Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Choose or Lose

Do you prefer eyeshadows in pots or palettes?

  • Palettes! (70%, 1,819 Votes)
  • Pots! (28%, 728 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (2%, 45 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,592

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

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34 thoughts on “Do you prefer eyeshadows in pots or palettes?

  1. emi s.

    I voted other, because it really depends. I prefer a palette if I can make my own or if it’s just perfect (see: UD Naked), but a lot of palettes out there have shades I don’t like included – in which case I’d rather just get a pot.

  2. Maureen

    I recently got into palettes. Last night I de-potted all of my MAC singles (except for my 2 peacockies and 2 cruellas) to put together in a palette. If I can stare at a bunch of shadows at once, I’m more likely to use them. I have had Seedy Pearl for like a 2 years and used it ONCE, but now that I can look at it with my other shadows, I think I’ll use it more often.

  3. paola

    I prefer pots when palettes are big and uncomfortable such as too faced ones , also i feel like when i have eyeshadows that i love they’re gonna last me forever when i have them in pots too. Otherwise i prefer palettes.

  4. Kris

    As long as I can de-pot them to put them in palettes myself! So it’s pots for the versatility, but palettes for portability and accessibility, if that makes sense.

  5. Bee

    Palettes are so much more practial – everything in one place and they use less space in the bathroom :)

  6. annie

    I’d prefer it in singlet where I can rearrange it in my own way..not sure if this includes in palette palettes can also be those fixed eyeshadow palettes in the market.

  7. karen

    it depends, most of my eye shadows are in pallets but i like to keep some loose for traveling and stuff, if I’m going on an overnight weekend trip i don’t want to be hauling around a whole pallet. so both i guess :)

  8. Chloe

    this is such a tough question ! but if you can make a custom palette it works well as you get exactly what you want ! but you may get eye shadows in sets that you wont use in the pre set ones i like both !

  9. Palettes have a special place in my make heart xP but for go-to highlights, brow color, and stuff like that I definitely prefer pots.

  10. Definitely palettes. Single shadows take up way too much room and I always forget I have them.

  11. Niki

    I prefer eye shadows to be in pans so I can make my own palettes.

  12. Jasmine

    Hmm I have 90% of my Mac shadows in the Mac 15 Pro Palette and I only keep ones from special edtion packaging In their pots if only I like the packaging!

  13. It depends on the palette. I personally prefer palettes that hold about 3 to 5 pans, larger ones aren’t that handy to me;)

  14. Pots, no idea why but I don’t actually have any palettes!

  15. Sara

    Both? :) I like certain things in palettes better, but I prefer loose pigments that packed a punch more….sometimes. Really it depends on how much time I have to deal with the fallout.

  16. I like so much pots and I dont find any meaning in depotting and placing in palettes, I feel eyeshadows lose their prestige if put in palettes of 15.

  17. Hope

    other – pots are easier to store but palettes are more practical if you only have a few and don’t have a lot of repeats.

    full-size eyeshadows often take forever to go through and the sizes in palettes are usually pretty generous to begin with. i got the urban decay ammo palette for christmas and i JUST hit pan on Sin (and i have a backup in the naked palette!).

    so it depends.

  18. hannah

    I like palettes like UD ones because they are better value for money.
    I never buy enough shadows to custom my own palette though.
    So I would say a little of both.

  19. Sarah

    If I can fill the palette, I’m a palette girl. I’ve only ever found 2 perfect palettes, one of those being UD Naked. It’s more cost effective to fill your own palette (hence my recent months’ Inglot obsession) so I’m trying to steer that way totally. Pans are nice for display, though.

  20. Carrie

    I like how much easier palettes are to work with, but as far as buying them goes, I’d rather buy them as individuals (whether refill or in pots). I’ve decided I’m too picky to buy palettes- even ones like UD’s because while it may techincaly be a better value, if I only use 3 out of 9 shades, it’s still a waste!

    If I’m going to put it in a palette, I’ll do it myself. It may be time for me to learn how to de-pot MAC products :)

  21. It depends. There is always a color or two that I dont like in the palettes…except for the UD Naked or UD deluxe. So I like to pick and choose my own colors to coordinate the varieties….but being all in one palette makes it easier to travel or put the makeup on when in a rush.

  22. Adelita

    I prefer palette for the sake of its value for the money and it’s more handy to store (I’m talking about my dressing table/makeup cabinet, not my purse).
    I love Urban Decay’s palettes because I think their palettes has an equal quality with their single pots eyeshadow. I also love NARS & Hourglass duo e/s and Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon. MAC’s eyeshadows doesn’t act that good on my oily lids (yes, I tried many primer and it still doesn’t work) so I only have a few and I don’t depot them. But I love MAC Pigments! I pressed those, Fyrinnae e/s, Sugarpill pigments, etc, and put them in palettes for an easier storage.

  23. meme

    It really depends what is in the pallet. If I can take the pallet say on a trip and it meets all my needs – great. Same for customizable pallets – find those are really helpful. But because I often wear only one shade of shadow, pots work really well for me to pair down. I find I lay them out and if I have dups or things I can swap for another one, out goes the extra one. I need to keep my things simple so I can find them and USE them! I started this with my eye shadows and moved the process on to my lipsticks, blushes and into other makeup. Am currently cleaning out my skin care in the same way. Someone said recently to turn around any skin care you have so the back label is showing. Then look again in a month – if you have not used it the label won’t be turned to the front which is what this system says to do when you use a skin care product. Everything else left after a month you probably are not going to use it, unless you keep a few things as I do for change of season/skin type needs.

  24. Steph

    I voted for palettes, but really I don’t like pre-made ones very much and much prefer custom palettes! Pots are always a bit of a bother to me- they take up more space and you have to sift through them to find the one you’re after… if you have a variety of brands they’re all different shapes and sizes, obnoxious to store. If only there was such a thing as a palette for loose shadows and pigments!

  25. Mariella

    My preference is for pans that I can put into palettes of my own “making” (that didn’t seem to be an option in the voting, though I suspect “palettes” might have actually meant “self-made” palettes). I like that pans generally cost less than pots and they take up less room in my makeup storage since I can pop them into 4-pan holders and change them around into different combinations as I wish.

  26. tawny

    palettes, especially ones with mirrors.

  27. Christina

    I de-pot all of my MAC shadows and place them into palettes. I’m onto my 4th MAC 15 shadow palette and am constantly switching around colours for inspiration. Sometimes I have my palettes organized by similar colours, sometimes I will group shadows together in three’s that form ‘looks’ and have them in the MAC 15 shadow palette. Just last week I bought my first empty quad and have filled it with 4 shadows to form a quick every-day look. It’s super convenient to be able to toss it in my purse if I am in a rush, but on another day, to just switch shadows for a totally different look. I have about 8 pre-set palettes and reach for them seldom because i like only one or two of the shades.

    Also? De-potting makes me look forward to Back2Mac!! 😀

  28. Dani/NotAVampireLvr

    Palettes. Its easier to create a look for me when I can do “one stop shopping” so to speak. I haven’t gotten around to depotting anything because I mostly only buy palettes for that reason. I don’t have time at this stage of my life to spend depotting everything so I generally won’t buy any shadow unless its part of a trio/quad/palette of some sort. I know that limits me quite a bit, but it makes my life so much easier.

  29. Lisa G

    I have several MAC palettes and I really love those. My goal is to depot everything I own from singles to bulky “pre-packaged” palettes (like Too Faced) and place them into Z-palettes. Also, can’t wait to get my hands on some Inglot palettes. The only exception might be my UD Naked palette-it’s just right so it won’t need depotting.

  30. Brie

    Palettes for sure! Although…I wish UD would make their Books of Shadows much less hefty and impractical! I love the size and portability of my Chanel quads and the UD Ammo palette. I like arranging my MAC palette in five trios (one in each column). It just makes it so much easier for me, because there is always a complimenting highlight already set up with color story, so I don’t have to glance back and forth between a highlight palette and a color palette to find the right one!

  31. Mel

    Palettes for sure. I don’t have any pots of eyeshadows, I have jars because I mostly buy indie mineral shadows and I’m going to press them because it takes too much time to apply them and if I can see them in one place I’m most likely to use them. Besides palettes travel much easier.

  32. I really like them in pans! This way I can create my own palettes.

    Eyeshadows that come in pots get depotted as soon as possible.
    Premade palettes are allowed to go with me if I like all the eyeshadows it contains or at least the majority of them (like 3 out of 4 or 10 out of 12).

  33. Lori

    I prefer small palettes such as the MAC 4x. I travel a lot and I don’t want the individual pots banging around in my train case. And the 15x is just too bulky.

  34. Hannah

    It really depends. If it’s custom like you can do with MAC or MUFE, then i prefer them in palettes, since it puts all your favorites in on place together. If they’re pre-made, i prefer pots. i usually like 1 or 2 colors in pre-made palettes, so i feel like spending money on them is a waste :/