC’s online Customer Service!

  35. Astrogherkin

    I think I selected the wrong option by mistake, which bugs me so much – I *hate* limited edition products and the marketing frenzy they create. It feeds our makeup addictions, which I really believe have horrible consequences when you’re skimping on food and bills and other necessities to buy more makeup!

    The only time I’m OK with limited edition products personally is when it’s a cheap drugstore brand, like my favourite Sleek. They come out with really beautiful LE eye palettes, lip products and blushes and I try to get my hands on the blushes when I can (only when I really think it will suit me). There’s one that seems really beautiful that I missed out on, which I think was called Fenberry from their Christmas Berry collection I believe. I’m not too bummed out about it; I have a feeling they’ll release it later in palette form, as they’ve done with previous LE blushes Scandalous and Aruba. And if they don’t, it’s not the end of the world. :)